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Awesome MacOs Applications – Massive Collection Of Apps – You Ever Wondered To Get!

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Developer Tools


  • Android Studio – The official IDE for Android, based on Intellij IDEA. Open-Source Software Freeware Awesome List
  • Deco IDE – The best IDE for building React Native apps. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Eclipse – Popular open-source IDE, mainly for Java but with plugin support for a wide array of languages and platforms. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Espresso – The web editor for Mac is back. For people who make delightful, innovative and fast websites.
  • JetBrains Toolbox App – Manage installed JetBrains tools, download new ones and open recent projects. Freeware
    • AppCode – Smart IDE for iOS/macOS development
    • CLion – Powerful C and C++ IDE. (Free for Students)
    • DataGrip – Cross-Plaform IDE for Databases and SQL. FREE for Students, check here for more info.
    • GoLand – Provides ergonomic environment for Go development.
    • IntelliJ IDEA – Powerful IDE for JVM languages. (Free for Students)
    • PyCharm – Powerful Python IDE, which has professional version and community version.
    • Rider – Cross-Platform C# IDE. It is an alternative to Visual Studio by Microsoft with the additional benefit of getting Resharper features that are not available on Visual Studio for Mac.
    • WebStorm – The smartest JavaScript IDE by JetBrains. FREE for Students, check here for more info.
  • Haskell for Mac – A Modern Development Environment for Haskell. App Store
  • NetBeans IDE – Free and open-source IDE, mainly used for Java development, but supports many other languages and frameworks. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Visual Studio Community for Mac – Fully-featured IDE Free for students, open-source and individual developers. Freeware
  • Xamarin Studio – Free cross platform C# IDE. Xamarin Studio supports iOS, Android and .Net development Open-Source Software Freeware Awesome List
  • Xcode – Essential IDE for iOS/macOS development. App Store
  • Spyder – Powerful scientific environment written in Python, for Python.

Developer Utilities

  • BetterRename – The most powerful and complete Mac file renaming application on the market. App Store
  • Beyond Compare – Compare files and folders using simple, powerful commands that focus on the differences you are interested in and ignore those you are not. Freeware
  • Bidbar – Manage bash commands from the menu bar and run them with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Cacher – Cloud-based, team-enabled code snippet manager with Gist sync, VSCode/Atom/Sublime packages and Mac/Windows/Linux/Web clients.
  • canSnippet – Powerful snippet management tool that works across the whole operating system, always accessible via simple keyboard shortcut.
  • CodeKit – Web development tool which can automatically compile Less, Sass, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Jade and JavaScript, auto-refresh browsers and much more.
  • Conduktor – Kafka desktop client. Freeware
  • Dash – Awesome API documentation browser and code snippet manager.
  • DiffMerge – Application to visually compare and merge files. Freeware
  • EnvPane – OS X preference pane for environment variables. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • FinderGo – Open terminal quickly from Finder. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • Finicky – Application that allows you to set up rules that decide which browser is opened for every link that would open the default browser. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Gas Mask – Simple hosts file manager for Mac OS X. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Gemini – Intelligent duplicate file finder.
  • Hex Fiend – Fast and clever open source hex editor. Open-Source Software Freeware App Store
  • Hosts.prefpane – System preference pane to manage your hosts file. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • iHosts – The only /etc/hosts editor on Mac App Store. Freeware App Store
  • Integrity – Free website link checker for Mac. Freeware
  • Kaleidoscope – Powerful compare tool for text, images and folders. Works perfectly with git, svn or other version control tools.
  • Koala – GUI application for Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript compilation. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Loca Studio – Analyze, review, and edit app translations. Supports Xcode Localization Catalog (xcloc) and XLIFF 1.2 file formats. App Store
  • MacSystemColors – Mac app that shows all system colors in light and dark mode for Cocoa developers. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • MJML – Framework that utilizes a semantic syntax and a rich standard components library, which allow users to easily create responsive emails. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • PaintCode – PaintCode is a unique vector drawing app that generates Objective-C or Swift code in real time, acting as a bridge between developers and graphic designers.
  • PPRows – Application to calculate how many lines of code you write. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • PushMate PushMate is a MacOS app that solves common push notification problems by ensuring your push payloads are correct.
  • SCM Breeze – Set of shell scripts (for bash and zsh) that enhance your interaction with git. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • SecureCRT – Terminal emulation which supports SSH, Telnet or other protocols.
  • Site Sucker – SiteSucker is a Macintosh application that automatically downloads websites from the Internet. App Store
  • SnippetsLab – Easy-to-use code snippets manager.
  • Solarized – Clean and beautiful color theme. Works well with iTerm, JetBrains products, Vim etc.
  • StarUML – Powerful UML app.
  • Swiftify – Objective-C to Swift code converter and Xcode & Finder extensions.
  • SwitchHosts – Free and open-source app for hosts management & switching. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • SYM – GUI Application to symbolicate iOS crash log. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • TeXstudio – Integrated writing environment for creating LaTeX documents. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Timelane – Visually profile your asynchronous code. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Touch Bar Simulator – Use the Touch Bar on any Mac. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Visual Paradigm – All-in-one UML, SysML, BPMN Modeling Platform for Agile, EA TOGAF ADM Process Management.
  • Woodpecker – View iOS app’s Sandbox files, UserDefaults, Keychain items on a Mac. App Store
  • WWDC – The Mac OS unofficial WWDC app. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • zeplin – Collaboration tool for work between designers and developers. Freeware
  • Nib Unlocker – .nib to .xib converter App Store

Regular Expression Editors

  • Patterns – Regular expression editor.
  • Regex – Regular expression testing tool with an emphasis on simplicity.
  • RegExRX – Development tool for regular expressions.

