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Awesome Draft Js – Massive Collection of Resources

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Draft.js is a framework for building rich text editors in React.

Table of Contents



Standalone Editors Built on Draft.js

  • Draft WYSIWYG – WYSIWYG editor that with drag&drop, resizing & tooltips.
  • Draft.js Editor – A Rich text editor inspired by Medium & Facebook Notes.
  • React-RTE – A full-featured textarea replacement similar to CKEditor or TinyMCE.
  • Facebook Notes Clone(ish) – Rich text editor similar to Facebook notes.
  • Megadraft – A rich text editor with a nice default base of plugins and extensibility.
  • Medium Draft – Medium-like rich text editor with a focus on keyboard shortcuts.
  • React-Draft-Wyiswyg – A WYISWYG editor, with various text editing options and corresponding HTML generation.
  • Dante 2 – Just another Medium clone built on top of DraftJs.
  • Last Draft – A Draft editor built with Draft.js plugins.
  • Z-Editor – Online Z-notations editor.
  • Draftail – A configurable rich text editor based on Draft.js, built for Wagtail.
  • Braft – Extensible Draft JS Editor

Plugins and Decorators Built for Draft.js

Common Utilities

Blog Posts & Articles

Live Demos

Playgrounds for Examples from Official Repository (v.0.10.0)

Usage in Production

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