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Awesome Ant Design – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of Ant Design resources and related projects. The main idea is that everyone can contribute here, so we can have a central repository of informations about Ant Design that we keep up-to-date.

Ant Design, a design language for middleware, is refined by Experience Technology Department of Ant Financial, aims to uniform the user interface specs for middleware projects, reduce the unnecessary cost of design differences and implementation and liberate the resources of design and front-end development.



Official projects and resources of Ant Design.

  • Ant Design – An Enterprise-class UI design language and React-based implementation.
  • Ant Design Pro – An out-of-box UI solution for enterprise applications 🔥🔥🔥
  • Ant Design Mobile – Configurable Mobile UI specification and React-based implementation.
  • Ant Design of React – Graceful UI components out of the box, based on React.
  • Ant Design SVG Icons – Project to transform regular icon fonts into SVG format, supporting Ant Design icon fonts.



These are tools and utilities to help build apps using Ant Design,

  • Antd Init – Ant Design boilerplate generator (for demo only, use dva-cli).
  • Dva Cli – Create Ant Design projects based on Dva.js, a
    lightweight front-end framework based on Redux and React and inspired by Elm and Choo.
  • Antd Tools – Very useful list of tools for Ant Design to create documentation, create new components, build tools and many more.
  • Antd Tools Docs – Documentations for Ant Tools.
  • iConfig Ant Design – Boilerplate for quickly getting a new project up and running with a few useful transforms.
  • vscode-antd-rush – Rush to Ant Design in VS Code
  • Antd Snippets for VS Code
  • Generator Antd Pro – An easy way to build your Ant Design Pro application.
  • formik-antd – Declarative bindings for the popular form state management library Formik.
  • Zaku – JSX-based UI editor, easy way to build page and generate antd code.
  • Antd-Pro-Generator for VS Code Generate Service/Mock/Model from Swagger2.0 or OpenApi3.x docs for Ant Design Pro.


Here are utilities that can help you customize your theme and ability to change it in browser


Related Projects

Ant Design family of projects.

  • Grammar of Graphics – Pure javascript, powerful semantic graph generation tool for big data which provides a set of graphical syntax that lets users build with simple syntax a myriad of charts and integrates a large number of statistical tools, (Read more).
  • Ant Visualization – Professional data visualization specification that aims to put several years of valuable data pattern group work in the process of exploring data visualization to share with all people who need data visualization theory. AntV consists of few parts, data, design specifications and rules for use of the chart, (Read more).
  • Ant Motion – Efficient motion design solutions that complies with Ant Design Visual specification with React implementation.
  • Ant UX – Make a sitemap template for UX design using Omnigraffle, Sketch or Axure. This is a library which assists designers to define, refine and finalize the inter-page logic of their products.


Projects that are built with Angular and Ant Design.


Projects that are built with Vue.js and Ant Design.

  • ant-design-vue – Ant Design of Vue.js 2.5.0+.
  • Vue.js Beauty – Beautiful UI components build with Vue.js and Ant Design.
  • Vue.js Ant UI – Ant Design UI components built in Vue.js.
  • Ant Design Vue – Vue.js version of Ant Design.
  • antue – A set of enterprise-class Vue UI components, following the Ant Design specification completely.
  • vue-antd-admin – Ant Design Pro’s implementation with Vue


Projects that are built with Blazor WebAssembly and Ant Design.


A list of UI components built with Ant Design.

  • antd-table-infinity – An infinite scroll component based on antd table that supports virtual scrolling & high-performance
  • react-lz-editor – An open source rich react editor based on draft-Js and ant design.
  • React Grid [Deprecated] – Grid React UI Component based on Ant Design.
  • Antd Kit – Advanced Ant Design components.
  • antd-data-table – A component that combines antd’s Table and Form to do the search, display, and operating jobs for data.
  • ngx-recursive-form – Angular recursive form based on json input built with Ant Design.
  • antd-amplify-react – A collection of Ant Design component for Aws Amplify for Authentication
  • antd-password-input-strength – AntD Input component with password-strength indicator.