API Development and Analysis

  • Cocoa Rest Client – Free, open-source, native Apple OS X app for testing HTTP/REST endpoints. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Insomnia – The most intuitive cross-platform REST API Client. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Paw – Advanced HTTP client.
  • Postman – Powerful GUI platform to make your API development faster & easier, from building API requests through testing, documentation and sharing.Freeware
  • Katalon Studio – Simplify API, Web, Mobile Automation Tests Free. Robust. Cross-platform. Automation testers from 160 countries with YouTube channels, GitHub repositories.Freeware

Network Analysis

  • Charles – HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet.
  • James – Open-source proxy tool for checking and mapping requests with http as well as https. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Little Snitch – Network monitor with a world map for visualizing network connections.
  • mitmproxy – Interactive intercepting HTTP proxy for penetration testers and software developers. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Proxie – HTTP debugging proxy. App Store
  • Proxyman – Modern and intuitive HTTP debugging proxy for macOS. Freeware
  • Wireshark – The world’s foremost and widely-used network protocol analyzer. Open-Source Software Freeware

Command Line Tools

Awesome List

  • ack – A tool like grep, optimized for programmers. Freeware
  • alacritty – A cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • archey-osx – An archey script for OS X. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • asciinema – Easily record terminal sessions and replay them in a terminal as well as in a web browser. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • autojump – Replace cd with an intelligent autojump to easily navigate directories from the command line. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • bash-it – Shameless ripoff of oh-my-zsh for bash. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • bat – A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • ccat – The colorizing cat which works similar to cat but displays content with syntax highlighting. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • cmus – Small, fast and powerful console music player for Unix-like operating systems. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • cool-retro-term – Good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • dark-mode – Control dark mode from the command-line. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • eureka – CLI tool to input and store your ideas without leaving the terminal. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Fish Shell – Smart and user-friendly terminal, which is similar with zsh. Awesome List
  • fselect – Find files with SQL-like queries. Open-Source Software
  • Github CLI – gh is GitHub on the command line. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Glances – Glances is a cross-platform curses-based system monitoring tool. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Go2Shell – Go2Shell opens a terminal window to the current directory in Finder. Freeware App Store
  • htop – htop is an interactive text-mode process viewer for Unix systems. It aims to be a better ‘top’. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • httpie – Modern command line HTTP client – user-friendly curl alternative with intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, wget-like downloads, extensions, etc. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • hyper – A terminal built on web technologies. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • iTerm2 – iTerm2 is an amazing terminal emulator for OS X. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • itunes-remote – Software for controlling iTunes via the terminal. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • job – JOB, make your short-term command as a long-term job. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • kitty – A cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • lnav – A log file navigator. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • m-cli – Swiss Army Knife for macOS. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Mac-CLI – The ultimate tool to manage your Mac. Automatize the usage of your OS X system. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Magic Wormhole – Get Things From One Computer To Another, Safely. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • mas – Simple command line interface for the Mac App Store. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Miller – Like awk, sed, cut, join, and sort for name-indexed data such as CSV, TSV, and tabular JSON. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • mycli – CLI for MySQL that can do auto-completion and syntax highlighting. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • ndm – Manage npm straight from the couch. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • nushell – nushell is a modern, GitHub-era shell written in Rust. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • pgcli – Pgcli is a command line interface for Postgres with auto-completion and syntax highlighting. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Rebound – Instantly browse Stack Overflow results in your terminal when you get a compiler error. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Serial – Full-featured serial terminal for the Mac.
  • shallow-backup – Easily create text documentation of installed applications, dotfiles, and more. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • silver searcher (ag) – A code searching tool similar to ack, with a focus on speed. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • spaceship – A Zsh prompt for Astronauts. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Taskbook – Tasks, boards & notes for the command-line habitat. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Terminus – Free terminal tool, built with TypeScript, heavily inspired by Hyper. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Termius – Free terminal tool,comparable to xshell on windows platform. Freeware
  • TextQL – Execute SQL against structured text like CSV or TSV. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • tmux – “Terminal multiplexer”, it enables a number of terminals (or windows) to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal. tmux is intended to be a simple, modern, BSD-licensed alternative to programs such as GNU screen. Open-Source Software
  • tmuxinator – Manage complex tmux sessions easily. Open-Source Software
  • trash – Move files and directories to the trash. Open-Source Software
  • VisiData – Terminal spreadsheet multitool for discovering and arranging data. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • xonsh – Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell language and command prompt. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Zsh – Zsh is a shell designed for interactive use, although it is also a powerful scripting language. Open-Source Software Freeware Awesome List
  • xxh – Bring your favorite shell wherever you go through the SSH. Open-Source Software Freeware

Frameworks For Hybrid Applications

  • AppJS – Lightweight JavaScript UI library for creating mobile webapps that behave like native apps. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • create-dmg – Create a good-looking DMG for your macOS app in seconds. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Electrino – Desktop runtime for apps built on web technologies, using the system’s own web browser engine. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Electron – Build cross platform desktop application with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • ionic – Build amazing native and progressive web apps with Angular and open web technologies. One app running on everything. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • MacGap – Provides a lightweight JavaScript API for OS X integration, such as displaying native notifications or writing data to a file. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • nw.js – Build desktop application with HTML and JavaScript. It lets you call all Node.js modules directly from DOM and enables a new way of writing applications with all Web technologies. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Qt – Cross-platform application framework.
  • React Native for Ubuntu – Build Ubuntu desktop apps using React Native. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • React Native macOS – Build OS X desktop apps using React Native and Cocoa. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • react-desktop – React UI Components for macOS Sierra. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • ReactXP – Microsoft official production, support platform Web, iOS, Android and Windows UWP is still an ongoing work. Open-Source Software Freeware

Version Control

  • Cornerstone – Powerful version control with a gorgeous interface.
  • Fork – Fast and friendly Git client for Mac. Freeware
  • Git Cola – Powerful, Fast, Lightweight and Friendly Git GUI. For those caffeine adicting users. Open-Source Software
  • Gitbar – Open-source,display Github contribution statistics on your menu bar. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • GitFinder – Fast and lightweight Git client for Mac with Finder integration. Freeware
  • Gitfox – Commit faster, improve your code quality with superior diffs – and look good doing it. App Store
  • GitHub Desktop – The official GitHub GUI. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • GitKraken – The most popular Git GUI for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • GitX-dev – Fork of Pieter’s nice git GUI for OS X. Includes branch/tag sidebar and various fixes. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Hub – Command-line wrapper for Git that makes you better at GitHub. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • OhMyStar Beautiful and efficient way to manage, explore and share your Github Stars. Freeware App Store
  • SmartGit – Git client with support.
  • SourceTree – Free Git & Mercurial client for Windows or Mac. Freeware
  • Sublime Merge – Git client, from the makers of Sublime Text.
  • Tower2 – The most powerful Git client for Mac and Windows.
  • Versions – Mac Subversion (SVN) Client.
  • GitUp – A simple & powerful Git client。Open-Source Software Freeware


  • Docker – Powerful, performs operating-system-level virtualization. Open-Source Software Freeware Awesome List
  • Parallels – Powerful, easy-to-use VM. No free upgrade for each new Mac OS.
  • Vagrant – Tool for building and distributing development environments. Open-Source Software Freeware Awesome List
  • Veertu – The lightest VM on Mac. Responsive, sandboxed & native way to run VM on your Mac. Freeware
  • Virtual Box – Powerful x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization product. Freeware
  • VMware Fusion – Powerful, commercial VM developed by VMware.


