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Awesome Deep Learning TensorFlow JS – Massive Collection of Resources

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TensorFlow.js is an open source software library to develop machine learning models in JavaScript, and use machine learning
(training and inference) directly in the browser or Node.js.

This list is a collection of the best TensorFlow.js tools, resources, videos and shiny things.









  • Deep Learning with JavaScript – Learn to use TensorFlow.js to build deep learning models that run directly in the browser, master all the basics of deep learning and explore advanced concepts, like retraining existing models for transfer learning and image generation by Shanqing Cai, Stanley Bileschi, Eric D. Nielsen and Francois Chollet.
  • Hands-On Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js – A guide to building ML applications integrated with web technology using the TensorFlow.js library by Kai Sasaki.

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  • Handwritten Digit Classification – A showcase project for NgConf 2020 talk on A Journey into the World of Machine Learning with TensorFlow.js.
  • NSFWJS – Indecent Content Checker – A friendly library to check images to see if they are indecent content on either the client or the server!
  • Pose Animator – A tool to bring SVG characters to life in the browser via motion capture.
  • LipSync – A web-based, playful, interactive experiences to lip sync to your favorite songs.
  • BodyPix – A real-time person and body-part segmentation in the browser.



  • TensorFlow.js – A WebGL accelerated JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models.
  • ml5.js – Friendly machine learning for the web.
  • face-api.js – JavaScript API for face detection and face recognition in the browser and Node.js with tensorflow.js.
  • handtrack.js – A library for prototyping realtime hand detection (bounding box), directly in the browser.
  • magenta.js – Music and Art Generation with Machine Intelligence in the Browser.
  • Danfo.js – High-performance, intuitive, and easy-to-use data structures for manipulating and processing structured data. (Inspired by Pandas)


  • Glitch – Build fast, full-stack web apps in browser for free (Tensorflow.js templates).
  • Best place to build, test and discover front-end code (Tensorflow.js templates).
  • TensorFlow Playground – Tinker With a Neural Network Right Here in Your Browser!
  • AiJS – A curated collection of inspirational AI-powered JavaScript apps.
  • Teachable Machine – Train a computer to recognize your own images, sounds, & poses!
  • – Write, modify, and view tensors directly in the browser. Then share the code with others.


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Awesome Deep Learning TensorFlow – Massive Collection of Resources

Awesome Deep Learning – Massive Collection of Resources

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