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Awesome Imba – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of awesome Imba frameworks, libraries, software and resources

Imba is a programming language inspired by Ruby and Python and compiles to performant and readable JavaScript with build-in transpilers and webpack loader.



Official Resources

Toolkits and Frameworks

  • Start Imba – Tool to bootstrap an Imba protect that was inspired by Create React App and Vue CLI.
  • Hello World Imba – Official Imba “Hello World” example. Also you can use it as GitHub template.
  • Imba Router – Experimental router for Imba.
  • UXA – Experimental framework for Imba.
  • Parcel Plugin ImbaParcel Bundler plugin to enable
    processing of Imba files.
  • Material Imba – Material Design components written in Imba.

Editor Plugins and IDEs

Guides and Tutorials


Built with Imba

Real World Apps

  • Scrimba – The interactive screencasting platform is written in Imba, both frontend and backend.
  • Iceland Fish Auction Market – A website for the iceland fish market.
  • GitSpeak – A project management tool for developers.



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