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Avoid Google’s Naughty list – Don’t Do These 6 Things

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1- Don’t Buy a links:

Ignore any SEO firms that promise you hundreds of links and a first page ranking.
These companies are spammy, Google will eventually catch you, which means buying links will always hurt you, not help you.

2- Don’t Join the Wrong Directories:

If all your links come from directories that include thousands of junky sites, Google will assign your blog the same low value. So, if you choose to submit your blog to directories, make sure each listing gets personally reviewed by a human who only accepts topnotch blogs to link to like your own.

3- Don’t “Spin” Your Articles:

Marketing different versions of a single article on multiple sites is a dying SEO technique.
Google’s algorithms will eventually recognize your duplicate articles and penalize your content as spam, potentially plummeting your previously high search engine ranking.

4- Don’t “Stuff” Keywords:

Using your target keywords over and over again in your content doesn’t make it more relevant, it makes you look like a poor writer.
No one will want to read you or link to you, and to add insult to injury, you could very well destroy your blog’s rankings in Google.

5- Don’t Use Unnatural Anchor Text:

Any text converted into a link on a website is called anchor text. Google looks to anchor text for clues as to how to rank pages online.
Thinking you can fool Google by using the same anchor text in all your site links basically screams that you’re trying to game the system. Don’t do it. Chances are you’ll get penalized.

6- Don’t Forget to Update Broken Links:

It may seem inconsequential, but over time, the accumulation of broken links on your blog will reduce its value from Google’s perspective. It’s an easy fix. Once or twice a year, use Google’s Webmaster Tools to find your broken links and then, correct them.

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