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Awesome C/C++ Learning Resources | Everything That You Need




This document contains videos and articles about different aspects of C++ programming. Best way to learn from them is to try them yourself, or in case of a lecture, read some more about this topic in C++ documentation.

Advanced topics

You should not proceed to the topics after C++ STL 1 without knowing the basics of C++ (or completing at least one series from Basics Of C++ category). The content following C++ STL 1 isn’t sorted by the difficulity, everything there is considered advanced C++. You should be able to understand most of that and apply it in real world after compeling Basics Of C++ category.


This place is mostly targeted for people with basic C++ and STL knowledge. It’s supposed to improve your code’s readibility, performance and make your code more compact by using STL features.


Create either an issue with title and link to the resource you would like to add to this document or create new branch, add some changes and create a pull request.

Comments and suggestions

Please leave your comments, thoughts and suggestions via Issues.

Table of Contents


Best learning resources for C++


Basics Of C++




STL Containers


STL Algorithms


STL Utilities


Advanced C++






Time in C++






Type related programming






Type deduction


SFINAE – Substitution Failure Is Not An Error




C++ Memory Management


Basics of memory management


Garbage Collection

  • GC FAQ ~ Document regarding garbage collection in C++




C++ Error Handling


C++ Application Design


C++ Object Oriented Design


C++ Design Patterns


C++ Data Oriented Design


C++ Programming Style


Generalities about C++ programming


Best practices for C++


Programing Guidelines


C++ Libraries


Embeding different languages in C++


Custom container libraries for C++

  • tree.hh ~ Tree Type container library for C++


Graphical interfaces for C++

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