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Curated list of Creative Technology groups, companies, studios, collectives, etc.

Businesses & groups that specialize in combining computing, design, art, and user experience.

Creative technology is a broadly interdisciplinary and trans disciplinary field combining computing, design, art, and user experience.

This list hopes to compile the best creative technology businesses & groups across the world, both as a source of inspiration and as a reference point for potential employers of creative technologists.

Creative technologists by definition have a breadth of skills as opposed to a specific specialty, so it’s difficult to categorize them. While this isn’t a perfect organization, each group below generally specializes in the area to which they’ve been assigned.


Creative Technology

Name Locations Keywords
Art + Com [Berlin] media sculptures, data installations, new media
Augmented Magic [Paris] augmented magic shows, digital installations
AV Controls [NYC] site-specific technology installations, digital landmarks
BREAKFAST [NYC] software-/hardware-driven artworks, flip discs
BRDG Studios [Philadelphia] digital moments in physical spaces, retail environments, art galleries, events
Comuzi [London] explore and imagine and prototyp and creatr future-forward creative concepts
Deeplocal [Pittsburgh] creative engineers, inventors, interactive experiences, human stories
Extrapolation Factory [NYC] research studio, futures studies, collaborative prototyping
FIELD [London] future aesthetics for design, motion, experiential
Future Colossal [NYC] experiential technologies in advertising and entertainment and art
Game Seven [NYC] [LA] intersection of sport and culture, brand stories
Giant Spoon [NYC] [LA] translate cultural trends into big ideas, experiential, gaming
Hotel Creative [London] retail, branding, exhibitions, events
Hovercraft [Denver] [Portland] interactive installations, site-specific content, retail, sports
Hush Studios [NYC] marketing and advertising, retail and DTC, archtecture
Invisible North [NYC] culturally fluent, thoughtful experiences, bring brands to life
Leviathan [Chicago] [LA] [San Diego] transform environments into exceptional experiences
Manifold [San Francisco] [LA] [Portland] we hire smart people and get out of their way
Map [London] industrial designers who believe great design can solve problems
Marshmallow Laser Feast [London] leaving a slug trail of sensory nuggets as we journey through the cosmos
Midnight Commercial [NYC] unite the disparate digital and physical worlds
Moment Factory [Montreal] [LA] [London] [Tokyo] [Paris] [NYC] shows, destinations, content, interactive, scenography
Oat Foundry [Philadelphia] split-flap displays, electromechanical stuff, think tank, products, experiences
Onformative [Berlin] studio for digital art and design, challenge the boundaries between art and design and technology
Optimist [LA] [NYC] [London] [Amsterdam] [Hamburg] [Berlin] [Prague] architects of subculture, creative, design, strategy, production, content, brand experience
Patten Studio [NYC] informed by research at the MIT Media Lab, experiences that connect people
Rare Volume [NYC] design and technology studio, interactive video walls
Red Paper Hearts [NYC] art from real world interaction
Rosie Lee Creative [London] [Amsterdam] [NYC] design, creative, digital and consultancy
Second Story [Atlanta] [Portland] [NYC] exhibition, interactive, software, experience, hardware, VR, AR, projection
Staat [Amsterdam] branding, editorial, event, film, graphic design, illustration, installation, interactive, interior design, production, retail
StoreyStudio [London] spatial design, set design, window displays, moving image
Team Epiphany [NYC] [LA] influencer marketing, IRL, vertical integration
Tellart [Providence] [Amsterdam] [San Francisco] transformative experiences, invention, physical & digital experiences, new technologies
The Gathery [NYC] editorially-born creative agency specializing in brand marketing and content creation
The Projects [London] [LA] [NYC] [Sydney] brand consultancy, meaningful experiences, tell stories
UNIT9 [London] [LA] [NYC] [Berlin] innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, gaming experts, creatives, art directors, designers, producers and film directors
VVOX [NYC] [LA] high-end design, code, fabrication, sound
VTProDesign [LA] high tech robotics and projection mapping
Yellow Studio [NYC] artistically-minded design, tv/concert/event production design, set design

Collectives & Practices

Established artist collectives/practices that work with creative technology (here primarily for reference, not for career opportunities).

