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[After Effects] 3D Icons for Explainer Video

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3D Icons for Explainer Video for Adobe After Effects



  • NO PLUG-IN needed;
  • Fast Render Time;
  • Easy And Fast (One Click) Color Control System.

How to use


1. Project Panel

You can find each composition of the project here. All of the icons are in the folders. Just select the folder and choose the icons.

Project Panel

2. Finding your icons

The icons are sorted in alphabetical order in 4 folders (Devices, Finance, Miscellaneous, Social) under the Icons folder.
You can either locate them in their opened folders (Miscellaneous for instance) or you can use the search bar to find the icons by their names (maybe a bit faster if you know what you are looking for). Please use the HTML catalogue as a reference.

Html Catalogue

For instance, if you search for “Gift” you will get several results (see the example below), but only one of them with an “Icons -“ prefix is what you are looking for.

Gift Search


3. Color Controlling

Select “Settings” layer and select each color in effects panel and change it. 

Color controlling


4. If you want to change the duration of the icon

Just select the layer “Static” or “Rotation” and extend it to the right place. At the same time it is important that the compositions on the timeline don’t overlap one another.

Change the duration of the icon


5. How to see all of layers for more customization

Just turn off the “Shy” switch in each composition and you can find the other layers.

Layer customization


6. “Effect Controls” panel

All the effects such as colors , position controller and etc… are in The “Effect Controls” panel, it is near or behind the “Project Panel” If you can’t see this , press (F3) key

Effects Control panel


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