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Awesome JavaScript Standard – Massive Collection of Resources

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Documenting the explosion of packages in the standard ecosystem!


  • standard – JavaScript Standard Style. One Style to Rule Them All!

usage stats

packages used by standard

automatic code formatters

  • standard --fix – automatic formatting is built-in to standard!
  • prettier-standard – format with prettier configured to standard rules
  • “unix commands” gist – A list of search and replace unix commands to help make a node repository ‘standard’ compliant

editor plugins

pretty terminal output (reporters)

  • snazzy – Format JavaScript Standard Style as Stylish (i.e. snazzy) output
  • standard-tap – Format JavaScript Standard Style as TAP output
  • standard-json – Format JavaScript Standard Style output to a JSON array
  • standard-reporter – Reporters for feross/standard via unix pipes, many options
  • standard-summary – Display output as a list of errors, ordered by count

build tools

code/project generators

inspired by standard


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