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Tech and social media is having a big impact on our society. While many innovative technology inventions are improving our lives, there is increasing awareness on negative impacts that come with these trends, such as large-scale privacy invasion, surveillance capitalism, and tech monopolies. They lead to social media addiction, mental health issues, and are even eroding the fabric of our society.

This list aggregates open-source projects that are directly related to humane tech topics.


Humane Tech Community

Our mission is: To Help Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society!

We gladly invite you to our Humane Tech Community Forum to read more about interesting Humane Technology subjects, participate in our discussions, and become a true ❤️ Humane Tech Activist!

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Humane design

Humane design is a subset of humane technology and an upcoming field in information technology. Resources in this space are tracked separately in a curated list that is part of the delightful project on Codeberg.



Security is an important aspect of humane technology. It is also a vast field we leave to the experts. For a good top-level entrypoint please refer to:

  • awesome security – Software, libraries, documents, books, resources and cool stuff about security.


  • – Knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
  • Privacy Respecting – A curated list of privacy-respecting Services and Software.
  • Ungoogled Chromium – Chromium without Google integration, enhancing privacy, control, transparency
  • Signal – Signal is a messaging app for simple private communication with friends.
  • Local Sheriff – Browser extension to help identify what sensitive information (PII) is shared / leaked to 3rd-parties.
  • Webbkoll – An online tool that checks how a website is doing with regards to privacy.
  • PrivacyScore – A web privacy measurement platform.
  • arkenfox user.js – A user.js template for configuring and hardening Firefox privacy, security and anti-fingerprinting.
  • user.js – Configuration for Firefox to harden browser settings and make it more secure.
  • Decentraleyes – Browser extension that emulates Content Delivery Networks to improve your online privacy.
  • User-Agent Switcher – Browser extension allows posing as another browser by changing User-Agent header.
  • Random User-Agent – Browser extension that automatically replaces User-Agent after a specified time interval.
  • Smart Referer – Browser extension that automatically hides the referer when changing domains.
  • Canvas Blocker – Browser extension that prevents fingerprinting via Javascript Canvas API.
  • Disable WebRTC – Browser extension to disable WebRTC to avoid leaking IP address from behind a VPN.
  • Syncthing – Replaces proprietary cloud services to synchronize files across multiple devices, decentralized.
  • Tox – A peer-to-peer instant messenger aimed at making security and privacy easy to obtain for regular users.
  • Oversec – Android app that captures and encrypts texts you type, then passes it to the actual app.
  • Cloud Firewall – Addon that enables to choose & block top 5 cloud companies based on their IPv4/6 ranges.
  • Librefox – A project that aims at enforcing privacy and security of Firefox without forking the project.
  • amp2html – Browser extension to automatically redirect Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to the actual page.
  • Location Privacy – Privacy filters for shared location links.
  • DeepPrivacy – A fully automatic face anonymization technique for images and video.
  • PrivacyFlash Pro – Generate a privacy policy for your iOS app from its code.
  • Reveal Frame Component – A privacy-minded iFrame placeholder (JS script). Only loads after user consent.
  • FreedomBox – Easy to manage, privacy oriented home server.
  • EteSync – Secure, end-to-end encrypted, and privacy respecting sync for your contacts, calendars and tasks.
  • Image Scrubber – A browser-based tool for anonymizing photographs and scrubbing EXIF metadata.
  • LocalCDN – A browser extension that emulates Content Delivery Networks to improve your online privacy.
  • Universal Android Debloater – Debloat non-rooted smartphones, to improve privacy, security and battery life.
  • RethinkDNS – DNS over HTTPS and Tor, DNSCrypt client, firewall and connection tracker for Android.


