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Awesome Lockpicking – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of awesome guides, tools, and other resources relating to the security and compromise of locks, safes, and keys.

Lock picking is the art of opening a lock without the key and without damaging or destroying the lock or its door. If you want to contribute, you are highly encouraged to do so. Please read the contribution guidelines.



Contests, conferences, and events

  • Chaos Communications Congress (CCC) – CCC hosts the German Lockpicking Championships.
  • DEF CON – Annual infosec industry conference which is popular with many lockpickers featuring a locksport contest.
  • Hackers On Planet Earth (HOPE) – Annual conference often featuring a locksport competition and presentations on physical security.
  • OzSecCon – Open community event focusing on physical security in Australia, which hosts a lockpicking and handcuff evasion competition.
  • LockCon – Annual, invitation-only international conference about locks for members of respected locksport organizations.

Hobby projects

How-to lockpicking guides

Locksport associations and organizations

Novel lock attack techniques and research

  • SpiKey – Acoustic-based physical key inference.

Online communities

  • – Bustling online forum for the discussion of lockpicking and locksport.
  • – One of the longest-running online communities “dedicated to the fun and ethical hobby of lock picking.”
  • LockWiki – Community-driven reference for both beginners and professionals in the security industry.
  • /r/lockpicking Subreddit – Subreddit dedicated to the sport of lockpicking.

Online resources


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