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[After Effects] Lino Typography

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“Option” composition

Open “Option” composition , select the “color” layer. Go to effects panel ( F3 button).

You can change the color from blue to your own color. Just click on the color picker and choose your own.

“Settings” Composition

If you want change the color, open this composition . select “Color” layer. then go to effects control panel and change the color with the color picker.

“Edit these” Folder

Open “EDIT These” folder in the project panel . You can open any of folders and change the contents of compositions :

Edit These >> Logo Folder :
  • Start Logo : Place your logo in this composition. This one will be showed as starter logo. You can place anything you want in this composition.
  • End Logo : Place your logo in this composition. This one will be showed as end of video. You can place anything you want in this composition.
  • Tagline : Change the text. This text is under the end logo.
Edit These >> Socials Folder :

Open each composition and change the infos. you can place your own items in the circles.

Edit These >> Video Holders :

Place your videos in” video#” compositions. Some guides show you the cutted area ( white area).

Open each “video INFO #” and change the video’s texts.

Edit These >> Boxes:

You can replace these compositions with each other in this scene :

Do you want to replace the boxes? Open “Main” composition. Boxes layers labled as green . select each one, then bring another one frm project panel, hold down alt and drag and drop it on the layer. You can see this in video tutorial too.

Edit These  :
  • Main : this composition includes all of the other composition. But they are hidden. You can turn off “SHY” switch and see all of the layers ,

             You have to change some texts in this composition. They labled  as red  and named as “Text01,………,Text05,Text08,….,Text10”.

If you want to change their positions, you have to select all of their position keyframes, and then change the position. It’s not recommend.

            Blue layers are dots. You can change start and end of their positions to make the animation nicer. Check the video tutorial for this one too.

  • Text# : Open each text composition and change the texts.


The File Size: 174 Mo

To download the project, you just need to send an email to, in the subject write the name of desired project (copy past the post title)


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