16 impressive developer websites

16 Impressive Developer Websites

Design & Video

Here is a selection of 19 developer websites that are attractive in their own way: originality, design, simply effectiveness or craziness.

I hope this list of developer websites will inspire you to make a cool project or a website like them.


1) CJ Gammon:

CJ Gammon Website

He is an Adobe Creative Technologist where you can find a lot of amazing projects about design.



2) Daniel X Moore:

Daniel X Moore Website

Do you know there is a new operating system called ZineOS? I let you discover it.



3) Hakim El Hattab:

Hakim El Hattab Website

An amazing interface designer and front end developer. He was creating a lot of Javascript libraries.



4) Jeremy Thomas:

Jeremy Thomas Website

A Front end developer and designer who creates a lot of CSS libraries and books.



5) Jessica Lord:

Jessica Lord Website

She is an open web developer works at Glitch and before that she works in an open javascript library called Electron.js



6) Kenji Saito:

Kenji Saito Website



7) Sarah Drasner:

Sarah Drasner Website

Sarah Drasner is head at Netlify, a member of Vue.js core team, and she wrote a lot of posts at CSS-Tricks.



8) Sindre Sorhus:

Sindre Sorhus Website



9) Una Kravets:

Una Kravets Website

The blog is about design and front end development.



10) Zeno Rocha:

Zeno Rocha Website

He was creating a lot of projects (free and paid) for front end development.



11) Sittiphol Phanvilai developer website:

Sittiphol Phanvilai Website

An amazing idea to create a resume as a video game, just scroll with your mouse and see the result.



12) Adam Hartwig:

Adam Hartwig Website

He is very passionate about media interactive, check the about section.



13) Timothée Roussilhe:

Timothee Roussilhe Website



14) Alexander Kallaway developer website:

Alexander Kallaway Website

Another website with an amazing idea is to show a different part of the resume with a command line. You must start with ‘help’ command.



15) Nivaldo Martinez:

Nivaldo Martinez Website



16) Adam Greenough:

Adam Greenough Website



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