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Awesome Hyperapp – Massive Collection of Resources

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I’m preparing a new Awesome List as I get ready to release V2. Please stand by! 👋

A curated list of awesome Hyperapp resources.

To contribute, fork this repository, add your amazing entry and send us a PR. See CONTRIBUTING for more information.

Official Resources

Articles & Tutorials




These resources below only apply to V1 of Hyperapp

Articles & Tutorials V1

Boilerplates V1

Examples V1

Utilities V1

Testing V1

Other V1

  • Deployable – Ready-to-deploy static web app template built with Hyperapp.
  • Linkcast – A chrome extensions built with Hyperapp to share links in groups and socialize with offline capability.


These resources below only apply to V2 of Hyperapp.

Boilerplates V2

  • bonniss/hyparcel – Hyperapp v2 + TailwindCSS + Parcel boilerplate, with PurgeCSS intergrated in production.
  • loteoo/hyperapp-starter Clean PWA starter with strong focus on developer experience – Parcel, CSS modules, solid config

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