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[After Effects] 3D Social Media Reveal Pack

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3D Social Media Reveal Pack for After Effects

This free template is totally modular so you can easely change background color, or animation color with sliders or adding just FILL effect on bottom layers ( BACKGROUND ) solids with your speci􀃶c color since all animations have alpha channel included ( transparent background).



  • NO PLUG-IN needed;
  • Modular Structure;
  • Full HD presentation
  • 10 Mixed Animations included
  • 17 Social Media logo animations
  • Project includes openers for: Youtube, Yahoo, Viber, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, Pinterest, Linkedin, Insta-
    gram, Google plus, Facebook
  • Place your own logo or text on Main Plate!
  • Easy Change background colors
  • Easy Change plate colors alpha channel included
  • Alpha Channel (transparent background ) included in all animations
  • Easy change text with your own

How to use

Since there are 3 different animations for each animation, when you enter from project panel directory YOUTUBE OPENER you will see directory called YOUTUBE LOGO ANIMATIONS and inside there are 3 compositions and each animation of youtube logo is different so you can choose which one you like best!
To replace a layer in a composition with different footage, select the layer in the comp, then select the footage in the project and press CMD + OPTION + / (on a Mac) or CTRL + ALT + / (on a PC).
Also there are EMPTY PLATES ANIMATIONS INCLUDED so you can place any logo on plate, you will see in each main directory EMPTY PLATE ANIMATIONS direcory, enter in it and there you wil lsee 3 different aniamtions as well.
Just select one you want to use and do the same as i explained above! Also you can add effect HUE SATURATION and change color to any! 

Youtube Animation Opener

When you come to moment when you need to change text you will see in each directory composition called TEXT ANIMATION CHANGE HERE, enter in it and just using type tool change existing text to yours!
Font used is BEBAS!

Text animation change

Also there are 10 MIXED animations included (demo in video), which you cna combine, replace in same way and make your own story…. 
To use it enter from project menu directory MIXED SOCIAL MEDIA OPENERS and than use it in same way as i explained for YOUTUBE OPENER….
In sub directory _3D LOGO ANIMATIONS there are all 3d aniamtions which you can change in main project


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