  • Privacy Badger – Privacy Badger by Electronic Frontier Foundation blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.
  • uBlock Origin – An efficient blocker add-on for various browsers. Fast, potent, and lean.
  • Exodus Privacy – Analyzes privacy concerns in Android applications.
  • Exodus Android App – App for Exodus Privacy that lets you know what trackers are embedded in apps.
  • Exodify – Wondering if an app is tracking you? Now you can see it directly in the Play store.
  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers – Keep your online life separated into color-coded tabs that preserve privacy.
  • Mozilla Facebook Container – Isolates Facebook activity from the rest of your web activity, to prevent tracking.
  • Google Container – Isolates your Google activity from the rest of your web activity, to prevent tracking.
  • Tracking Token Stripper – Browser extension that strips Google Analytics (UTM) tokens from URL query strings.
  • SilverDog – An audio firewall to block ultrasound tracking applications.
  • Blokada – A compact, fast ad blocker for Android that works for all apps and does not require root.
  • Better – A privacy tool for Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac that blocks behavioral ads and trackers.
  • Firefox ProfileMaker – A tool to create Firefox configuration profiles with good defaults.
  • Searx – A trackerless, privacy-respecting metasearch engine that can be self-hosted.
  • DNS66 – A DNS-based Host Blocker (and lightweight ad blocker) for Android.
  • Cookie-AutoDelete – Browser extension that deletes cookies as soon as the tab closes, unless site is allowListed.
  • ClearURLs – Addon that removes tracking elements form address bar URLs using 130 rules.
  • Pi-hole – A DNS sinkhole to block ads or trackers on a local network without installing any client-side software.
  • Shariff – Enables website users to share their favorite content without compromising their privacy.
  • Social Share Privacy – jQuery plugin for adding social share buttons that don’t allow social sites to track users.
  • TrackMeNot – Browser extension that hides your real search-queries by adding noise and obfuscation.
  • Deda – Printer tracking Dots Extraction, Decoding and Anonymisation toolkit.
  • MailTrackerBlocker – An email tracker, read receipt and spy pixel blocker plugin for macOS Apple Mail.
  • Warden – App management utility for Android that detects and disables trackers and loggers.


  • re:consent – Browser plugin to view / change the consent you have given to websites for data processing.
  • Trackless – Add a GDPR-friendly Google Analytics opt-in/opt-out button to your site.
  • ConsentCookie – Customizable script that allow users to opt-in for cookies on a case-by-case basis.
  • GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework – Help for compliance to EU data protection & privacy rules.
  • Klaro – A simple and powerful tool to manage user consent on websites.


  • Matomo – The leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data.
  • Fair Analytics – A Google Analytics-alike server that doesn’t undermine user’s privacy.
  • GoAccess – A real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal or in a browser.
  • Countly – A real-time, mobile & web analytics, rich push notifications and crash reporting platform.
  • Ackee – Self-hosted Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy.
  • Koko Analytics – Plugin for WordPress that doesn’t use external services and respects your visitors’ privacy.
  • freshlytics – A self-hosted privacy-friendly, reliable and easy-to-deploy analytics service.
  • Plausible Analytics – Simple, lightweight (< 1 KB) and privacy-friendly web analytics. Hosted in the EU.
  • Goatcounter – Simple web statistics. No tracking of personal data.
  • Open Web Analytics – Stay in control of how you instrument and analyze the use of websites and application.
  • Shynet – Privacy-friendly and detailed web analytics that works without cookies or JS.
  • PostHog – Developer-friendly, open-source product analytics.
  • umami – A simple, fast, website analytics alternative to Google Analytics.
  • AWStats – Free real-time logfile analyzer to get advanced statistics.
  • Offen – Fair web analytics. Gain insights while your users have full control over their data.
  • Kindmetrics – Privacy focused website analytics made in Crystal – Hosted in the EU.
  • Counter – Web Analytics made simple and therefore privacy friendly.


  • Hosts – Consolidates several reputable hosts files, and merges them into a single unified one.
  • Blocklists – Shared lists of problem domains people may want to block with hosts files.
  • Referrer Spam List – Community-contributed blocklist of referrer spammers.
  • FilterLists – Directory of filter and host lists for advertisements, trackers, malware and annoyances.
  • hosts-blocklists – A host and domainname based blocklist specifically designed for use with dnsmasq.
  • All In One Customized Adblock List – Adblock list that thoroughly blocks trackers, ads, unwanted cookies.
  • Web Annoyances Ultralist – Fix and remove annoying and distracting web elements from many websites.
  • Wiper – Firefox extension that strips Google search results based on a blocklist you define.
  • EasyList – Sets of rules that automatically remove unwanted content from the internet.


The Fediverse is the place of hope for humane technology with regards to social networks. Only most well-known applications (taken from front-page) are shown. See Feneas Watchlists for a complete overview.

  • Mastodon – Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community.
  • Pleroma – A free, federated social microblogging server built on open protocols.
  • PixelFed – A free and ethical photo sharing platform, powered by ActivityPub federation.
  • PeerTube – ActivityPub-federated video streaming platform using P2P directly in your web browser.
  • Funkwhale – A federated social platform to enjoy and share music.
  • Socialhome – A federated personal profile with social networking functionality.
  • Misskey – A forever evolving, sophisticated microblogging platform.
  • Diaspora – A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network.
  • friendica – A decentralized social communications platform.
  • GNU Social – The free/libre software social networking platform.
  • Lemmy – A link aggregator / Reddit clone for the fediverse.