Name Locations Keywords
Dave + Gabe [NYC] interactive installation studio, real-time animation, generative 3D sound
MSCHF [NYC] viral stunts and products, trying to do stuff that the world can’t even define
NONOTAK Studio [Paris] light and sound installations, ethereal, immersive, dreamlike
panGenerator [Warsaw, Poland] new media art and design collective, mixing bits & atoms
Random International [London] [Berlin] experimental practice within contemporary art, human condition in an increasingly mechanised world
teamLab [Tokyo] full-room interactive projection mapping, interdisciplinary group of ultratechnologists
United Visual Artists [London] new technologies with traditional media, site-specific, instruments that manipulate perception


Groups that mostly fabricate pieces for other creative technology companies.

Name Locations Keywords
BEDNARK [NYC] full-service fabrication, production, install
Pink Sparrow [NYC] [LA] environmental design, project management
Visionary Effects [Pittsburgh] old-school manufacturing processes with digital design and fabrication

Themed Entertainment

Groups that design things for stage and amusement parks using creative technology.

Name Locations Keywords
Adirondack Studios [Glens Falls, NY] [Dubai] [Orlando] [Shanghai] [LA] [Singapore] concept, schematic, design, construction, fabrication, installation, support
Hettema Group [LA] experiential, exhibit, live shows, theme parks, retail, dining, museums
Jason Sherwood Design [NYC] television and broadway and concert stage design

Experiential Pop-Ups

Groups that create experential pop-up experiences full of creative technology.

Name Locations Keywords
29 Rooms multi-sensory installations, performances, and workshops
Color Factory [NYC] [Houston] collaborative interactive exhibit
Meow Wolf [Santa Fe] immersive and interactive experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story and exploration
Museum of Ice Cream [San Francisco] [NYC] transforms concepts and dreams into spaces that provoke imagination and creativity
PopUpMob [NYC] [LA] [London] [Paris] one-stop shop for pop up experiences

Event Production

Groups that specialize in event production, often with a creative technology twist.

Name Locations Keywords
Dera Lee Productions [NYC] theatre arts, story-telling
GPJ [Austin] [Boston] [Dallas] [Detroit] [LA] [Nashville] [NYC] [San Francisco] [Silicon Valley] immersive events and experiences
Sparks [Philadelphia] [Detroit] [Connecticut] [Atlanta] [LA] [Las Vegas] [NYC] [San Francisco] [Shanghai] trade show, experiential, retail


Groups that generally design architecture with a leaning toward creative technology.

Name Locations Keywords
Carlo Ratti Associatti [Torino, Italy] [NYC] [UK] design and innovation office, MIT Media Lab: Senseable City Lab
Olson Kundig [Seattle] [NYC] architecture, vessel that supports specific art installations, seamless spatial experience
SOFTlab [NYC] mixes research and creativity and technology with a strong desire to make working fun
Universal Design Studio [London] [NYC] driven by a deeply held belief in the transformative power of well designed and finely crafted spaces


Groups that are have a more general focus, but have a knack for projects imbued with creative technology.

Name Locations Keywords
&Walsh [NYC] brand strategy, art direction, design and production across all platforms
ManvsMachine [London] [LA] multidimensional creative studio
Media Monks [Amsterdam] [London] [Dubai] [Stockholm] [NYC] [LA] [San Francisco] [Mexico City] [São Paulo] [Buenos Aires] [Shanghai] [Singapore] creative production
R/GA [Austin] [Chicago] [LA] [NYC] [Portland] [San Francisco] [Berlin] [Bucharest] [London] [Buenos Aires] [Santiago] [São Paulo] [Melbourne] [Shanghai] [Singapore] [Sydney] [Tokyo] business, experience, and marketing transformation
The Mill [London] [NYC] [LA] [Chicago] [Bangalore] [Berlin] experience makers, media and brand activation, innovative design, and inventive technologies


Groups that generally focus on designing museums and similar experiences using creative technology.

Name Locations Keywords
Exploratorium [San Francisco] exhibits made in-house, public-facing workshop
GSM Project [Montreal] [Singapore] [Dubai] content first, exhibitions
Iglhaut + von Grote [Berlin] scenography, spatial mise-en-scène
Local Projects [NYC] experience Designers pushing the boundaries of human interaction

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