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Awesome JavaScript Mad Science – Massive Collection of Resources

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Delightful npm packages that make you say “wow, didn’t know that was possible!” PRs welcome!


  • brfs – turn fs.readFileSync() calls into inlined static assets
  • browser field spec – replace certain files/modules when a module is bundled for the browser
  • browserify – use require() in the browser
  • glslify – npm modules compiled into WebGL shaders
  • webworkify – composable web workers for browserify


  • file-type – detect file content types by checking their magic numbers
  • fuse4js – write filesystem driver in js



  • cylon – command robots, devices, and more from node


  • – facial emotion recognition and facial feature extraction
  • trackingjs – computer vision on the web


  • doppler – detect motion with the doppler effect using only the microphone and speakers
  • speak.js – text-to-speech on the web



  • diff – show text differences
  • franc – detect the language of text
  • – political sentiment analysis
  • node-tesseract – A simple wrapper for the Tesseract OCR package
  • normit – Google translate text & speak it
  • ocrad.js – OCR in Javascript via Emscripten
  • pullquoter – pull interesting quotes out of an article
  • sbd – split text into sentences
  • sentiment – basic sentiment analysis


  • minimist – simple argument parser
  • progress – create a simple terminal progress bar
  • terminal-menu – create retro terminal menus
  • vantage.js – CLI + SSH + REPL for Node
  • cash – Cross-platform Linux commands in pure ES6

virtual machines

  • jsemu – A list of emulators written in the JavaScript
  • jslinux – x86 emulator for running Linux, written in JavaScript
  • jvm – java virtual machine in pure node.js
  • doppio – actively updated jvm in node.js, written in TypeScript


  • bell.js – real-time anomalies detection for periodic time series.
  • bitcoinjs-lib – bitcoin client for node & the browser
  • fastparallel – zero overhead parallel function calls
  • google-distance – calculate travel distance between two locations on earth using Google Maps’ API
  • qr-image – generate QR codes


  • notevil – javascript javascript interpreter, useful for running untrusted code safely.

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