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[After Effects] Broadcast Maps Package

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After Effects template with more than 370 elements including animated digital map footages, titles, infographics and sci-fi HUD elements. It provides tools for showing some process worldwide, on a particular continent or country, demonstrating the location and the theme of events going on there, with a close-up or a wide shot to move the viewer closer to the action or just to give a general idea. For example, bushfires or a world spread pandemic coronavirus attack COVID-19.

Bright neon blue, green and orange elements stand out on the deep blue background. When the camera moves closer to the edge of the mainland, you see that the map is threedimensional.

In the preview you see various examples of using the maps: air traffic in the USA, armed conflicts in Africa, a military exercise in Germany, natural resources in Russia, forest fires in Brazil, a weather forecast in Ukraine and Turkey and other cases. The project is applied in broadcast and corporate design for TV news, videos on business, ecology, economics, hi-tech, politics, international affairs, travel, and also in sci-fi HUD animation.



  • 1 world map
  • 6 continents maps (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America)
  • 156 countries



  • arrow – 12
  • circle to highlight the action on the map – 9
  • diagram to visualize the data on the map: bar graph, fly diagram, line graph, pie chart, radial bar, spiral diagram – 7
  • HUD elements, including animated dots, figures, navigation grid, text background with animation for creating the atmosphere of hot actions going on right now – over 80
  • military icons, including aircraft carrier, arms, cross country vehicle, fighter, grenade, helicopter, locator, mortar, plane, rocket, satellite, soldier, submarine, tank, troop carrier and so on – 50
  • natural resources icons, such as battery, cooling tower, DNA, lightbulb, mining, oil drop, oil rig, oil tank, power station, radiation, sun, test-tube, trees, wind generator – 21
  • pin marker – 8
  • quotes with a photo placeholder and animated text
  • topographical contour lines for depicting the relief – 3
  • weather forecast icons – 24


Project features:

  • After Effects CS5 and above
  • no plugins required
  • 100% After Effects
  • full HD



The File Size: 1.42 Go

To download the file, you just need to send an email to, in the subject write the name of desired file (copy past the post title)



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