Social networks

  • Humnub – A feature rich and highly flexible open-source Social Network Kit written in PHP.
  • Patchwork – A decentralized messaging and sharing app built on top of Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB).
  • – A stream server that does most of what people really want from a social network.
  • Facebook Demetricator – A web browser extension that removes all the metrics from the Facebook interface.
  • Twitter Demetricator – A web browser extension that removes all the metrics on Twitter.
  • News Feed Eradicator – A browser extension that replaces your Facebook news feed with a nice quote.
  • Granary – The social web translator that breaks silo’s by converting data between social networks.
  • Neocities – Social network that brings back the lost individual creativity of the web.
  • DeleteFB – Selenium script to delete all of your Facebook wall posts.
  • Minimal Twitter – Minimal Theme for the new Twitter UI.
  • Talk – An open-source commenting platform focused on better conversation.
  • Invidious – An alternative front-end to YouTube without Ads.
  • Delta Chat – Decentralized Whatsapp-like chat via email, without the tracking and central control.
  • Nitter – An alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy.
  • Invidition – Firefox extension that redirects YouTube and Twitter requests to their alternatives.
  • Bibliogram – An alternative front-end for Instagram.
  • Privacy Redirect – Redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Google Maps requests to privacy friendly alternatives.
  • UnTrackMe – App that transforms Twitter, YouTube links to Nitter, Invidious and delegates to another app.
  • FreeTube – A private YouTube client for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • NewPipe – A libre lightweight streaming YouTube alternative for Android.
  • Tweak New Twitter – Browser extension to stay on Latest Tweets timeline, reduce “engagement”, tone down UI.
  • Barinsta – A libre, alternative, and lightweight Instagram client for Android.
  • SocialAmnesia – Electron app to ensure your social media accounts only show your posts from recent history.
  • YouTubeSearchFixer – Firefox addon to fix search, de-clutter home page and make UI less distracting.
  • Teddit – Alternative Reddit front-end focused on privacy.
  • Libreddit – Private Reddit front-end written in Rust.
  • YouTube2PeerTube – A bot that automatically mirrors YouTube channels to PeerTube channels.
  • Watomatic – Auto reply for WhatsApp so you can stop using it.


  • Alternative Internet – A collection of interesting new networks and tech aiming at decentralization.
  • GlobaLeaks – Software intended to enable Secure and Anonymous Whistleblowing initiatives.
  • SecureDrop – Whistleblower submission system to securily interact with anonymous sources.
  • EdgeDeflector – Force Windows 10 to use your preferred web browser instead of Microsoft Edge.
  • Wayback Everywhere – Redirect all pages to snapshots in Wayback Machine and auto-save pages.
  • 996.ICU – Collection of resources advocating against 996 work schedule (9am – 9pm, 6 days per week).
  • DeGoogle-FOSS – A list of free and open source software containing proprietary Google binaries.


  • OpenStreetMap – A crowdsourced map of the world with many layers, free to use under an open licence.
  • OSM StreetComplete – Surveyor app for Android to allow users to contribute to OpenStreetMap with ease.
  • Mozilla Ichnaea – API to get geolocation coordinates from other sources (Bluetooth, cell or WiFi, GeoIP, etc).
  • Qwant Maps – A map application, based on OpenStreetMap, that respects your privacy.
  • Owntracks – A privacy-respecting mobile app that allows you to keep track of your own location.
  • Hauk – A fully open source, self-hosted location sharing service.

Voice Assistants

  • Almond – The Stanford open, privacy-preserving virtual assistent.
  • Rhasspy – A fully offline voice assistant toolkit for many languages.
  • Mycroft AI – The open and private voice assistant.

Internet of Things

  • Home Assistant – Home automation that puts local control and privacy first.
  • GadgetBridge – Replace gadget vendors’ closed source Android apps (Pebble, Mi Band, Liveview, HPlus, etc).
  • Gladys Assistant – A privacy-first, open-source home assistant.


  • Security Belt – A framework for improving the IT-Security of your teams through gamification.
  • Habitica – Gamify your life. Motivate yourself to achieve your goals.


  • Stanford HabitLab – Change your online habits, set goals, try interventions, view progress.
  • redshift – Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings.
  • Safe Eyes – Safe Eyes is a tool for Linux users to reduce and prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI).
  • Prisma Care – App to strengthen relationship between people with memory loss and people close to them.
  • Loop Habit Tracker – An Android app for creating and maintaining good habits.
  • If me – A community for mental health experiences encouraging people to share their stories with loved ones.
  • Stretchly – A cross-platform app that reminds you to take breaks when working with your computer.
  • ActivityWatch – An automated time-tracker that is cross-platform, extensible and privacy-focused.
  • Red Moon – An android screen filter app for night time phone use.
  • Workrave – A program that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).
  • Grayscale Mode – A macOS menu bar app that gives you more control over Grayscale Mode.
  • FitoTrack – A privacy oriented Android fitness tracker for logging and viewing your workouts.
  • OpenTracks – A sport tracking application that completely respects your privacy.
  • Winddown – Write code and stay healthy. A VS Code extension that encourages you to take a break.
  • dijo – A scriptable habit tracker that runs in your terminal.
  • Golden Cheetah – Performance software for Cyclists, Runners and Triathletes that reads from many devices.
  • gammastep – Linux tool to adjust the color temperature of your screen to your surroundings.


