17 Tips People Who Work With Animals Want You To Know

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“I’ve posted this in an article before, but please think twice before feeding your pet raw or boutique pet foods.

“My clinic especially has been seeing a rise in salmonella and campylobacter infections as well as intestinal parasites due to improperly prepared raw food, and we’re starting to see an uptick in nutritional diseases in both dogs and cats that studies are beginning to link back to raw and protein-only diets.

“The fact that feline taurine deficiencies and dilated cardiomyopathy are becoming more common is frustrating, but even more frustrating are owners who reject prescription diets (such as ones that help manage kidney disease) in favor of whatever diet’s being marketed at the time because they saw someone online or their breeder promoting it. We just want what’s best for your pet, and we don’t get any sort of kickback from food companies, contrary to popular belief (if we did, so many of us wouldn’t be in debt lol). 

“I understand that commercial diets aren’t right for every pet, but talk to your primary care DVM before deciding to switch to a boutique diet that has flashy marketing but might not have gone through the same safety and nutritional testing as more common foods.” 


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