17 People Whose Security Deposits Were A Totally Lost Cause

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“Man, I had a scummy apartment landlord who tried to blame ME and make me pay $1,200 because the pipe in the apartment above mine broke and flooded my apartment twice in two weeks, wrecking the floors and walls. Fought that charge, but totally lost on the blinds and repainting. Valid.”

“My cat got stuck in the blinds once chasing a bird…no way to fix that one. 

I lived there three years, and painted the walls. They said I could repaint them with this one specific type of paint. I went out and bought $60 worth (two giant gallons). It’s actually flat white ceiling paint, and the associate at Sherwin Williams was like, ‘Are you sure this is what they said?’ and I showed her the email where I asked what I should paint with. It was water thin. I painted the bathroom. It took SIX COATS [with a] 30-minute dry time between each and half a gallon for a tiny sliver of wall between the shower and the door (no more than 3’x8′). And even then it looked terrible. Completely gave up and left the rest of the walls as is.” —brightkiwi

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