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Awesome Deep Learning TensorFlow Lite – Massive Collection of Resources

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TensorFlow Lite is a set of tools that help convert and optimize TensorFlow models to run on mobile and edge devices. It’s currently running on more than 4 billion devices! With TensorFlow 2.x, you can train a model with tf.Keras, easily convert a model to .tflite and deploy it; or you can download a pretrained TensorFlow Lite model from the model zoo.

This is an awesome list of TensorFlow Lite models with sample apps, helpful tools and learning resources –

  • Showcase what the community has built with TensorFlow Lite
  • Put all the samples side-by-side for easy reference
  • Share knowledge and learning resources


What is new

Here are the new features and tools of TensorFlow Lite:

Models with samples

Here are the TensorFlow Lite models with app / device implementations, and references.
Note: pretrained TensorFlow Lite models from MediaPipe are included, which you can implement with or without MediaPipe.

Computer vision

Task Model App | Reference Source
Classification MobileNetV1 (download) Android | iOS | Raspberry Pi | Overview
Classification MobileNetV2 Recognize Flowers on Android Codelab | Android TensorFlow team
Classification MobileNetV2 Skin Lesion Detection Android Community
Classification EfficientNet-Lite0 (download) Icon Classifier Colab & Android | tutorial 1 | tutorial 2 Community
Object detection Quantized COCO SSD MobileNet v1 (download) Android | iOS | Overview
Object detection YOLO Flutter | Paper Community
Object detection MobileNetV2 SSD (download) Reference MediaPipe
Object detection MobileDet (Paper) Blog post (includes the TFLite conversion process) MobileDet is from University of Wisconsin-Madison and Google and the blog post is from the Community
License Plate detection SSD MobileNet (download) Flutter Community
Face detection BlazeFace (download) Paper MediaPipe
Hand detection & tracking Palm detection & hand landmarks (download) Blog post | Model card MediaPipe
Pose estimation Posenet (download) Android | iOS | Overview
Segmentation DeepLab V3 (download) Android & iOS | Overview | Flutter Image | Realtime | Paper & Community
Segmentation Different variants of DeepLab V3 models Models on TF Hub with Colab Notebooks Community
Hair Segmentation Download Paper MediaPipe
Style transfer Arbitrary image stylization Overview | Android | Flutter & Community
Style transfer Better-quality style transfer models in .tflite Models on TF Hub with Colab Notebooks Community
GANs U-GAT-IT (Selfie2Anime) Project repo | Android | Tutorial Community
GANs White-box CartoonGAN (download) Project repo | Android | Tutorial Community
Video Style Transfer Download:
Dynamic range models)
Android | Tutorial Community
Segmentation & Style transfer DeepLabV3 & Style Transfer models Project repo | Android | Tutorial Community
Low-light image enhancement Models on TF Hub Project repo | Original Paper | Community
Text Detection CRAFT Text Detector (Paper) Download | Project Repository | Blog1-Conversion to TFLite | Blog2-EAST vs CRAFT | Models on TF Hub | Android (Coming Soon) Community
Text Detection EAST Text Detector (Paper) Models on TF Hub | Conversion and Inference Notebook Community


Task Model Sample apps Source
Question & Answer DistilBERT Android Hugging Face
Text Generation GPT-2 / DistilGPT2 Android Hugging Face
Text Classification Download Android |iOS | Flutter & Community


Task Model App | Reference Source
Speech Recognition DeepSpeech Reference Mozilla
Speech Synthesis Tacotron-2, FastSpeech2, MB-Melgan Android TensorSpeech

Model zoo

TensorFlow Lite models

These are the TensorFlow Lite models that could be implemented in apps and things:

TensorFlow models

These are TensorFlow models that could be converted to .tflite and then implemented in apps and things:

Ideas and Inspiration

  • E2E TFLite Tutorials – Checkout this repo for sample app ideas and seeking help for your tutorial projects. Once a project gets completed, the links of the TensorFlow Lite model(s), sample code and tutorial will be added to this awesome list.

ML Kit examples

ML Kit is a mobile SDK that brings Google’s ML expertise to mobile developers.

Plugins and SDKs

Helpful links

Learning resources

Interested but not sure how to get started? Here are some learning resources that will help you whether you are a beginner or a practitioner in the field for a while.

Blog posts





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