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Awesome JavaScript Micro npm Packages – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of small, focused Node.js modules.





  • is-sorted – A small module to check if an Array is sorted.
  • array-first – Get the first element or first n elements of an array.
  • array-last – Return the last element in an array.
  • arr-flatten – Recursively flatten an array or arrays.
  • dedupe – Remove duplicates from an array.
  • array-range – Creates a new array with given range.
  • arr-diff – Returns an array with only the unique values from the first array, by excluding all values from additional arrays using strict equality for comparisons.
  • filled-array – Returns an array filled with the specified input
  • map-array – Map object keys and values into an array.
  • in-array – Return true if any of passed values exists in array – faster than using indexOf.
  • unordered-array-remove – Efficiently remove an element from an unordered array without doing a splice.
  • array-swap – Swap position of two items in an array.
  • mirrarray – Creates a keymirror object from an array of valid keys.
  • group-array – Group array of objects into lists.
  • array.chunk – Split array/TypedArray to chunks of given size.


  • decamelize – Convert a camelized string into a lowercased one with a custom separator: unicornRainbow → unicorn_rainbow.
  • pad-left – Left pad a string with zeros or a specified string.
  • to-camel-case – Convert a string to a camel case.
  • to-capital-case – Convert a string to a capital case.
  • to-constant-case – Convert a string to a constant case.
  • to-dot-case – Convert a string to a dot case.
  • to-no-case – Remove an existing case from a string.
  • to-pascal-case – Convert a string to a pascal case.
  • to-sentence-case – Convert a string to a sentence case.
  • to-snake-case – Convert a string to a snake case.
  • to-space-case – Convert a string to a space case.
  • to-title-case – Convert a string to a title case.
  • node-slug – slugifies even utf-8 chars.
  • rtrim – Strip whitespace – or other characters – from the end of a string.
  • slice.js – Javascript library to engance String.substring / Array.slice with python slice style.
  • strip-ansi – Strip ANSI escape codes.
  • striptags – An implementation of PHP’s strip_tags in Node.js.
  • parse-next-json-value – Parse next JSON value from string allowing extraneous characters after value.

Date & Time

  • pretty-ms – Convert milliseconds to a human readable string: 1337000000 → 15d 11h 23m 20s.
  • hirestime – A wrapper around the built-in high resolution timer which simplifies the calculation of timestamps.
  • periods – Defined time-periods constants for Javascript, in milliseconds.
  • fecha – Javascript Date formatting and parsing.
  • akamai-time-reference – Get reference time using Akamai’s time reference service.
  • timeago.js – A tiny(~1.7kb) library used to format date with *** time ago statement.
  • count-days-in-month – Get the number of days in a given month.
  • time-stamp – Get a formatted timestamp.
  • twas – Generate a relative time string (Example: “3 seconds ago”)


  • map-obj – Map object keys and values into a new object.
  • filter-obj – Filter object keys and values into a new object.
  • object-values – Get the values of an object.
  • object-pairs – Turn an object into list of [key, value] pairs for mapping, iterating or other purposes.
  • zipmap – Returns a map with the keys mapped to the corresponding vals. zipmap also accepts a single value of objects or pairs.
  • just-pluck – Pluck without the madness.
  • deep-equal – Node’s assert.deepEqual() algorithm as a standalone module.
  • deep-assign – Recursive Object.assign().
  • set-value – Create nested values and any intermediaries dot notation ('a.b.c') paths.
  • get-value – Use property paths (a.b.c) to get a nested value from an object.
  • has-value – Returns true if a value exists, false if empty. Works with deeply nested values using dot notation ('a.b.c') paths.
  • has-key-deep – Deep-search objects for keys. Keys can be searched by providing an array of keys, or using a dot-notiation.
  • flatkeys – Flatten object key hierarchies into a list of strings using a custom separator.
  • flatten-obj – Converts an object literal with deeply nested nodes to a simple key/value object.
  • is-empty-object – Check if an object is empty.
  • stringify-object – Stringify an object/array like JSON.stringify just without all the double-quotes.
  • sorted-object – Returns a copy of an object with its keys sorted.
  • static-props – Defines static object attributes using Object.defineProperties
  • missing-deep-keys – Returns an array of keys from first object that are missing in second.
  • has-own-property – Check if an object has a local property.
  • merge-objects – Deep-merge two objects. Arrays that are values of the same object key get concatenated.
  • deep-object-diff – Deep diff two JavaScript Objects while preserving the data structure. Including nested structures of Arrays and Objects.


