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Awesome Fuse – Massive Collection of Applications, Article and Plugins – You Ever Wondered To Get

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A curated list of awesome Fuse applications, articles, and plugins.

This list is currently unmaintained, and we are looking for a new maintainer.





  • Blog – The official Fuse blog on Medium
  • Forums – The official Fuse forums.
  • Medium – Articles on Medium by the core team.
  • Newsletter – Fuse Weekly is a weekly curated publication full of interesting news and articles.
  • Slack – The official Slack channel.
  • Twitter – The official Fuse Twitter account.
  • YouTube – Official Fuse YouTube channel.


  • Developer Guides – Getting up and running with Fuse is super easy.
  • Examples – A list of examples create by Fuse.
  • Features Status – List of current and upcoming Fuse features.
  • Packages – A curated list of third party Fuse packages created by the community.
  • Plugin API – The official Fuse plugin API.
  • Samples – Samples demonstrating the use of various Fuse and FuseJS APIs.
  • Tour De Fuse – The sample for introducing functions of the Fuse.

Open Source

  • 11t – 11t is an iOS and Android app for connecting to Mastodon
  • 500px Gallery Demo – Nifty gallery demo app using 500px API.
  • Firebase – Firebase bindings for Fuse.
  • FormulaFuse – Formula 1 Fuse application.
  • Fuse Input Validation – Reusable and highly functional input validation methods in Fuse components
  • Fuse PM – A Fusetools package manager.
  • Fuse Pokedex – A Pokedex created using Fuse.
  • Fuse Review – Get reviews from your users without making them leave the app.
  • Fuse Samples – A collection of smaller examples using the various features of Fuse and FuseJS.
  • Fuse Taptic-Feedback – Get access to the iPhone 7’s taptic engine.
  • fuse.QrScanner – A small library for scanning QrCode.
  • Fuse Tags with Firebase – Simple Tags app. Adds and retrieves tags from Firebase.
  • FuseBus – A simple Fuse application for testing and funtimes.
  • Haxe – Haxe compiler for Fuse tools.
  • Hikr – An example app case to accompany Fuse’s end-to-end tutorial.
  • Infinite Scroll – An example implementation of “infinite scroll” for use with Fuse Tools version 0.26 and above.
  • Motion – iOS accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer readings and more for Fuse.
  • slush-xfuse – Fuse slush generator with Gulp, Rollup and Babel integration.
  • Snake – A proof-of-concept experimental game of snake made with Fusetools.
  • Syncano – Simple example of integration Syncano with Fuse.
  • UnityAds Sample – Simple example of integration UnityAds with Fuse.


  • Alfred Workflow – Integrate Fuse on Alfred.
  • Atom – Atom Editor plugin for Fuse.
  • Bash Completion – Simple bash completion script for UNO.
  • Emacs – Emacs plugin for Fuse.
  • Sublime – Sublime Text 3 plugin for Fuse.
  • Visual Studio Code – Fuse Helper for Visual Studio Code.
  • Fuse Language – Syntax Highlighting for *.uno and *.ux files in VS Code.
  • Fuse-Log – Get Fuse log messages into Visual Studio Code’s output panel.

Source : GitHub

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