21 HOA Horror Stories That Show Why People Hate HOAs

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“I moved into a new construction neighborhood after picking out all the bells and whistles for the dream house. About two years after I moved in, the garbage truck managed to destroy the garbage can somehow. The sanitation company replaced it, but in the time between the trash account being set up and the mishap the sanitation company changed the color and style of cans they provided. My HOA told me that my garbage can was unauthorized and could not be left on the street on trash day because it was visually detracting.”

“I went to the city sanitation and explained what was going on, and they told me that they didn’t maintain the old stock of cans and they had switched over to the new ones when the old ones ran out.

So I had to take a letter from them back to the HOA, who would not budge and told me that I needed to have the same kind of can as everybody else. Everybody had their can in the same place on the same side of each house when it wasn’t trash day.

So I ended up having to put the new can in the backyard and wheel it around the house at the exact moment that the trash truck showed up, and immediately wheel it back to the backyard. I had to make special arrangements with work to be able to do this every Monday.”


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