  • Mindfulness at the Computer – Helps you stay mindful of your breathing while using your computer.
  • Chomper – Internet blocker for Linux with allowLists/blockLists and timer to be more productive at work.
  • Jobs Done – A ritual app for ending the work day inspired by Deep Work.
  • Break Timer – An application for taking periodic breaks and preventing RSI, eye-strain and tiredness.
  • MindBell – Mindfulness bell and meditation timer for Android.
  • Detoxify – Generate a fake app to replace any addictive app.
  • Nudge – A Chrome extension that makes the internet less addictive.
  • SelfControl – A macOS app that lets you block your own access to distracting websites and mail servers.
  • DelayWebPage – A Firefox add-on that makes you wait before wasting time on the internet.
  • Leechblock NG – A simple productivity tool designed to block time-wasting sites at the specified times.
  • Introvert – Audiovisual experience encouraging to do, to focus, to relax while it generates a unique artwork.
  • Slim Launcher – Replaces Android home screen with a minimalist version and a maximum of seven apps.


  • Happy DB – HappyDB is a corpus of 100,000+ crowd-sourced happy moments.


  • AlexJS – Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing.
  • Buster – Browser extension and Captcha Solver for Humans.
  • The A11Y Project – A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.
  • IETF Inclusive Language – Terminology for inclusive language conventions (latest version on github).

Deaf and Hard of Hearing accessibility resources:


  • Hack the Media – Media literacy guide highlighting how our media sources can give a flawed worldview.
  • Hack an Engineer – A media literacy guide for software engineers.
  • Facebook Data Analyzer – Analyze the Facebook copy of your own data.
  • HTTP Leaks – All possible ways, a website can leak HTTP requests.
  • Who Tracks Me – Bringing Transparency to online tracking – built by Cliqz and Ghostery.
  • Awful AI – A curated list to track current scary usages of AI – hoping to raise awareness.
  • Firefox Lightbeam – Addon that visualizes Web requests between 1st and 3rd-party sites in real time.
  • OpenWPM – Princeton Web Transparency & Accountability project, a privacy measurement framework.
  • Email Privacy Tester – Check your email provider and client protection against many tracking techniques.
  • Browser Autofill Phishing – Demonstrates phishing for autofilled form fields that are hidden to the user.
  • Facebook Political Ad Collector – Browser extension to help ProPublica collect political ads on Facebook.
  • Who Targets Me? – Browser extension that tracks which entities are targeting which demographics with ads.
  • Where are the Eyes? – A program for detecting and mapping surveillance cameras.
  • IMSI-Catcher Detector – An Android app to detect IMSI-Catchers aka Stingrays (project in Alpha).
  • Dogsheep – Export data from big companies (e.g. Google, Twitter) into Sqlite for personal analytics.
  • Tracking Exposed – Research, browser addons on tracking, profiling, and influence of algorithms.
  • Social Media Awareness Toolkit – An open and intuitive way to scrutinize what’s trending on internet platforms.


  • OONI Probe – Observation network to detect censorship, surveillance and traffic manipulation (first read risks).
  • Green Tunnel – An anti-censorship utility designed to bypass ISPs that block access to certain websites.


This section is for inactive projects that are nonetheless still of interest regarding their topics or code.

  • Wi-Fi Privacy Police – Prevent smartphone or tablet from leaking privacy sensitive information via Wi-Fi networks.
  • Data Selfie – Track yourself on Facebook and analyze your data (server discontinued, code still usable).
  • Breathe – Take a moment to breathe. A Pebble app for breathing, written in C.
  • Mozilla Stumbler – A scanner that collects GPS and wireless network data for our crowd-sourced location db.

Also check out these sites for great alternatives to the monopolistic, privacy-invading software you may now be using:

  • degoogle – A huge list of alternatives to Google products. Privacy tips, tricks, and links.
  • – Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software.
  • ReverseEagle-Developers – Privacy-conscious, ethical and safer alternatives to software for developers.
  • – Ethical alternatives & resources.
  • JustPrivacy – An in-depth list of alternatives to Google and its products.
  • Tromjaro Apps – A curated collection of trade-free applications.
  • delightful project – Similar to awesome project, but only for FOSS, Open Data and Open Science.

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