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Awesome InfluxDB – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of awesome projects, libraries, tools, etc. related to InfluxDB.
This list focuses on libraries, tools, etc. supporting InfluxDB version 1.0 and up.

Reference material

If you know of any particularly useful blog posts, talks, slides, etc. that belong in this list, please open a pull request!

Client libraries


  • C# – A .NET library for efficiently sending points to InfluxDB
  • Go – Go client for InfluxDB 1.x
  • Java – Java client for InfluxDB
  • PHP – PHP client for InfluxDB
  • Python – Python client for InfluxDB
  • Rails – Ruby on Rails bindings to automatically write metrics into InfluxDB
  • Ruby – Ruby client for InfluxDB


Collecting data into InfluxDB



Tools whose primary or sole purpose is to feed data into InfluxDB.

  • accelerometer2influx – Android application that takes the x-y-z axis metrics from your phone accelerometer and sends the data to InfluxDB.
  • agento – Client/server collecting near realtime metrics from Linux hosts
  • aggregateD – A dogstatsD inspired metrics and event aggregation daemon for InfluxDB
  • aprs2influxdb – Interfaces ham radio APRS-IS servers and saves packet data into an influxdb database
  • Charmander – Charmander is a lab environment for measuring and analyzing resource-scheduling algorithms
  • gopherwx – a service that pulls live weather data from a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 station and stores it in InfluxDB
  • grade – Track Go benchmark performance over time by storing results in InfluxDB
  • Influx-Capacitor – Influx-Capacitor collects metrics from windows machines using Performance Counters. Data is sent to influxDB to be viewable by grafana
  • Influxdb-Powershell – Powershell script to send Windows Performance counters to an InfluxDB Server
  • influxdb-logger – SmartApp to log SmartThings device attributes to an InfluxDB database
  • influxdb-sqlserver – Collect Microsoft SQL Server metrics for reporting to InfluxDB and visualize them with Grafana
  • k6 – A modern load testing tool, using Go and JavaScript
  • marathon-event-metrics – a tool for reporting Marathon events to InfluxDB
  • mesos-influxdb-collector – Lightweight mesos stats collector for InfluxDB
  • mqforwardMQTT to influxdb forwarder
  • node-opcua-logger – Collect industrial data from OPC UA Servers
  • ntp_checker – compares internal NTP sources and warns if the offset between servers exceeds a definable (fraction of) seconds
  • proc_to_influxdb – Console app to observe Windows process starts and stops via InfluxDB
  • pysysinfo_influxdb – Periodically send system information into influxdb (uses python3 + psutil, so it also works under Windows)
  • sysinfo_influxdb – Collect and send system (linux) info to InfluxDB
  • snmpcollector – A full featured Generic SNMP data collector with Web Administration Interface for InfluxDB
  • Telegraf – (Official) plugin-driven server agent for reporting metrics into InfluxDB
  • tesla-streamer – Streams data from Tesla Model S to InfluxDB (rake task)
  • traffic_stats – Acquires and stores statistics about CDNs controlled by Apache Traffic Control
  • vsphere-influxdb-go – Collect VMware vSphere, vCenter and ESXi performance metrics and send them to InfluxDB


Tools that generate data that feed into multiple backends, InfluxDB included.

