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Awesome Development Environment – Massive Collection of Resources

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Awesome Dev Env Awesome

A curated list of awesome tools, resources and workflow tips making an awesome development environment.

Inspired by awesome-go, which was in turn inspired by awesome-python.


Note: for an OS specific tool, please do your best to mark with OSX/WIN/*NIX/LIN


Tools to manage databases, permissions, etc.

  • hss – Never type the annoying ssh commands again.
  • MongoHub – Native OSx client for mongo
  • Robomongo – a cross platform Admin for MongoDB


Tools to benchmark your code or services


Tools for handling online and offline data

  • s3cmd – the S3 CLI tool for Amazon


Tools for checking diagnosing your system while you work


Tools for improving and hacking around with your vanilla desktop

  • Alfred – OSX productivity app /OSX/
  • hydra – script your desktop
  • Keycastr – show your keys while
    presenting/casting /OSX/


Tools to document your project

  • Log4brains – Docs-as-code knowledge base to manage Architecture Decision Records (ADR) for your project and publish them automatically as a static website.


  • – Collected dotfile resources. Has sections with dotfile bootstraps and lists of frameworks for various shells and editors.
  • Zach Holman’s – oh-my-zsh, osx, Zsh, vi, Ruby, Git, and more
  • Mathias Bynens’s – .files, including ~/.osx — sensible hacker defaults for OS X
  • Thoughtbot’s – A set of vim, zsh, git, and tmux configuration files
  • Paul Miller’s – Colourful & robust OS X configuration files and utilities


Only awesome tools and addons for your favorite editor


  • atom-beautify – Beautify HTML (including Handlebars), CSS (including Sass and Less), JavaScript, and much more in Atom.
  • file-icons – Adds file specific icons to atom for improved visual grepping.
  • highlight-selected – Double click on a word to highlight it throughout the open file.
  • minimap – A graphical map (preview) of the full source code.
  • minimap-git-diff – A minimap binding for the Atom git-diff package.
  • minimap-highlight-selected – A minimap binding for the highlight-selected package.
  • atom-project-manager – Get easy access to all your projects and manage them with project specific settings and options.
  • atom-tree-view-git-status – Show the Git repository status in the Atom tree-view.
  • atom-pigments – An Atom package to display colors in project and files.


  • Completor – async autocomplete with support for omni and semantic completion.
  • Powerline – improved status bar for your buffers.
  • snipmate – textual snippets compatiable with Textmate snippets.
  • The Ultimate Vim Distribution – spf13-vim is a distribution of vim plugins and resources for Vim, GVim and MacVim.

Sublime Text 3


  • keymap – a hybrid Vim/ReSharper/Intellij keymap

Visual Studio Code



Tools and addons for making an awesome Git experience

  • awesome-github – Faraz Fallahi maintains a curated list of GitHub & Git resources.
  • gh – Fast GitHub command line client (hub port to Go)
  • git-extra-commands – collected git helper scripts
  • git-extras – GIT utilities — repo summary, repl, changelog population, author commit percentages and more
  • git-it-on – ZSH plugin, adds a gitit command that opens the current directory on github in your current branch
  • git-secret – A bash-tool to store your private data inside a git repository.
  • git-semver – A git plugin to make Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 and Change Log management easier.
  • git-sweep – safely removes branches that have been merged into the master
  • git-up – a better ‘git pull’
  • hub – git CLI wrapper which makes working with GitHub easier
  • scm_breeze Streamline your git workflow
  • tig – an ncurses-based text-mode interface for git


Useful tools that cannot find a home in other categories

  • Fenix Web Server – A multi-host local static web server with push-button sharing (desktop app).
  • ML Workspace – All-in-one web-based development environment for machine learning and data science.
  • Mockoon – an API / HTTP REST mocking desktop application
  • HTTP Toolkit – an HTTP inspection & debugging desktop application


Tools that notify developers about changes in their work environment

  • CatLight – status notifier for developers. Checks the status of continuous delivery builds and shows desktop notifications.


Tools for orchestrating awesome development environments

  • azk – a lightweight open source engine to orchestrate development environments
  • Nanobox – A micro-PaaS (μPaaS) for creating consistent, isolated, development environments deployable anywhere


Tools for presenting your work

  • bespoke.js – DIY Presentation Micro-Framework
  • hacker-slides – Reveal.js based presentation tool
  • impress.js – presentation framework based on the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions
  • mithril-slides – A Keynote-inspired presentation app written with Mithril
  • remark – markdown based presentation on your browser
  • reveal.js – markdown based presentation on your browser
  • deck.js – markdown based presentation on your browser
  • vimdeck – present inside your Vim
  • WebSlides – Making HTML presentations easy


Tools for having an awesome shell environment

  • awesome-zsh-plugins – List of zsh plugins usable with zgen and other oh-my-zsh compatible zsh frameworks
  • fish-shell – The user-friendly command line shell
  • hss – Never type the annoying ssh commands again.
  • oh-my-fish – Framework for managing your fish shell configuration inspired by oh-my-zsh.
  • oh-my-zsh – A community driven framework for managing zsh configuration.
  • zgen – Faster framework for managing your zsh configuration, backward compatible with oh-my-zsh plugins
  • zsh – A shell designed for interactive use, although it is also a powerful scripting language.
  • shellcheck – Lint for shell. Will find deprecated and/or dangerous usage in shell scripts
  • zsh quickstart kit – Quick intro for getting set up with zsh and zgen


Tools for working with text files – search, replace, processing

  • ack – the Perl based
    better-than-grep tool.
  • ag – A C based code-searching tool similar to ack, but faster
  • peco – interactive filtering, like interactive Grep
  • ripgrep – Faster than grep, written in Rust


Tools and addons for terminal and terminal work

  • autojump – remembers your
    folders and jump to them based on partial recall (e.g. j proj will jump
    to /home/Users/yourself/projects.
  • fasd Command-line productivity booster, offers quick access to files and directories.
  • homebrew – Makes it easy to install open source packages on an OS X system with a single command.
  • hss – Never type the annoying ssh commands again.
  • httpie A command line HTTP client, a user-friendly cURL replacement.
  • iTerm2 – a great terminal replacement /OSX/
  • jq – a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor
  • oh-my-zsh – the
    incredible ZSH addon.
  • Pipe Viewer – a tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline
  • tmux the awesome terminal multiplexer.
  • zoxide – A better way to navigate your filesystem. Written in Rust, cross-shell, and much faster than other autojumpers.


Tools and addons which improve your daily workflow with code

  • fswatch – a watch tool which
    will emit FS events and you can run commands on demand with. Note –
    fswatch-run too.
  • guard – FS watch tool with a huge ecosystem of plugins
  • LiveReload – FS watch and preprocessor as a desktop app for /OSX/ and /WIN/ with complementary browser extensions
    • guard-livereload – Guard plugin compatible with LiveReload’s browser extensions
    • simplehttp Fastest and simplest way to start serving a local directory over http.
  • watchman – Facebook’s better
    watch – note it works as a service.
  • Zappr – GitHub integration built to enhance your project workflow via enable/disable pull request approval checks.
  • ergo – The management of multiple local services running over different ports made easy.
  • Prodmodel – Build tool for data science pipelines.
  • Gebug – A tool that makes debugging of Dockerized Go applications super easy by enabling Debugger and Hot-Reload features, seamlessly.

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