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Awesome Agriculture – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of awesome open source technology for agriculture, farming, and gardening.

Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock for food and materials.



  • farm-calculators – WordPress plugin for calculating various farming and crop related information.

Climate, Environment and Weather

  • agroclimatology – Ruby client for interacting with the NASA (POWER) Agroclimatology Web Resource.
  • bomrang – Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology Data from R.
  • evapotranspiration – Ruby library for calculating reference crop evapotranspiration (ETo).
  • frostline – A dataset, API, and python parser for USDA plant hardiness zones.
  • GSODR – Global summary daily weather data in R.
  • iem – Code that makes the Iowa Environmental Mesonet run.
  • PyETo – Python package for calculating reference/potential evapotranspiration (ETo).
  • pyTSEB – A python two source energy balance model for estimation of evapotranspiration with remote sensing data.
  • soilDB – R library for simplified access to NCSS soil databases.

Crop Modeling, Phenotyping, and Pathology

  • Open Plant Pathology – A community that values open data and computational tools for advancing epidemiology and pathogen population biology and ecology.

Datasets, Machine Learning and AI

Data Standardization, Interoperability and APIs

Farm Management Systems and Record Keeping

  • AgroSense – Free and open source farm management suite built with Java.
  • farmOS – Web-based farm record keeping application built with Drupal and PHP.
  • Ekylibre – Farm management information system for farmers and small enterprises built with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL/PostGIS.
  • Soil Mate – Helper app designed to assist the collection of soil data.
  • Tania – Free and open source farming management system for everyone built with Go and Vue.js.

Geospatial and GIS

GIS Resources

  • Awesome GIS – Awesome GIS is a list collecting abundant GIS related sources.

GIS Platforms

  • QGIS – QGIS is a free, open source, cross platform (lin/win/mac) geographical information system.


  • pyshp – Reads and writes ESRI Shapefiles in pure Python.
  • rgeo-shapefile – RGeo Shapefile is an optional module for RGeo for reading geospatial data from ESRI shapefiles in Ruby.

IoT, Hardware, Automation and Robotics

  • AgOpenGPS – Ag precision mapping and section control software.
  • DRO-Matic – Fully Automated Hydroponic OS for DIY DRO-Matic cabinets – Nutrient dosing, irrigation, topoffs, timers, EC & pH drift fixing.
  • FarmBot – Open source precision agriculture CNC farming project.
  • Farm Hack – Worldwide community of farmers that build and modify our own tools.
  • Open Agriculture Foundation – Open Source ecosystem of technologies that enable and promote transparency, networked experimentation, education, and hyper-local production.
  • OpenMinder – Open Source Rootzone Monitoring, API and open source hat for the RaspberryPi.
  • ROS Agriculture – Open Source community focusing on using Robot Operating System to empower farmers with robotics tools.

Knowledgebases and Learning Resources

  • Harvest Helper – Provides growing, harvesting and recipe information for the 45 plants in the database as well as a JSON API.
  • OpenFarm – A free and open database for farming and gardening knowledge built with Ruby on Rails.

Remote Sensing and Imagery

  • Awesome Sentinel – A curated list of awesome tools, tutorials and APIs related to data from the Copernicus Sentinel Satellites.
  • Raster Vision – Deep learning for aerial/satellite imagery.
  • Sen2Agri – Software system processing high resolution satellite images for agricultural purposes.
  • Awesome Vegetation Index – List of reference, applications of common Vegetation Indices for Multi-spectral, hyper-spectral and UAV images.

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