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Awesome GeoJSON – Massive Collection of Resources

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GeoJSON utilities that will make your life easier.


  • CoGran: Resample statistics from one set of GeoJSON polygons to another
  • geo_assigner: Copy a property to all intersecting features
  • geojson-coords: Extract coordinates from GeoJSON
  • geojson-extent: compute the bounding box of geojson features
  • geojson-flatten: flatten multi geometries into normal geometries
  • geojson-multiply: merge normal geojson features into one multi geometry type feature
  • geojson-js-utils: JavaScript helper functions for manipulating GeoJSON
  • geojson-merge: Merge multiple GeoJSON files into one FeatureCollection.
  • geojson-normalize: normalize any geojson object into a geojson featurecollection
  • geojson-pick: remove all but specified properties from features in a geojson featurecollection
  • geojson-random: generate random geojson points, lines, and polygons
  • geojson-rewind: enforce ring winding order
  • rfc7946-to-d3: Converts polygon winding order between rfc7946 and d3 compatible conventions.
  • geojson-summary: get a plain-english summary of what’s in a geojson file
  • point-grouper: group geojson points into containing polygons
  • geojson-join: join geojson against json, dbf, and csv files
  • simplify-geojson: apply the ramer-douglas-peucker line simplification to geojson features or feature collections in JS or on the CLI
  • turf: collection of functions for spatial operations and analysis
  • winnow: run sql queries against geojson with javascript
  • geojson-id-streaming: Add a unique id to each Feature
  • geojson-mesh: extract shared borders of Polygons in a GeoJSON
  • geojson-polygon-labels: generate point labels from GeoJSON polygons
  • geojsontools: Python tools for manipulating GeoJSON files

editors & viewers

  • web-based editor, supports many filetype imports & exports, operations, sharing via GitHub
  • umap: web-based editor, supports sharing on-site
  • web-based editor from HERE XYZ
  • mapstarter: helps generate svg, images, and code from GeoJSON
  • gjv: electron app enables viewing GeoJSON locally and hack on it with turf; works offline
  • GeoJSON editor: a modified version of Google’s simple geojson editor
  • geojson2image: library for generating images from GeoJSON
  • dropchop: browser-based GIS based on Turf.js
  • Web GIS: tools to view, inspect, and manipulate geospatial data



  • geojsonio-cli: send geojson features to from your command line
  • geojsonio-extension: chrome extension for editing github files in
  • geojsonlint: REST interface for GeoJSON validation
  • mapshaper: Simple interface for simplification and conversion of GeoJSON and TopoJSON
  • koop: Server with plugins that recast Esri, GitHub, Socrata and other services as GeoJSON endpoints
  • featureserver: An open source Esri-Style Feature Server


  • CSV
  • geojson-mapnikify: Transform GeoJSON objects into Mapnik XML stylesheets with embedded GeoJSON data and simplestyle-spec-derived styles.
  • geojson-vt: Slice GeoJSON into vector tiles on the fly in the browser
  • vt-geojson: Extract GeoJSON from Mapbox vector tiles
  • geojson2rtree: generate a static rtree (using terraformer) from a set of geojson features
  • ogr2ogr: convert anything to anything
    • fiona: nice python interface on top of ogr
  • shp2json: convert shapefile zip archives to streaming GeoJSON
  • togeojson: convert GPX & KML to geojson
  • tokml: convert GeoJSON to KML
  • topojson: convert GeoJSON to & from TopoJSON, join data from CSV
  • wellknown: convert WKT to GeoJSON
  • esri2open converts proprietary Esri formats to GeoJSON
  • gtfs2geojson: convert GTFS transit data to GeoJSON
  • geoxform: convert any size stream of geojson into a streaming CSV, Shapefile or KML, etc.
  • supercluster: A fast GeoJSON clustering library for browsers and Node.
  • SVG
  • geojson2ndjson: convert GeoJSON to/from newline-delimited GeoJSON
  • geobuf: convert GeoJSON to/from GeoBuf
  • OpenStreetMap




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