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[After Effects] 10 Clean Typography Scenes

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10 Clean Typography Scenes for After Effects


Control Layer

Inside any composition, you’ll find a II control” layer that contains the editable colors of the composition elements, select the II control ” layer and go to: Window>> Effect Controls. and you’ll see the control panel that contains the colors.

Auto Resizing Composition:

You can change the size of your composition to any size you want, and your layers will be
adaptive with the new size, you don’t need to change the placements of any layer anymore.
This option use a smart expressions that generated inside AE, to do that just change the size of your composition from: Composition>> Composition Settings. you’ll see the comp infos that includes name, size, frame rate … change the width & height of you comp and click OK, then AE will change the placements of the layers automatically.
It’s useful option to save time and don’t worry about your design.


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