  • Apache Directory Studio – LDAP browser and Active Directory client. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Azure Data Studio – Cross-platform database tool for using on Microsoft family on-premises and cloud data platforms such as MSSQL Server Freeware
  • Base 2 – Application for creating, designing, editing and browsing SQLite 3 database files.
  • Bdash – Modern SQL client application, supports MySQL, PostgreSQL (Redshift) and BigQuery.Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Chrome MySQL Admin – Powerful Chrome app to manage your MySQL. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Core Data Editor – Core Data Editor lets you easily view, edit and analyze applications‘ data. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • DB Browser for SQLite – Official home of the DB Browser for SQLite. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • DBeaver – Universal SQL Client.
  • ElectroCRUD – Modern MySQL CRUD application. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • FastoNoSQL – Cross-platform GUI client for Redis, Memcached, SSDB, LevelDB, RocksDB, UnQLite, LMDB, ForestDB, Pika and Dynomite key-value databases. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • FastoRedis – Cross-platform professional GUI management tool for Redis. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • JackDB – Secure, collaborative environment for your queries and data-driven insights. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Keylord – Desktop GUI client for Redis, Bolt, LevelDB and Memcached key-value databases.
  • MDB Explorer – MDB tool to open, read, export your MDB files to other formats and databases.
  • Medis – GUI Manager for Redis. Open-Source Software
  • Mingo – Easy to use MongoDB GUI with mind-blowing features.
  • Mongo Management Studio – Simple MongoDB GUI.
  • – The easiest way to get started with mongoDB on the Mac. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • MongoDB – MongoDB is a document database with the scalability and flexibility that you want with the querying and indexing that you need. Open-Source Software Freeware Awesome List
  • MySQL Workbench – The official MySQL GUI.
  • Navicat Data Modeler – Powerful and cost-effective database design tool which helps you build high-quality conceptual, logical and physical data models. App Store
  • neo4j – The leading graph database! Open-Source Software Freeware
  • pgModeler – is an open source data modeling tool designed for PostgreSQL. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • – The easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Postico – Modern PostgreSQL client for Mac.
  • PSequel – PostgreSQL GUI tool for Mac OS X. Freeware
  • RedisClient – Redis client application on mac, windows and linux. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • RedisDesktopManager – Cross-platform GUI management tool for Redis. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Sequel Pro – MySQL database management for Mac OS X. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • SQLight – SQLite database manager tool. Freeware
  • SQLPro Studio – Simple, powerful database manager for macOS.
  • Tableau Public – Free data-visualization software. Freeware
  • TablePlus – Supports: PostgreSQL, MySQL, RedShift, MariaDB… High-end security ensured. Open-Source Software Freeware

Design and Product

Design Tools

  • Acorn – Great Mac OS X picture and photo editor, built for humans.
  • Affinity Designer – Professional graphic design software for Mac.
  • Affinity Photo – Professional image editing software for Mac.
  • Alchemy – Experimental, open-source drawing application with an emphasis on creating conceptual art. Open-Source Software
  • Amadine – A vector drawing app that has everything a graphic designer needs wrapped in an uncluttered and intuitive interface.
  • Art Text 3 – This is graphic design software specifically tuned for lettering, typography, text mockups and various artistic text effects.
  • Blender – Free and open 3D creation software. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Colorpicker – Colorpicker is a complete open-source colors manipulation tool with picking! Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Figma – The collaborative interface design tool, for vector graphics and UI prototyping. Freeware
  • FontForge – Free, open-source font editor. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • GIMP – The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Open-Source Software
  • Gravit Designer – Full featured free vector design app right at your fingertips. Freeware App Store
  • inklet – Turn your Mac trackpad into drawing board.
  • Inkscape – Professional vector graphics editor. Open-Source Software
  • Krita – Open-source digital painting software for concept artists, digital painters, and illustrators. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • macSVG – Designing HTML5 SVG art and animation. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • MagicaVoxel – Free, lightweight 8-bit voxel editor and interactive path tracing renderer.
  • MakeHuman – Powerful and free 3D human modeler. Freeware
  • Monodraw – Powerful ASCII art editor designed for the Mac. App Store
  • Nik Collection – Nik Collection by DxO.
  • Paintbrush – Bitmap image editor. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Pencil2D – A easy, intuitive tool to make 2D hand-drawn animations. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Pixel Perfect – Tool to overlay design images over implementation and make it pixel perfect. App Store Freeware
  • Pixelmator – Full-featured image editor for Mac.
  • Principle – Application for designing animated and interactive user interfaces.
  • ScreenToLayers– Easily export your screen into a layered PSD file. Open-Source Software Freeware App Store
  • Sculptris – 3D sculpting software. Freeware
  • Sketch – Professional digital design for mac.
  • SketchBook – Drawing software for concept design, comic art, and digital sketching. Freeware
  • Sparkle – Pro visual web design.
  • Tayasui Sketches – Professional drawing software.
  • Vectr – Free graphics editor used to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. Freeware

Prototyping and Mind-Mapping Tools

  • Adobe XD (Experience Design) – First all-in-one cross-platform tool for designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps.
  • Axure RP 8 – Prototypes, specifications and diagrams in one tool.
  • Balsamiq Mockups – Wire-framing tool that helps you work faster and smarter.
  • Flinto – Quickly create interactive prototypes of mobile, desktop, or web apps.
  • Framer – Tool for interactive prototyping.
  • Justinmind – Prototyping platform for web and mobile apps.
  • Kite – Powerful animation and prototyping application for Mac & iOS.
  • Lighten – The best way to clarify thinking, boost productivity, brainstorm, and visualize concepts.
  • Loremify – Great Lorem ipsum generator.FreewareApp Store
  • Marvel – Simple design, prototyping and collaboration.Freeware
  • MindNode – Mind-mapping software with an emphasis on simplicity and ease-of-use.
  • MockFlow – Online prototyping suite for web-design and usability testing.
  • Mockplus – Prototype faster, smarter and easier.
  • OmniGraffle – Diagramming and graphic design for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  • Origami Studio – Tool for designing modern interfaces, built and used by designers at Facebook.
  • pencil – Free, open-source tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • ProtoPie – Create the most advanced prototypes as easy as Pie.
  • Scapple – Practical mind-mapping software with free whiteboard-like layout.
  • SimpleMind – The world leader in cross platform Mind Mapping tools.
  • WriteMapper – Get from idea to final draft in no time.
  • XMind – The most popular mind-mapping tool on the planet.
  • Simple Diagrams – A desktop app for creating hand-drawn-like, fast, clear sketches of problems, processes, workflows, ideas and more!
  • yGraph Editor – High quality diagrams made easy.

