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Awesome Choo Framework – Massive Collection of Resources

choo is a 4kb framework for creating sturdy frontend applications


Official resources


choo is a modular framework. These are the dependencies it glues together
under the hood:

  • bel – Create composable DOM elements using
    template strings.
  • hyperx – Convert template strings to
    library backends.
  • nanomorph – Hyper fast diffing algorithm for real DOM nodes.
  • nanoraf – Only call RAF when needed.
  • nanorouter – Smol frontend router.
  • nanobus – Tiny message bus.
  • nanolocation – Small window.location library.
  • nanohref – Tiny href click handler library.
  • nanoquery – Tiny querystring module.
  • nanotiming – Small timing library.



Plugins and addons


  • dom-notifications – Atom-inspired notifications component.
  • choodown – A simple markdown component for choo.
  • choo-md-editor – Lightweight markdown editor that can be used inside Choo app or as a standalone library.
  • choo-chartist – A little component for using Chartist with the choo framework.

CLI Templates

Templates for choo-cli

Other CLI templates


πŸŽ₯ : videos
πŸ’» : tutorials
πŸ“– : articles

Projects using choo

  • boxcar – A choo-based grid/spreadsheet editor.
  • choo-sortable – Building sortable code with choo.
  • hacker-choo – Hacker Typer clone written in choo.
  • footprint-rechoo – A choo rewrite of footprint-review.
  • minidocs – A documentation site generator built with choo.
  • dataface – Desktop application to manage databases.
  • BlankUp – Multiplatform markdown editor.
  • hackernews-choo – A Hacker News reader built with choo.
  • tic-tac-choo – Progressive tic tac toe game, made with choo.
  • enviar – Chat interface for SMS / text messages.
  • kaktus – A new minimalistic web browser, built on choo and IndexedDB.
  • – Website for CiviCDR.
  • nekocafe – Web chat room 🐱 πŸ’¬.
  • Robotopia – Introducing kids to coding with tiny virtual robots!
  • busca – A small web-extension to search the current tab on reddit.
  • choo-ban – Simple kanban to manage board tasks, built with choo.
  • boowa – A fun blog generator, built with choo.
  • hyperamp – Humble music player.

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