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Awesome Haxe Game Development – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of game development resources for Haxe 4, a high level strictly typed programming language which is used to produce cross-platform native code.


Game engines

Those are Haxe 4 compatible game engines.

Engine Target Description
Armory (Kha) Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles An open-source 3D game engine with full Blender integration.
Away3D Web, Mobile, Desktop An open source, real-time 3D engine for OpenFL.
HaxeFlixel (OpenFL) Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles Free, cross-platform 2D game engine powered by OpenFL.
Haxegon (OpenFL) Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles A programming library for beginners. Powered by OpenFL and Starling.
Heaps Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles High Performance Game Framework.
hxdefold Web, Mobile, Desktop Haxe/Lua externs for Defold game engine.
OpenFL Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles Interactive game and app development library.
Starling Web, Mobile, Desktop The “Cross-Platform Game Engine”, a popular Stage3D framework.
Stencyl (OpenFL) Web, Mobile, Desktop Create Flash, HTML5, iOS, Android, and desktop games with no code.
unreal.hx Web, Mobile, Desktop, Consoles Haxe Integration for Unreal.
Low-level Engine Target Description
Kha Web, Mobile, Desktop, Console Ultra-portable, high performance, open source multimedia framework.
Lime Web, Mobile, Desktop A flexible, lightweight layer for Haxe cross-platform developers.
linc_glfw Desktop GLFW binding (multi-platform library for OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan).
NME Web, Mobile, Desktop A cross-platform native backend for Haxe projects.


Library Description
echo Simple Physics Library.
haxebullet Bullet 3D Physics for Haxe.
nape-haxe4 Physics Engine (the original Haxe3 version of nape can be found here).


IoC == Inversion of Control  
EC == Entity Component  
ECS == Entity-Component-System
FSM == Finite State Machine
MVC == Model View Controller
Library Architecture Description
awe6 IoC, EC The inverted game framework, is a development tool focused on Future Proofing.
ecx ECS An Entity Component System framework.
hexMachina MVC A powerful multi-modular MVC framework.
OSIS ECS Entity Component System architecture with networking support.


Library Description
Anette Simple network library (no UDP).
colyseus-hx Multiplayer Game Client.
haxe-simple-peer (js) Haxe externs for simple-peer.
hxWebSockets Websockets for all Haxe platforms.
Built-in Heaps, OpenFL (HaxeFlixel & co), Kha (Armory).

Serialization and storage

Library Description
Bits Binary bit flags with unlimited amount of bits.
CastleDB A structured static database easing collaboration.
hxbit A binary serialization and network synchronization library.
PODStream Plain Old Data serializer.


Game Platform Engine Screenshot
Darksburg Desktop Heaps Screenshot
Dead Cells Desktop, Consoles Heaps Screenshot
Defender’s Quest Desktop, Consoles HaxeFlixel (OpenFL) Screenshot
Dicey Dungeons Desktop, Consoles Haxegon (OpenFL) Screenshot
Evoland Desktop, Mobile Heaps Screenshot
Northgard Desktop Heaps Screenshot
Papers, Please Desktop, iOS, PsVita OpenFL Screenshot
Pocket Kingdom Desktop HaxePunk (OpenFL) Screenshot
rymdkapsel Desktop, Mobile OpenFL Screenshot
Spellbreak PC, PS, Xbox, Switch unreal.hx Screenshot
The Westport Independent Desktop, Mobile Luxe Screenshot
Frontier Story Desktop Heaps Screenshot

More showcase :


Type Library Description
Animation spine-hx Spine runtime for Haxe automatically converted from the official Java/libgdx runtime.
_ HaxeFlixel Spine parser.
_ Heaps-Spine Spine player for heaps.
_ heaps-aseprite Load and render sprites and animations in Aseprite format.
_ openfl-aseprite Load and render sprites and animations in Aseprite format.
_ ase .ase/.aseprite file format loader written in Haxe without external dependencies.
Color manipulation nxColor Color manipulation library.
Collision differ A separation axis theorem collision library.
Data structures polygonal-ds Data structures for games.
Editor flixel-studio In-game editor for HaxeFlixel.
Procedural generation Dungeon builder A set of dungeon generation algorithm (works w/ hx4 w/ minor changes).
Localization firetongue A translation/localization framework written in Haxe.
Map parser PyxelEdit Map Importer Parser for maps generated by the editor PyxelEdit.
_ Heaps Built-in parser for Tiled.
_ HaxeFlixel Parser for Tiled & Ogmo.
_ LEd 2D level editor with a typed compile time loader.
Math helpers hxmath A game-oriented math library for the Haxe language.
_ haxe-glm A toolset for using 2, 3, and 4 dimensional vectors and matrices, as well as quaternions.
_ hx-vector2d Worlds most complete Vector2d / Point class. With operator overloading.
Modding polymod An atomic modding framework for Haxe games/apps.
Particles Sparkler Modular Particle System.
Monetization extension-iap Provides an access to in-app purchases (iOS) and in-app billing (Android) for OpenFL projects using a common API. Fork of this.
Pathfinding pathfinder Easy A* pathfinding algorithm.
Sprite haxe-aseprite Parser for .ase and .aseprite files.
Steam SteamWrap Haxe native extension for the Steam API.
Texture Packer hxpk Port of the libGDX Texture Packer.
Tweening actuate A flexible, fast “tween” library.
_ YATL Yet Another (Haxe) Tweening Library.
UI domkit CSS Components based strictly typed UI framework.
_ flixel-ui GUI library for HaxeFlixel.
_ HaxeUI UI library with multiple framework backends (HTML5, Kha, OpenFL, PixiJS, WxWidgets, and a number of others as works in progress)


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