Screencapturing Software

  • CleanShot – Discover a superior way to capture your Mac’s screen.
  • CloudApp – Work at the speed of sight. Freeware
  • Gifox – Gif Recording and Sharing. App Store
  • Kap – Open-source screen-recorder built with web technology. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • KeyCastr – KeyCastr, an open-source keystroke visualizer. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Kyapchar – Simple screen and microphone audio recorder for Mac. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Licecap – Record your screen and export to GIF. You can change the recording area anytime during recording. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Lightshot – The fastest way to take a customizable screenshot. Freeware
  • Monosnap – Make screenshots. Draw on it. Shoot video and share your files. It’s fast, easy and free. Freeware App Store
  • ScreenShot PSD – Capture the screen as a layered PSD for easy editing. Freeware App Store
  • Skitch – Screen capture application with a powerful annotation capabilities. Freeware
  • Snip – Application for sharing captured images on QQ Mail. Freeware
  • Snipaste – Simple but powerful snipping tool. Freeware
  • Teampaper Snap – Let your screenshots speak up. Freeware App Store
  • Xnip – Handy Screenshot App. App Store Freeware
  • Dropbox – Dropbox app offers easy screenshot capturing and sharing Freeware

Other Tools

  • APNGb – PNG image assembler/disassembler app. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Assetizr – Resizing images and optimising them for web and mobile applications. Freeware App Store
  • Couleurs – Simple app for grabbing and tweaking the colors you see on your screen. Freeware
  • ExifCleaner – Remove exif metadata from images and videos with drag and drop. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Frank DeLoupe – Color-picking tool, supports Retina.
  • HEIC Converter – Convert HEIC images to JPEG or PNG. Freeware App Store
  • Iconset – Free, cross-platform and fast SVG icon organizer and manager for Mac and Windows.
  • Iconjar – Icon management tool to organize or search your icons.
  • IconKit – App icon generator. App Store
  • Image2icon – Create and personalize icons from your pictures. Freeware
  • ImageAlpha – Compress images with PNG format and remove transparency. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • ImageOptim – Compress images and remove EXIF information. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • iPic – Easily upload images with Markdown supported. Freeware App Store
  • JPEGmini – Reduce image size by up to 80%, without compromising quality. App Store Freeware
  • Mark Man – Measure & Spec Fast.
  • Nucleo – Icon manager. Import, export, customize and convert icon libraries.
  • Preset Brewery – Tool to convert Lightroom presets to Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Resize Master – Batch resize and watermark your images fast and easy. App Store
  • RightFont – Preview, sync, install and manage fonts on Mac, Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Sip – The best way to collect, organize & share your colors.
  • Snagit – Simple, Powerful Screen Capture Software and Screen Recorder.
  • Spectrum – Easily and intuitively creating beautiful color schemes. App Store
  • svgus – Organize, clean and transform your SVGs. App Store
  • TinyPNG4Mac – Open-source tool to compress images. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Tropy – Research Photo Management. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • PicGo – Support for common cdn image hosting tool. Open-Source Software
  • Preset Brewery – Tool to convert Lightroom presets to Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Assetizr – Resizing images and optimising them for web and mobile applications. Freeware App Store
  • AppIconBuilder – Export icons for multi-platformApp Store
  • uPic – macOS native app, powerful terse image hosting client. Open-Source Software Freeware


Collaboration and Team Tools

  • Adium – Free instant messaging application for Mac OS X. Connect to AIM, MSN, SMPP, Yahoo and more. Freeware
  • Caprine – Third-party privacy-focused Facebook Messenger app. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • DingTalk – Free, powerful and professional office tool used by over 5 million enterprises and organizations globally. Freeware
  • Discord – All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone.
  • FranzElectron based, multi-protocol wrapper for web-based chat. One application, 23 messenger services. Freeware
  • Gitter – Instant messaging and chat room system for developers as well as GitHub users. Developer friendly with Markdown syntax support.
  • Keybase – Secure groups, files, and chat for everyone! Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Krisp – An AI-powered noise cancelling app that mutes background noise during calls.
  • LimeChat – Open-source IRC client for Mac OS X. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Messenger For Mac – Third-party Facebook messenger for Mac. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Muzzle – A simple mac app to silence embarrassing notifications while screensharing.
  • Rambox – Messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Element – Create, share communicate. Chat and call securely. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Signal Desktop – Fast, simple, secure. Privacy that fits in your pocket. Open-Source Software
  • Skype – Cross-platform application that provides video chat and voice call services. Users can exchange images, text, video and any other digital documents.
  • Shift – De-clutter your desktop workspace and streamline your accounts, apps, and workflows.
  • Slack – Awesome tool for team collaboration and communication. Freeware
  • Stack – Open, organize and use multiple web apps on a single screen. Stack your apps by categories or projects.
  • Teambition – Team collaboration tool, including many features like task plan, schedule, file sharing, instant discussion and everything you need when collaborating with other team members. Freeware
  • Telegram – Messaging app with a focus on speed and security.
  • Textual – Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. Open-Source Software
  • WeChat – Official WeChat app for Mac. Freeware App Store
  • WeeChat – The extensible command-line chat client. Freeware
  • WhatsApp Desktop – Available in the Mac App Store, Whatsapp for Desktop. App Store

Email Clients

  • Airmail – Fast email client. For both Mac OS and iOS.
  • Foxmail – Fast email client. Freeware
  • MailTags – Use tags to organize email and schedule.
  • N1 – Extensible, open-source mail app, free for developers and $7/month for Pro. Open-Source Software
  • Nylas Mail – Extensible desktop mail app built on the modern web. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Polymail – Simple, beautiful and powerful email client. Freeware
  • Postbox – Powerful, simple and beautiful email client, need to pay for a license.
  • Spark – Fast email client. For both Mac OS and iOS.Freeware
  • ThunderBird – Software that makes email easier. Freeware
  • Edison Mail – A customisable, simple, and beautiful email client. Freeware

File Sharing

  • Cyberduck – Free FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3, Backblaze B2, Azure and OpenStack Swift browser. Freeware
  • Flow – Award-winning, beautiful, fast, and reliable FTP + SFTP client.
  • Transmit – Highly flexible and intuitive FTP client, supports SFTP, S3 and iDisk/WebDAV.

