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[After Effects] 20 Modern Instagram Stories

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20 Modern Instagram Stories for After Effects



Stylish modern Instagram stories pack. Easy to edit, well organized project with a dynamic and impactful design. Choose between 20 animated designs, add your photos or videos, change text and color, render and upload as a story to any social media.

Perfect to showcase your looks, designs, events, Instagram profile, product marketing, brand, shop, clothing advertisement, sports, travel plans or past trips.


  • 15 Animated brushes
  • 16 Brush Transitions and Reveals
  • 11 Animated Grunge textures


  • After Effects CS5.5 and above
  • 20 Animated Instagram Stories
  • 40+ Included Assets and Elements
  • Modular structure
  • Modern fresh style
  • Fully Editable
  • Free font links included
  • Easy editing even for beginners

Fonts used

Project Navigation / Overview

Before opening the project file, make sure to not move any files inside the folders, this will cause a “missing file” error.
Use the project panel as a navigation tool for placeholders and titles. Inside each “SCENE” folder you can find the scene itself and placeholder compositions. This is where your media should be inserted.
Open the “ALL SCENES” composition to see every available design. Double click to open.


Import and insert your media

  1. Import your files (images, logos, videos) by going to File > Import > File. Or double click on the project panel.
  2. Drag your media inside opened “Placeholder” comps and place it below the mask layer (if there is one). Scale your footage to fit composition size. Delete old footage file or disable it.

Edit text layers

All text layers are colored red. They can be nested inside a precomp. In some scenes text is duplicated for additional stroke effect. Type new text only on the first layer, other layers will change automatically.
To edit a text layer just double click it and type new text. Color and size editing of the text is done via the character window.
All text animations are driven by expression, so there are only 2 keyframes to edit. In Effects Controls window while your text layer is selected edit properties of start animation, delay, and others available for specific text layer.

Edit Shapes/Elements and colors

To reposition any shape or element, use layers position property or drag it with “Selection Tool” selected.
Edit shape size properties or scale to match any of your edits.
Select the shape layer and edit its “Fill” or “Stroke” color in the tool panel from the top. Some shapes have their fill colored with gradients.
Precomposed elements like Brushes have their color controlled by an effect “Fill” or “Tint”. Edit them for color changes.

Render your animation

After you’re done with all edits, you need to create a final output video. Follow these steps.

  1. From any “SCENE” comp drag work area to the start and end of the comp (or desired final output duration). You can use shortcuts “B” and “N” for this process.
  2. Press Ctrl+M (Cmnd+M) to add this comp to render queue.
  3. Choose the output format and output path. In most cases, the optimal output file setting is QuickTime, h.264, Quality 80-100. You can also export a lossless version then encode it inside Media Encoder. This will give you the best quality possible.

Download theses Instagram stories from here : (Size: 72 Mo)

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