  • compose-function – Compose a new function from smaller functions f(g(x)).
  • curry – A curry function without anything too clever.
  • once – Run a function exactly one time.
  • deep-bind – Bind a context to all functions in an object, including deeply nested functions.
  • identity-function – Always return the input argument.
  • mem – An optimization technique used to speed up consecutive function calls by caching the result of calls with identical input.
  • throttle-debounce – Throttle/debounce your functions.
  • compose-tiny – A very tiny and fast compose function.


  • is-even – A good way to tell if a number is even or not (avoids type issues). Uses is-odd and is-number under the hood.
  • is-number – Returns true if the value is a number.
  • is-odd – A good way to tell if a number is odd or not (avoids type issues). Uses is-number under the hood.
  • easy-math.js – A tiny easy math library including addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division.
  • my-prime – A good way to tell if a number is prime or not.
  • fun-gcd – A tiny math library to get gcd of two numbers using Euclidean algorithm


  • through2 – Tiny wrapper around Node streams2 Transform to avoid explicit subclassing noise.
  • through2-filter – A through2 to create an Array.prototype.filter analog for streams.
  • through2-map – A through2 to create an analog for streams.
  • stream-spigot – A readable stream generator, useful for testing or converting simple functions into Readable streams.
  • concat-stream – writable stream that concatenates strings or data and calls a callback with the result.
  • JSONStream – streaming JSON.parse and stringify
  • through2-map-promise – A small promise-based wrapper for through2.
  • pump – pipe streams together and close all of them if one of them closes.
  • split – Break up a stream and reassemble it so that each line is a chunk.
  • is-stream – Check if something is a Node.js stream.
  • syncthrough – Transform your data as it pass by, synchronously.


  • pify – Promisify a callback-style function.
  • promise-all-props – Like Promise.all but for object properties.
  • sleep-promise – Resolves a promise after a specified delay.
  • is-promise – Test whether an object looks like a promises-a+ promise.

File System

  • rimraf – A deep deletion module for node (like rm -rf).
  • mkdirp – Recursively mkdir, like mkdir -p.
  • du – A simple JavaScript implementation of du -sb.
  • file-size – Lightweight filesize to human-readable / proportions w/o dependencies.
  • tmp – Temporary file and directory creator for node.js.
  • fs-promise – Node fs methods as Promise/A+ (optional fs-extra, graceful-fs).
  • read-git-user – Reads the username and email from .gitconfig 🔧 and returns it as json object.


  • delegate – Lightweight event delegation.
  • insert-css – Insert a string of css into the head
  • dom-element-value – DOM element value getter/setter.
  • image-promise – Load one or more <img>s in a Promise.
  • get-media-size – Get the original size of any img/video/svg/canvas tags or canvas context.
  • document-ready – Document ready listener for modern browsers.
  • copee – Copy text from browser to clipboard…natively!


  • semver – The semantic version parser used by npm.
  • semver-max – Find maximum (or minimum) version according to semver.
  • semver-first-satisfied – Find minimum in an array of version that satisfies a semver range.


  • abbrev – Calculate the set of unique abbreviations for a given set of strings.
  • glob – Glob functionality for node.js.
  • username – Get the username of the current user.
  • minimist – Parse argument options.
  • png-to-ico – Convert png to windows ico format.
  • help-version – Easily handle –help and –version arguments in your CLI application

Module management

  • pkg-conf – Get namespaced config from the closest package.json.
  • normalize-pkg – Normalize values in package.json to improve compatibility, programmatic readability and usefulness with third party libs.


  • is-generator – Check whether a given value is a generator function.


  • uuid – Generate RFC-compliant UUIDs in JavaScript.
  • node-mime – Comprehensive MIME type mapping API based on mime-db module.
  • not-defined – Checks if foo is not defined, i.e. undefined, null, an empty string, array or object.
  • is-fqdn – Check if a string represent a fully qualified domain name.
  • shurley – Parses URLs from user input (with potential typos in protocols, bad copy+paste, etc.) and returns a proper URL.
  • mime-type-check – Get the MIME type of a file by its extension.

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