Data Recovery Tools

  • Data Rescue – Comprehensive and professional data recovery tool for most cases.
  • DiskWarrior – The world’s most advanced repair and recovery tool for Mac.
  • R-Studio for Mac – Powerful tool for recovering data on disks, even if their partitions are formatted, damaged or deleted.
  • SuperDuper! – Painless fully bootable disk backups.

Audio and Video Tools

  • Adapter – Free audio, video and image conversion software. Freeware
  • Aegisub – Free, cross-platform open source tool for creating and modifying subtitles. Aegisub makes it quick and easy to time subtitles to audio, and features many powerful tools for styling them, including a built-in real-time video preview. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Audio Profile Manager – Allows you to pin input/output devices for each particular combination of connected devices. May suppress HDMI displays from being chosen. App Store
  • Ardour – Cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing. Open-Source Software
  • Audacity – Free, open-source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Audio Hijack – Record any application’s audio, including VoIP calls from Skype, web streams from Safari, and much more.
  • Carol – A minimal and beautiful lyrics app for macOS. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Cog – Free, open-source audio player. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • DaVinci Resolve – Free, cross-platform video editing, color grading, video effects and audio editing software.
  • Elmedia Player – This media player is a super versatile app for any file format you probably may think of: FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, DAT, MKV, MP3, FLAC, M4V are all supported as well as many others.
  • Gifski – Convert videos to high-quality GIFs. Open-Source Software Freeware App Store
  • HandBrake – Tool for converting video from nearly any format to a selection of modern, widely supported codecs. Open-Source Software
  • Hydrogen – Professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming for GNU/Linux. Open-Source Software
  • iFFmpeg – Comprehensive Media Tool for macOS. Making High Quality Video Encoding Accessible for Everyone.
  • IINA – The modern video player for macOS. Based on mpv, the powerful media player project. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Kodi – Award-winning free and open-source (GPL) software media center for playing videos, music, pictures, games, and more. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • LMMS Formerly “Linux MultiMedia Studio”, LMMS is a powerful Digital Audio Workstation designed like FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops). Open-Source Software Freeware
  • LosslessCut – Cross platform tool for quick and lossless video and audio trimming using ffmpeg. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • LyricsX – Lyrics for iTunes, Spotify and Vox. Open-Source Software App Store Freeware
  • Metadatics – Advanced Audio Metadata Editor. App Store
  • Mixxx – The most advanced free DJ software. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Movie Catcher – Movie movie and online viewing offline download software, with Baidu cloud to make offline download and online playback. Open-Source Software
  • mpv – Free, open-source, and cross-platform media player. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • MuseScore – Free, open-source music notation software. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Natron – Open-source compositing software. Node-graph based. Similar in functionality to Adobe After Effects and Nuke by The Foundry. Open-Source Software
  • Perian – (No longer under active development) Let QuickTime play all the common formats of free plug-ins. Open-Source Software
  • Playback – Experimental video player. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • Popcorn Time – Watch torrent movies instantly, This Popcorn Time service will never be taken down. Download and enjoy. Freeware
  • ScreenFlow – Screencasting and video editing software.
  • Shotcut – Free open-source video editor. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Soda Player – Player that can play seed, magnetic links, online video, automatic captions, links and local video files. Freeware
  • Sonora – Minimal, beautifully designed music player. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • SpotMenu – Spotify and iTunes in your menu bar. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Stremio – Movies, TV shows, series, live television or web channels like YouTube and – you can find all this on Stremio. Freeware
  • Stringed 2 – Music practice software designed to help users learn how to play their favorite songs.
  • Synfig Studio – Synfig Studio is free, open-source 2D animation software. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • VLC – Free, open-source, cross-platform multimedia player as well as framework that plays most multimedia files, DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs and various streaming protocols. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • VOX Player – High-definition audio player for Mac and iPhone. Music just sounds better! Freeware
  • XLD – Tool to decode, convert and play various ‘lossless’ audio files. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • MusicPlus – Search, play & download music for free. Freeware
  • Recordia – Record audio directly from the menu bar or with a global keyboard shortcut. App Store

Download Management Tools

  • aria2 – Lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Downie – Video downloader for macOS with support for YouTube and other 1200 sites.
  • Deluge – Deluge is a lightweight, Free Software, cross-platform BitTorrent client. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • FOLX – Free download manager for Mac OS X with a true Mac-style interface. Freeware
  • Free Download Manager – Powerful, modern download accelerator and organizer for Windows and Mac. (FREE) Freeware
  • JDownloader – Free, open-source download management tool with a huge community of developers that makes downloading as easy and fast as it should be. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • Motrix – Motrix is a full-featured download manager that supports downloading HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Magnet, Baidu Net Disk, etc. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • qBittorrent – A project aims to provide an open-source software alternative to µTorrent. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Shuttle – Easy Download Manager for any links.
  • Transmission – Fast, easy, free BitTorrent Client. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • You-Get – Tiny command-line utility to download media contents (videos, audios, images) from the web. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • youtube-dl – Command-line program to download videos from and other video sites Open-Source Software Freeware

Cloud Storage

I recommend using online storage with Mac clients

  • Arq – Cloud storage backup client that supports AWS, GCP, DropBox, and more.
  • Carbonite – Carbonite can protect your Mac from all of the most common forms of data loss.
  • Dropbox – File hosting service that offers cloud storage and file synchronization with collaborative edit features. Freeware
  • Mega – Free cloud service, offers 50GB free storage. Freeware
  • NextCloud – Actively maintained fork of ownCloud, faster and completely open-source Open-Source Software
  • ownCloud – Cloud storage.
  • Seafile – Reliable and High Speed File Sync and Share.Freeware

Input Methods

  • Kawa – Better input source switcher for OS X. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Rocket – Makes typing emoji faster and easier using Slack-style shortcuts. Freeware
  • Touch Emoji – emoji picker for MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Open-Source Software
  • Type2Phone – Use Your Mac as Keyboard for iPhone, iPad & Apple TV. App Store


  • Brave – Web browser with an emphasis on privacy and speed. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Chrome – Chrome, developed by Google Freeware
  • Chromium – Open-source, free web browser project by Google, to provide the source code for Google Chrome. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Microsoft Edge — Microsoft Edge, based on Chromium, but built by MS Freeware
  • Firefox – Meet Firefox Quantum. Fast, free, open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Safari – Native browser for Macs. Freeware Awesome List
  • TorBrowser – Anonymity Online. Protect your privacy. Defend against network surveillance and traffic analysis. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Vivaldi – The browser that puts you in control. Open-Source Software Freeware

Translation Tools

(Or you could just use the Mac OS built-in dictionary)

  • Grammarly – Refine your english
  • iTranslate – Translate entire website instantly with its built-in browser or with iTranslate Safari extension into over 40 languages. Freeware
  • Ludwig – Linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English.
  • Mate Translate – Translate in Safari and any app on macOS between 103 languages.


