Predicate Functional Interface Java 8

Predicate Predefined Functional Interface in Java 8

What is Predicate: A predicate is a function with a single argument and returns a boolean value. To implement predicate functions in Java, Oracle people introduced the Predicate interface in 1.8 version (i.e., Predicate<T>). Predicate interface present in Java.util.function package. It’s a functional interface and it contains only one method i.e., test()   Predicate Prototype: […]

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Business Broadcast Package for After effect and Premiere Pro

[After Effect and Premiere Pro] Business Broadcast Package

Extremely enormous and classy broadcast package deals which include 80+ graphic components and 15 classes will assist you to to create elegant designs for a brand spanking new TV or YouTube channel or simply replace the looks of a current one. The challenge has a modular construction so you should utilize any of its elements. […]

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