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Awesome Contexture – Massive Collection of Resources

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Contexture abstracts queries/filters and results/aggregations from different backing data stores like ElasticSearch and MongoDB.

Contexture is a tool for running the Contexture DSL, which is primarily about abstracting queries/filters and results/aggregrations. Each leaf node in a Contexture Tree can affect other leaf nodes (e.g., acting as a filter) and has results of it’s own which are affected by the other nodes. Non leaf nodes describe how leaves relate to each other, e.g. as a boolean join of and/or. Contexture can use different backing data stores such as MongoDB and ElasticSearch.

This page represents a curated list of Contexture websites, libraries, and resources. Our goal is to provide Contexture developers, both new and established, a place to discover and document awesome Contexture resources.



  • contexture-site – Showcase of Contexture searches adapting to diverse datasets such as: car crashes, restaurant locations, COVID-19, SAT scores, school grants, bank failures.
  • contexture-imdb – An example usage of Contexture to present a search interface for an ElasticSearch index of movie records based on IMDB.
  • GovSpend – A Contexture web-based tool that makes it easy for government agencies to find a product’s best price, identify and validate vendors, request quotes and connect with peers.


  • contexture – The core library that exectues the DSL to retrieve data.
  • contexture-client – The client library that manages the DSL, allowing for hyper efficient updates running only what is exactly needed.
  • contexture-react – React components for building Contexture interfaces.
  • grey-vest – Component library built for contexture-react.
  • contexture-mongo – MongoDB provider for Contexture.
  • contexture-elasticsearch – Elasticsearch provider for Contexture.
  • contexture-exports – A library that extends Contexture by allowing developers to export searches into files or any other target.
  • contexture-api – A simple FeathersJS REST API for Contexture.


  • Contexture Docs – Documentation of the entire Contexture ecosystem in one place.
  • Contexture React Storybook – Contexture React components documentation and examples.
  • GreyVest Storybook – GreyVest component library’s documentation and examples.
  • Contexture – Documentation on Contexture’s core concepts, example usage, and implementation details.
  • Contexture Client – Documentation overview of the Contexture Client’s features, api, and implementation details.
  • Contexture ElasticSearch – Usage and API documentation for the Contexture ElasticSearch provider library.
  • Contexture MongoDB – Usage and API documentation for the Contexture MongoDB provider library.
  • Contexture Exports – Core concepts and usage documentation for the Contexture Exports library.



  • Contexture Talk (raw) – This is a raw, unedited version of the talk about Contexture, a toolset for building highly interactive data exploration (aka search) interfaces at the 2018 South Florida Code Camp.
  • Contexture Talk (screen) – This is a raw, unedited version of the talk about Contexture. This version only shows the screencast.

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