  • Deadbolt – The easiest file encryption tool you’ll ever use. macOS-compatible, and open-source so you can trust it. Open-Source Software Freeware

Security Tools

  • BlockBlock – Me: “Please alert me whenever anything is persistently installed.” BlockBlock: “You got it”
  • Dylib Hijack Scanner – Simple utility that will scan your computer for applications that are either susceptible to dylib hijacking or have been hijacked.
  • KextViewer – View all modules on that are loaded in the OS kernel.
  • KnockKnock – See what’s persistently installed on your Mac.
  • LinkLiar – Link-Layer MAC spoofing GUI for macOS. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • LockDown – Open-source tool for El Capitan that audits and remediates security configuration settings. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • LuLu – is the free macOS firewall that aims to block unauthorized (outgoing) network traffic. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • MalwareBytes – Malwarebytes crushes the growing threat of Mac malware, so you are protected and your machine keeps running silky smooth. Cybersecurity smart enough for the Mac. Freeware
  • OverSight – Monitor mic and webcam, alerting you when the internal mic is activated, or whenever a process accesses the webcam.
  • RansomWhere? – Generic Ransomware Detection.
  • stronghold – Easily configure MacOS security settings from the terminal. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • TaskExplorer – Explore all processes running on your Mac with TaskExplorer.
  • What’s Your Sign? – Adds menu item to to display the cryptographic signing information for any file.

Proxy and VPN Tools

  • Algo – Personal IPSEC VPN in the cloud. Open-Source Software
  • tigerVPN – VPN Client for Mac. App Store
  • Lantern – Free application that delivers fast, reliable and secure access to the open internet. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • ShadowsocksX-NG – Next generation of ShadowsocksX. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • ShadowsocksX – Secure socks5 proxy, designed to protect your internet traffic. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Shimo – VPN Client for Mac.
  • SpechtLite – Rule-based proxy app for macOS. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Surge – Web developer tool and proxy utility for iOS 9. App Store
  • tinc – Secure mesh VPN software. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Tunnelbear – Really simple VPN to browse the web privately & securely. Unblock websites around the world with applications for Mac, PC, iOS, Android & Chrome.
  • Tunnelblick – Free, open-source graphic user interface for OpenVPN on OS X. Freeware
  • V2rayU – Macos client based on v2ray. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Windscribe – Gives 10gb per month free on the spot and gives limited(on free) location control. Connection also takes very less time.
  • ClashX – A rule based proxy For Mac base on Clash. Open-Source SoftwareFreeware


Clipboard Tools

  • ClipMenu – Clipboard manager for Mac OS X. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Clipy – Clipy is a Clipboard extension app for macOS. Based on ClipMenu. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • CopyQ – Clipboard Manager with Advanced Features. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • iPaste – Lightweight and efficient clipboard tool. Freeware App Store
  • Paste – Smart clipboard history & snippets manager. App Store
  • PasteBot – Powerful clipboard manager. App Store
  • Flycut – Clean and simple clipboard manager for developers. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Maccy – Lightweight clipboard manager for macOS. Open-Source Software Freeware

Menu Bar Tools

  • Anvil – Anvil is a beautiful menubar app for managing local websites. Serve up static sites and Rack apps with simple URLs and zero configuration. Freeware
  • Bartender – Organize or hide menu bar icons on your Mac.
  • BeardedSpice – Allows you to control web based media players (SoundCloud, YouTube, etc) and some native apps with the media keys on Mac keyboards. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • BitBar – Place the output from any script or program right in your Mac OS X menu bar. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Dato – A better menu bar clock with calendar, events, and time zones. App Store
  • Dozer – Hide MacOS menubar items. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Eye Timer – Take Breaks to prevent Eye Strain timer for Mac. App Store
  • Hidden – A ultra-light MacOS utility that helps hide menu bar icons. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • iGlance – macOS System Monitor for the Status Bar. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Itsycal – Tiny calendar for your Mac’s menu bar. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • MeetingBar – Menu bar app for your calendar meetings Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Streaker – GitHub contribution streak tracking menubar app. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Vanilla – Hide menu bar icons on your Mac. Freeware
  • Jiffy – Discover and share the best GIFs on GIPHY. Freeware App Store

File Organization Tools

  • BetterZip 3 – Archive tool supports ZIP, TAR, TGZ, TBZ, TXZ (new), 7-ZIP, RAR. Freeware
  • eZip – An easy to use, feature-rich archiver for macOS. Supports popular formats such as RAR, ZIP, 7Z, BZ2, GZ etc. Works great with Mojave dark-mode and QuickLook. Freeware
  • Hazel – Automated file organization for your Mac. Responsibly and beautifully designed.
  • Keka – file archiver for macOS. Compression: 7Z, ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ LZIP, DMG, ISO. Extraction: 7Z, ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, LZIP, DMG, ISO, LZMA, EXE, CAB, WIM, PAX, JAR, APK, APPX, CPGZ, CPIO. Open-Source Software Freeware App Store
  • muCommander – Lightweight file manager with a dual-pane interface. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • PDF Archiver – Nice tool for tagging and archiving tasks. Open-Source Software App Store
  • The Unarchiver – Unarchive many different kinds of archive files. Open-Source Software Freeware

