28 Lazyish Ways To Deep Clean Your Home

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Together, they work for a bunch of cleaning tasks: your phone, your earbuds, your DSLR, watches, and TBH even jewelry with hard-to-reach spots. It can capture the gunk in the tiniest gaps, like on the side of each keyboard key. I have one of these, and find the silicone wiper especially invaluable for scraping the earwax off of my AirPods!

Get it on Amazon for $8.94 (available in two colors).

Promising review: “Having tested it for old and new keyboards, I can say it works extremely well for both very flat keys (such as Chromebook), as well as your typical tall-key keyboards. It’s amazing how much hair, dust, and other junk I clean out of them (My own + my friends’ + old keyboards I have to clean). It works way, way better than pressurized air sprays, and the cleaning process is a whole lot faster, too. The great part is that I no longer have to pay a bunch of money on buying expensive cans of air. It’s fun, too!” —Jennifer CF

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