  • cAdvisor – Analyzes resource usage and performance characteristics of running containers
  • Centreon – A network, system, applicative supervision and monitoring tool
  • cernan – A telemetry and logging aggregation server
  • cloudwatch-sender – Send metrics to InfluxDB/Graphite from Amazon Cloudwatch
  • crankshaftd – Simple Go agent to ingest streaming data from Turbine via SSE and push it into StatsD as a gauge or to InfluxDB
  • Domoticz – Open source Home Automation System
  • gatling – Async Scala-Akka-Netty based Stress Tool
  • Glances – Glances an Eye on your system
  • Graphios – A program to send nagios perf data to graphite (carbon) / statsd / librato / influxDB
  • heapster – Monitor container resource usage of a Kubernetes cluster
  • heka – General purpose data collection and processing tool
  • internet_data_usage – Python based application to pull data plan usage for different carriers such as Telus and Koodo
  • ioBroker – Homeautomation / IoT Platform uses Influxdb to store history data
  • jmxtrans – Effectively the missing connector between speaking to a JVM via JMX on one end and whatever logging / monitoring / graphing package that you can dream up on the other end.
  • Apache JMeter – Popular load testing tool, you can get real-time results sent to a backend through the InfluxDBBackendListenerClient which allows you to send metrics (active threads, response time …) to an InfluxDB Backend using UDP or HTTP protocols
  • logary – High performance, multi-target logging, metric and health-check library for mono and .Net
  • – Collect and forward metrics using portable shell scripts
  • OpenHAB – A universal integration platform for all things around home automation
  • Riemann – A network event stream processing system, in Clojure
  • statsd-jvm-profiler – Simple JVM Profiler Using StatsD
  • statsite – C implementation of statsd
  • Sematext AgentOpen source monitoring agent to collect metrics from Solr, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, JVM, JMX, ClickHouse, MySQL, Hadoop, and more via pluggable integrations. Output via Influx Line Protocol to InfluxDB or Sematext Cloud
  • logagent – is a modern, open-source, light-weight log shipper. Logagent includes influxdb input plugin and influxdb output plugin and many other integrations


Libraries to collect data and feed into InfluxDB.

  • crow-metrics – small metrics collector for node servers
  • django-influxdb-metrics – A reusable Django app that sends metrics about your project to InfluxDB
  • go-runtime-metrics – Collect golang runtime Metrics, outputting to InfluxDB or through Telegraf
  • lua-resty-influxOpenResty client for InfluxDB
  • metrics – (PHP) Simple library that abstracts different metrics collectors. “I find this necessary to have a consistent and simple metrics (functional) API that doesn’t cause vendor lock-in”
  • pyVsphereInflux – A library and supporting script for pulling data from vSphere and inserting it into InfluxDB
  • telemetry – metric reporting for Go applications


Hooks for other logging libraries to output to InfluxDB.


Plugins to allow other standalone tools to send their data into InfluxDB.

Import tools

Tools to import a fixed set of data into InfluxDB.

Consuming data from InfluxDB

Dashboards and visualization

  • Chronograf – Official InfluxDB data visualization tool
  • DBeaver – DBeaver Universal Database Tool, DBeaver Enterprise has special extensions for InfluxDB
  • facette – Time series data visualization and graphing software
  • FluxDash – Terminal based InfluxDB dashboard
  • grafana – Gorgeous metric viz, dashboards & editors for Graphite, InfluxDB & OpenTSDB
  • InfluxDB Studio – InfluxDB Studio is a UI management tool, its inspiration comes from other similar SQL database management tools (use InfluxData.Net run on MS Windows)
  • InfluxGraph – Graphite InfluxDB storage finder for Graphite-API
  • ostent – collects and displays system metrics and optionally relays to Graphite and/or InfluxDB

Other tools

Provisioning InfluxDB

Tools, libraries, etc. to help you get InfluxDB running without installing it by hand.


  • dbal-influxdb – Doctrine DBAL for InfluxDB
  • Influxdb::Arel – Influxdb::Arel is a SQL AST manager for InfluxDB dialect. It simplifies the generation of complex SQL queries
  • influxer – InfluxDB ActiveRecord-style

Hosting of InfluxDB / SaaS

  • InfluxCloud – From the creators of InfluxDB
  • Aiven – Provides a choice of host (AWS, Google, DigitalOcean, etc.), geographic location, and server specs
  • Scalingo – Provides a choice of server specs
  • HostedMetrics – Geared towards custom application monitoring by hosting the combination of InfluxDB, Grafana, and StatsD


Projects that don’t seem to fit in any other category.

  • influx-protector – proxy to prevent dangerous queries getting to influxdb
  • influxdb-schema-updater – A small DevOps tool to manage the schema of an InfluxDB instance with a set of configuration files
  • influx-prompt – An interactive command-line InfluxDB cli with auto completion
  • cleanflux – proxy around /query endpoint with auto retention policy selection and on the wire bug corrections

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