General Tools

  • AirServer – Most advanced screen mirroring software receiver for Mac, PC and Xbox One.
  • ControlPlane – Manages configuration profiles for your Mac. Determines where you are or what you are doing based on a number of available evidence sources and then automatically reconfigures your Mac based on your preferences. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • DNS Heaven – Unifies macOS DNS so applications using glibc can resolve DNS with the native stack. Mainly for use with VPNs. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • HTTrack – Useful tool for downloading a whole website and offline browsing. Freeware
  • Lungo – Prevent your Mac from going to sleep. App Store
  • Mac Cache Cleaner – Cache cleaner for Mac Open-Source Software Freeware
  • MacAssistant – Google Assistant for macOS Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Manta – Flexible invoicing desktop app with beautiful & customizable templates. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Memo – Simple and elegant app. Unlock memos even more quickly using Touch ID. Freeware App Store
  • Numi – Beautiful calculator app for Mac. Freeware
  • Plash – Make any website your desktop wallpaper. Open-Source Software Freeware App Store
  • SlowQuitApps – An OS X app that adds a global delay of 1 second to the Cmd-Q shortcut. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Torimori Sweeper – MacOS app that lets you declutter your Downloads, one file at a time. Freeware
  • Ultra TabSaver – The Open Source Tab Manager for Safari Open-Source Software Freeware

To-Do Lists

  • 2Do – Nice todo app.
  • Day-O 2 – Menu bar clock replacement with built-in calendar. Freeware
  • Fantastical – The calendar app you won’t be able to live without.
  • Focus – Beautiful pomodoro-based time manager. App Store
  • Microsoft To-Do – Microsoft’s successor to Wunderlist. Freeware App Store
  • Nozbe – Powerful GTD app for individuals and teams, with support for every Apple device (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Watch). App Store
  • OmniFocus – Nice GTD app, made by OmniGroups.
  • Taskade – Real-time collaborative editor for teams.
  • TaskPaper – Plain text to-do lists.
  • Things – Delightful and easy to use task manager. (Award-winning App)
  • Todoist – Cross-platform todo list app. Freeware App Store
  • Tomato 2 – Beautiful and simple Pomodoro timer. Freeware App Store
  • TickTick – Simple and effective to-do list and task manager that helps you organize all aspects of life. Freeware App Store


  • 1440 Minutes Left Today – Keep a track of how many minutes you have left until the day is over, right in your menu bar. Freeware App Store
  • Alfred – Award-winning app which boosts efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more. Search your Mac and the web, and be more productive with custom actions to control your Mac. Awesome List
  • BetterTouchTool – Great, feature-packed app that allows you to configure many gestures for your Magic Mouse, Macbook Trackpad, Magic Trackpad and also Mouse Gestures for normal mice. Freeware
  • Choosy – UI, URL API and a browser extension set for managing rules where and how to open links.
  • Hammerspoon – Tool for powerful OSX automation with the Lua scripting engine. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • HapticKey – A simple utility application for MacBook with Touch Bar that triggers a haptic feedback when tapping Touch Bar. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • HazeOver App that dims your background app windows so you can focus more on your main task! App Store
  • Hungrymark – Useful app to bookmark your files, folders, and webs, quick access your bookmarks through menu bar App Store
  • iCMD – Fuzzy menubar search and vim/easymotion emulation which works globally for every native MacOS app.
  • Karabiner – Powerful and stable keyboard customizer for OS X. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Keyboard Maestro – Automate routine actions based on triggers from keyboard, menu, location, added devices, and more.
  • Keytty – App to keep your hands on the keyboard. Move, click, scroll, drag and more with a few strokes.
  • Lazy – Keyboard-driven commands to manage your surroundings directly from your mac.
  • Mos – Simple tool can offer the smooth scrolling and reverse the mouse scrolling direction on your Mac. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Mouseless – Master all of the magic keystrokes for your favorite apps & tools.
  • OmniPlan – The best way to visualize, maintain, and simplify your projects. Project Management made easy.
  • Qbserve – Time tracking automation: freelance project tracking, timesheets, invoicing & real-time productivity feedback.
  • RescueTime – Personal analytics service that shows you how you spend your time and provides tools to help you be more productive.
  • SensibleSideButtons – Use the side buttons on your mouse to move forward and backward in many apps, like in Windows. Open-Source Software
  • nnScreenshots – a super easy way to keep a visual record of your productivity to make it easier to fill out timesheets or just to help you review the day. Built in timesheet editor.
  • skhd – Simple hotkey daemon for macOS. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Strategr – No-fuss time management app. Stategr helps you maximize your productivity, giving you the quickest and most effective way to time-box your day. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Time Out – Easy break reminders, with micro-break and flexible customization if you want it. Freeware App Store
  • Timing – Automatic time and productivity tracking for Mac. Helps you stay on track with your work and ensures no billable hours get lost if you are billing hourly.
  • Trello – A collaboration tool that organizes your projects into Kanban boards.FreewareApp Store
  • Ukelele – Unicode Keyboard Layout Editor.
  • xScope – Powerful set of tools that are ideal for measuring, inspecting & testing on-screen graphics and layouts.
  • Z – Powerful way to navigate easily by typing only a string of directory name in terminal instead of typing exact location of director.
  • Pomodoro Cycle – Pomodoro tracker

Window Management

  • AltTab – Open source window switcher with window previews. Open-Source Software
  • Amethyst – Tiling window manager. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • contexts – Provides more power than the native Mac Dock. Especially when you have multiple screens, it can help you switch more quickly.
  • Divvy – Window management at its finest with its amazing Divvy Grid system.
  • Hummingbird – Easily move and resize windows without mouse clicks, from anywhere within a window.
  • Magnet – Window manager that keeps your workspace organized. App Store
  • Moom – Allows you to easily move and zoom windows, or to another display—using either the mouse or the keyboard.
  • Rectangle – Window management app based on Spectacle, written in Swift. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • ShiftIt – Managing window size and position in OSX. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • SizeUp – Powerful, keyboard-centric window management.
  • Slate – Window management application similar to Divvy and SizeUp (except better and free!). (Needs config file) Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Total Spaces – Provides window management much like ubuntu. Creates hotkeys for workspaces which allows you to easily move around.
  • yabai – Tiling window manager for macOS. A rewrite of chunkwm, it provides a more seamless integration with the operating system. Open-Source Software Freeware

Password Management

  • 1Password – Cross-platform password management tool.
  • Authy – Two-factor authentication token manager that backs up and syncs across your devices. Freeware
  • Bitwarden – Open source password management tool for Mac OS, iOS and browsers. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Buttercup – The Password Manager You Deserve Freeware
  • Dashlane – Cloud-based password manager with award-winning design. App Store
  • Enpass – Cross-platform password management tool with cloud integration. App Store
  • Keeweb – Free, cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • LastPass – Password management tool for Mac OS and browser.
  • MacPass – Open-source KeePass Mac OS client. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • SafeInCloud – Cross Platform password management, low cost app! App Store

