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Awesome Fish Shell – Massive Collection of Resources

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Fish is a smart & user-friendly command line shell for Linux, macOS, and the rest of the family. Unlike other shells, which disable certain features by default to save system resources, Fish enables all features by default—finally, a command line shell for the 90s!

A curation of plugins, prompts, and resources for the friendly interactive shell. This page is not an official Fish project. We do not to advertise for profit.

Official Resources

Community Resources


  • Tide – A modern prompt manager for Fish.
  • Pure – One-to-one port of that ZSH prompt to Fish.
  • Hydro – Minimal, lag-free prompt with async Git status.


  • z – Pure-Fish rupa/z-like directory jumping.
  • fzf – Ef-🐟-ient key bindings for junegunn/fzf. (Alternative).
  • nvm – Node.js version manager lovingly made for Fish.
  • Done – Automatically receive notifications after a long process finishes.
  • Replay – Run Bash commands replaying changes in Fish. (Alternative)
  • Spark – Sparklines for Fish.
  • Gitio – Create a custom URL.
  • Fisher – Manage functions, completions, bindings, and snippets from the CLI.
  • plugin manager.
  • GitNow – A collection of utility functions to speed up your git workflow.
  • Autopair – Auto-complete matching pairs in the Fish command-line. (Alternative).
  • Getopts – CLI options parser (alternative to the argparse builtin).
  • Fishtape – TAP-based test runner for Fish.
  • Virtualfish – Virtualenv wrapper.
  • Async Prompt – Make your prompt asynchronous.
  • Apple Touchbar – Customize your Touch Bar in iTerm2.
  • Abbreviation Tips – Remembering abbreviations by displaying tips when you can use them.


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