About Us

Hello – My name is Faycal, and I’m the founder and publisher of The Learn Practice & Share.

If you’re looking for a work at home, or if you want to run or launch your own home-based business — you’re in the right place.

Learn Practice & Share helps peoples to understand and create a small to large business from home.

Want to know more?

Working online is the same thing of working outside your home but there is a big difference, after a certain time, your work will be executed automatically … so a lot of free time

There are a lot of ways for working online from 0, having a good budget or no, for example, you can sell your own product, selling ebook, or joining affiliate networks …

Of course, the most important thing is to know which business model is the right to start with and which resources are solid not scam or waste of time. This is the one goal for this site is to share with you what I’ve learned, to practice and to share with others.


I hope that you’ll find what you search or the post shared will be a benefit for you

Best regards