Finder Tools

  • fman – The first dual-pane file manager to integrate features from Sublime Text.
  • ForkLift – The most advanced dual pane file manager and file transfer client for macOS.
  • Path Finder – File management app.
  • QSpace – A clean and efficient Multi-view File Manager. App Store
  • TotalFinder – Chrome-styled Finder substitute.
  • XtraFinder – Adds tabs and cut to Mac Finder. Freeware

Quality of Life Improvements

  • CheatSheet – Hold the ⌘-Key to get a list of all active shortcuts of the current application. It’s as simple as that. Freeware
  • f.lux – Makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day. Freeware
  • Grayscale Mode – An open source macOS app that lets you quickly toggle grayscale filter right from your menu bar or using a keyboard shortcut (⌥⌘G). Open-Source Software Freeware
  • KeyCastr – Open-source keystroke visualizer. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • NightOwl – Automatically switch between macOS Mojave’s light and dark themes by time of day or with a menu bar or keyboard shortcut. Freeware
  • One Switch – Mac menu bar app that adds various switches to the Mac’s menu bar.
  • Shifty – A macOS menu bar app that gives you more control over Night Shift. Open-Source Software
  • Snap – Launch an app in a snap. Ridiculously easy shortcut management. Freeware App Store
  • Shareful – Supercharge the system share menu with copy, save, and open actions. Freeware App Store

System Related Tools

  • Amphetamine – Override your energy saver settings and keep your Mac awake. Freeware App Store
  • AppCleaner – Small application which allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps. Freeware
  • Background Music – Automatically pause your music, set individual apps’ volumes and record system audio. Open-Source Software
  • Cleaner for Xcode – Helps make your Xcode faster by removing unwanted and deprecated files. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • coconutBattery – Shows live information about the battery in your Mac. Includes: manufacture date, capacity, cycle count, battery status, temperature, discharging power.
  • Coolant – Menubar app that lets you know when an app is consuming 100% CPU or more than a gigabyte of memory (or any arbitrary limits you choose).
  • DaisyDisk – Gives a great overview of disk usage. Can also make more disk-space available by cleaning up your disk.
  • FruitJuice – Will let you know how long to stay unplugged each day to keep your battery healthy. App Store
  • gfxCardStatus – Unobtrusive menu bar app for OS X that allows MacBook Pro users to see which apps are affecting their battery life by using the more power-hungry graphics. Freeware
  • Gray – Pick between the light appearance and the dark appearance on a per-app basis with the click of a button. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • HandShaker – Mac on the management of Android mobile phone content. Freeware
  • HTML5 Player – HTML 5 video player. Keep your Mac from “burning”.
  • iStat Menus – Advanced Mac system monitor on the menubar.
  • iStats – Command-line tool that allows you to easily grab the CPU temperature, fan speeds and battery information on OSX. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Juice – Make your battery information a bit more interesting. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • KeepingYouAwake – Alternative to Caffeine with better support for dark mode in Mac. Open-Source Software
  • Monity – System monitoring widget for OS X.
  • Mounty – Tiny tool to re-mount write-protected NTFS volumes under Mac OS X 10.9+ in read-write mode. Freeware
  • NitroShare – Cross-platform network file transfer utility. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Noti – Receive Android notifications on your Mac (with Pushbullet). Open-Source Software Freeware
  • OmniDiskSweeper – Shows you the files on your drive, ordered by size. It can be used to find and remove unused files. Freeware
  • OnyX – Multifunction utility to verify disks and files, run cleaning and system maintenance tasks, configure hidden options and more. Freeware
  • Paragon NTFS – Read/write access to NTFS in macOS Sierra.
  • Porting Kit – Install Windows® Games inside your Mac. Freeware
  • Sensei – Sensei is a multi-tool for Mac performance, with features spanning across both hardware and software.
  • SSH Tunnel – Application for managing SSH connections.
  • TG Pro – Temperature monitoring, fan control & hardware diagnostics to help keep your Mac cool and healthy.
  • Tuxera NTFS – Full read-write compatibility with NTFS-formatted drives on a Mac.
  • Overkill – Stop iTunes from opening when you connect your iPhone.

Gaming Software

  • OpenEmu – A great video game console emulator, supports many different emulators in a single application. (e.g. Sony PSP, GameBoy, NDS and so on) Open-Source Software Freeware
  • PPSSPP – A awesome PSP emulator for any OS you can dream of! Open-Source Software Freeware

Remote Login Software

  • AnyDesk – Provides Remote access across multiple machines.
  • RealVNC – The original and best software for remote access across desktop and mobile.
  • TeamViewer – Proprietary computer software package for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. Freeware

Social Networking

  • Chirper – A simple and tiny menu bar app for Buffer/Twitter that helps you tweet your thoughts without opening anything.
  • Flume – A beautiful Instagram experience for your Mac. The free version is good enough if you only want to do the browsing instead of posting.Freeware

QuickLook Plugins

Awesome List

Third Party App Markets

If you come across websites offering pirated software or cracks, please post HERE. We love apps, but only authentic ones. 🙂

  • Setapp – The best apps for Mac in one suite.

Package Managers

Here are some of the major software download sites, there are a number of OSX Mac software sites

  • Cakebrew – GUI client for Homebrew. Install, check or remove apps, no command-line needed. Open-Source Software Freeware
  • Homebrew Cask – Command line installation manager which extends Homebrew and brings its elegance, simplicity, and speed to Mac OS applications and large binaries alike. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • Homebrew – The missing package manager for macOS. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • MacPorts – Open-source community initiative to design an easy-to-use system for compiling, installing, and upgrading either command-line, X11 or Aqua based open-source software on the Mac OS X operating system. Freeware Open-Source Software
  • MacUpdate Desktop – Simplifies finding, buying and installing apps for your Mac.

Mac App Download Sites

Here are some of the major software download sites, there are a number of OSX Mac software sites

Genuine Sites

  • alternativeTo – Also a very nice community. If you are looking for some alternative apps FOR Windows or another platform, check this site.
  • Slant – I personally recommend this. This is a platform where you can compare apps side-by-side, you might get an idea by seeing other users recommendations. Please contribute if you find an application from this list!
  • Also, Quora, Reddit, you know the drill.
  • App Shopper:
  • MacUpdate:
  • Other sites like MacStories, LifeHacker, ProductHunt are great resources.

Source : GitHub

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