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Awesome Meteor JS – Massive Collection of Resources

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Awesome Meteor

A curated list of awesome Meteor Packages, libraries and software.

The official Meteor resources page can be found here

Getting Started

Where to start


Helpers and expensions for collections


REST support for Meteor

  • simple:rest – automatically make your Meteor app accessible over HTTP and DDP alike.
  • nimble:restivus – Make REST endpoints for your Meteor app with incredible ease.

Forms and Templates

Helpers for templates

Users and Authentication

Tools for handling users and authentication

  • accounts-js – A suite of packages aims to provide all the tools you need to build a flexible authentication and accounts management solution for your application.
  • alanning:roles – Roles support for the built-in accounts packages.
  • meteor-user-status – Keeps track of users and their meta data.


Tools for administrating your Meteor apps

  • Meteor Candy – Fastest and easier way to add an admin panel to your app.
  • yogiben:admin – A complete admin dashboard solution.
  • houston:admin – A zero-config, Django Admin-like admin for Meteor.


Tools for monitoring your Meteor apps


Tools for speeding up your Meteor apps


Tools for deploying and maintaining Meteor apps

Docker Images


Routers for Blaze


Tools for Meteor offline support

  • ground:db – GroundDB is a thin layer providing Meteor offline database and methods.
  • npdev:collections – An easy way to create offline collections with SSR for Meteor
  • meteor-service-worker – Meteor specific service worker implementaion.


Testing tools


Search Engine Optimization tools

  • ostrio:spiderable-middleware – Prerendering (a.k.a. Spiderable) with support of ES6 (ECMAScript2015) – Meteor app crawled perfectly by search engines.


Handling files in Meteor

  • ostrio:files – Upload files via DDP, HTTP and WebRTC/DC. To Meteor server FS, AWS, GridFS, DropBox or Google Drive. Fast, secure and robust.
  • netanelgilad:excel – Parsing and generating excel files (xlsx, xls).

Search, sort and paginate

Search, sort and paginate related tools


Mobile Development

Data Visualization

Data Visualization in Meteor: charts, maps, tables, etc.



  • okgrow:analytics – Google Analytics, Mixpanel, KISSmetrics (and more) integration for meteor.

Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs in Meteor

  • msavin:sjobs – A Meteor-first jobs queue / task scheduler.
  • percolate:synced-cron – Cron system for Meteor. It supports syncronizing jobs between multiple processes.
  • ostrio:cron-jobs – Package with similar API to native setTimeout and setInterval methods, but synced between all running Meteor (NodeJS) instances.

Debugging Tools

Debugging Tools

Editor Plugins



  • Meteor Kitchen – Code generator for Meteor.
  • iron-cli – A scaffolding command line tool for Meteor applications.



Open source apps

  • Rocket.Chat – Realtime chat application built with Meteor.
  • Wekan – Open source Trello-like kanban.
  • Unchained Shop – Open source Commerce platform developed with Meteor.
  • VulcanJS – A toolkit to quickly build apps with React, GraphQL & Meteor.
  • Crowducate Platform – Open source education platform Powered by Meteor.
  • Nosqlclient – MongoDB management tool.

Front End Frameworks

Alternative Front End Frameworks to Blaze

  • React – Working with React and Meteor.
  • Vue – Working with Vue and Meteor (plus single-file components & apollo support).
  • Svelte – Build cybernetically enhanced web apps with Meteor and Svelte.
  • Angular 2 – Working with Angular 2 and Meteor.
  • Angular – Working with Angular and Meteor.
  • – and Meteor.
  • frozeman:build-client – A tool to bundle the client part of a Meteor app.
  • Asteroid – An alternative client for a Meteor backend.
  • ddp.js – Isomorphic JavaScript DDP client.
  • elm – elm as the view layer for a meteor based project.

Alternative Databases

Alternative Databases for MongoDB


Where to discover new Meteor things









Built With Meteor

Commercial Grade Applications Built With Meteor

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