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Awesome Calculators – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of resources related to calculators!


Calculator apps:


  • HiPER Scientific Calculator – Advanced scientific calculator, with lots of features, for example result history and themes.
  • Calculator ++ – Scientific calculator with modern, Google Material Design interface.
  • Google Calculator – Official calculator from Google.
  • Samsung Calculator – New, official calculator from Samsung.
  • Photomath (Camera Calculator) – Calculate math problems using camera.
  • RealCalc – Scientific calculator with realistic interface.
  • a41cv – Excellent emulation of the classic HP-41CV calculator.
  • Wabbitemu – Emulate Texas Instruments graphing calculators on your device.
  • Droid48 (src), Droid48 (app) – Android port of x48, the awesome HP48GX/SX emulator
  • Scalar – Powerful math engine and math scripting language, that combines the simplicity of standard calculators with the flexibility of scripting.



  • Numi – Beautiful calculator with great features, including unit & time zone conversion.
  • Soulver 3 – Smart notepad with a built-in calculator.
  • Calculator + ƒ – Powerful, extensible calculator for the Mac.


  • Galculator – GTK 2 / GTK 3 based scientific calculator.
  • KCalc – Calculator which offers many more mathematical functions than meet the eye on a first glance.
  • x48 – Emulate the HP48GX/SX, one of the best engineering calculators ever.


  • Parsify Desktop – Extendable calculator for the 21st Century.
  • Simple Electron Calculator – Basic, cross-platform calculator made with Electron.
  • elcalc – Calculator with simple & beautiful interface.
  • Material Design Calculator – Cross-platform material design calculator.
  • SpeedCrunch – High-precision scientific calculator featuring a fast, keyboard-driven user interface.
  • Liri Calculator – Cross-platform, Material Design calculator with all the features you would expect from a modern calculator.
  • mdlt – Command-line utility for quick math.
  • calc – Simple, fast and intuitive command-line calculator written in Go.
  • J# Calculator Barebones – Very simple calculator written in J#. Made as program for J# newcomers to extend and learn from.
  • Qalculate! – Cross-platform scientific calculator including unit/currency converters.


  • Wolfram|Alpha – Computational knowledge engine.
  • Web 2.0 Scientific Calculator – Online calculator, that provides basic and advanced mathematical functions useful for school or college.
  • Calculator.js – Open-Source, web calculator with beautiful Google Material Design interface.
  • Notepad Calculator – Calculator with user-friendly, unique notepad interface.
  • – Huge collection of various calculators.
  • – Open-Source command-line style arbitrary precision calculator with mathematical, scientific, programming functions and more.
  • Desmos – Online set of tools related to math, including a set of calculators, exams and more.
  • Geogebra – Free online math tools for graphing, geometry, 3D, and more. Includes interactive graphical calculator.





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