React Hooks


A list of mature apps built with Ant Design.

  • Eevee – Based on Github page online editing blog platform. The project is based React, Ant Design and GitHub API.
  • Productivity Application – Kanban style, Trello inspired Productivity application built using React, Ant Design and other fantastic modules.


A list of starter projects and boilerplates built with Ant Design.

  • Ant Design Pro – An out-of-box UI solution for enterprise applications 🔥🔥🔥
  • Scaffold Market – scaffolds and boilerplates using Ant Design
  • Antd Admin – A admin dashboard application demo built upon Ant Design and Dva.js.
  • Meteor Antd Boilerplate – A basic social network built using Antd and Meteor. Example
  • React SPA – Building SPA with React, Router, ES6, Fetch, Babel, Webpack, Npm, MockJs, FontAwesome, AnimateCSS, Ant Design, LESS and jQuery.
  • React Admin – React Admin UI built on Ant Design (username: admin, password: 123456).
  • React Redux – React Redux for CMS/Enterprise class apps (ERP/Admin) built with Ant Design.
  • React Antd Starter – This project is designed to develop website/web apps using Ant Design and Redux.
  • Webbf – Java demo that uses Maven to build the backend with Spring, Spring MVC and Mybatis. React, Reflux, Eebpack, jQuery, React-bootstrap and Ant Design.
  • React Redux Antd Starter – Front-end boilerplate built with React, Redux and Ant Design.
  • Koa – Example app to build Admin UI built with React, Ant Design and Koa.
  • Star Admin – Demo app built with React, Ant Design, Redux, React-router, Webpack and Babel.
  • React Redux Intro – Demo app built with Ant Design and can be configured to initialize a Redux dependencies.
  • React Start Kit – SPA Boilerplate built with React, Webpack, ES6+, Redux, Router, Babel, Express, Ant Design.
  • CL React – Based on Ant Design front-end framework structures for enterprise back-office software.
  • TODO MVC – Todo list built with React and Ant Design.
  • React Boilerplate – React Admin front-end boilerplate built with Ant Design.
  • Dva Antd Starter – Get started with Dva.js and Ant Design.
  • Dva Antd Mobile Starter – Get started with Dva.js and Ant Design mobile.
  • Dva Ant Admin – A front-end boilerplate built with Dva, Ant-Design
  • Aspnet Core Antd Boilerplate – Server Side Rendering with core.
  • React Redux Universal – Universal/Isomorphic boilerplate using react router 4 and webpack 2.5+. All latest packages.
  • CRA-TS-Antd – Create-React-App + TypeScript + Ant-Design (without Eject).
  • Ng-Alain – Angular Admin UI built on Ant Design (with ng-zorro-antd).
  • Typescript React With Mobx Starter – a starter-template with typescript, react, mobx, antd and webpack).
  • React-PWA, PawJS and AntDesign – A pluggable boilerplate with SEO, PWA, SSR, Skeleton, Placeholders, etc. as some of its many features.
  • Create React App + Ant Design – Use antd in create-react-app without ejecting
  • – Generate fullstack React + Ant Design applications with MongoDB, SQL or Firebase Firestore.
  • The Green Meal – Next.js, PostgreSQL demo app written in TypeScript.

Non-JavaScript Libraries

A list of libraries that are written for non-JavaScript languages.

  • Antizer – Ant Design library for ClojureScript, an immutable, functional language that cross-compiles to JavaScript.
  • syn-antd – Ant Design wrapper for ClojureScript and Reagent using shadow-cljs with tree-shaking support. As with other ClojureScript libraries, it cross-compiles to JavaScript.


  • StarCabinet – Github Stars-based cross-platform tool based on React, Electronand and Ant Design.
  • Nowa – A webpack based front-end plug-in scaffolding and development solution.


Design Tools and Resources


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