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Awesome Minecraft – Massive Collection of Resources

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The curated list of awesome things related to Minecraft.

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang. The game allows players to build with a variety of different blocks in a 3D procedurally generated world, requiring creativity from players. Other activities in the game include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat.




  • Official Minecraft Wiki – Minecraft Wiki is a complete resource for Minecraft, including gameplay, blocks, crafting, updates, events, mods, running a server, and resource packs.
  • Chinese Minecraft Wiki – The Chinese Minecraft Wiki is an official wiki of Minecraft, covering detailed tutorials on crafting, blocks, creatures and even PE versions.
  • – Technical Minecraft wiki.


Mod Loaders

  • Minecraft Forge – Modifications to the Minecraft base files to assist in compatibility between mods.
  • Fabric – A lightweight, experimental modding toolchain for Minecraft.
  • liteloader – A lightweight mod loader for Minecraft designed to provide simple, high-performance and reliable loader functionality for mods which don’t need to modify game mechanics.
  • Meddle – Everything related to modding 1.9/1.10 snapshots in one place.
  • RopeMC – A lightweight, reflection based mod loader which aims to be user friendly and later version independent.

Forge Mods


  • Optifine – OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod.
  • BetterFps – BetterFps is a Minecraft mod that add a few performance improvements.

Skins And Capes


  • Journey Map – Real-time mapping in game or in a web browser as you explore.

Items Management

  • Just Enough Items (JEI) – JEI is an item and recipe viewing mod for Minecraft, built from the ground up for stability and performance.
  • Bibliocraft – Bibliocraft is a storage and organizational mod that began as a single bookcase and has expanded to so much more.
  • /dank/null – A storage mod of unreal proportions which nobody really gets. The max tier /dank/null object holds 54 slots of items which each can hold 2.14 billion items!


  • Tinkers Construct – Tinkers’ Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else.
  • Immersive Engineering – Immersive Engineering is a tech mod with a certain charm, based on the ideas and concepts, and with most assets created by Damien Hazard.
  • Botania – Botania is a tech mod in essence. The theme is natural magic.
  • Thermal Foundation + Dynamics + Expansion – A server-friendly and content-rich blend of magic and technology! Title is three different mod names, but of the same series and usually played together.
  • Railcraft – Greatly expand and improve the Minecart system in Minecraft.
  • Actually Additions – Actually Additions is a technology mod that adds various utilities like multitools, item magnets, atomic reconstructors and so on.
  • Applied Energistics 2 – A Minecraft Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world. Mainly focused on item storage.
  • Draconic Evolution – One of the best tech mod there is, but really overpowered in the late game. Adds things like a Draconic Power Core which no one has been able to fill yet…
  • Ender IO – A large ender themed mod, that just adds lots of new fun things.
  • Galacticraft – A mod that adds rockets and new planets to explore. Expandable with addons.
  • OpenComputers – OpenComputers is a mod that adds computers and robots into the game, which can be programmed in Lua 5.3.
  • ComputerCraft – Adds computers based on Lua (5.2 and 5.3) into Minecraft.
  • WarpDrive – Adds Star Trek and other franchise like ships, weapons, transporters and so on into the game. Also adds new planets (dimensions).

Farming And Food

  • Pam’s HarvestCraft – Pam’s HarvestCraft is a mod for Minecraft that currently adds many kinds of crops and food.
  • AgriCraft – A mod that adds a more sophisticated crop system, like the ability to have genetic mutations and also adds more crops.
  • Bonsai Trees – Adds essentially mini tree farms which are one block big.
  • Ex Nihilo: Creatio – A great mod for skyblocks, it filters things like sand and gravel for useful resources like iron and diamond, compatible with lots of mods.


  • RFTools – RFTools is a mod containing various tools that are related to RF (Redflux) or technology in general.
  • Extreme Reactors – Adds nuclear reactors with the fictional fuel ‘yellorium’. A carry on of the original Big Reactors.
  • Zetta Industries – A mod which adds the main multiblock of a big battery.
  • Applied Energistics 2 – A Minecraft Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world.


  • AbyssalCraft – AbyssalCraft is a magic mod centered around exploration.
  • Astral Sorcery – This is a magic mod based on the stars, and harnessing the powers of starlight and the constellations.
  • Avaritia – Avaritia is a mod with a really long progression tree, but really overpowered in the late game. Its soul purpose is to drag the endgame gameplay to extreme lengths.
  • Blood Magic – This is a magic mod based on blood. Beware, you die a lot.


  • TNTUtils – More control over explosions in Minecraft.
  • Akashic Tome – A mod based on Morph-o-Tool, which mainly gives the ability to merge different mods’ documentation books.
  • AppleSkin – This mod does not change any existing mechanics, but simply makes the existing hunger saturation and exhaustion levels visible in the default GUI.
  • Attribute Fixer – This mod fixes the attribute system in Minecraft which handles things like armour points, because many other mods are inadvertantly affected by a limit in this system.
  • Diet Hopper – This mod modifies the way Minecraft calculates the collision boxes of the hopper, so that you can access any visible blocks behind it.
  • FoamFix – Fixes various aspects of the Minecraft code, generally making the game faster.


  • ArmorPlus – This mod literally adds tons of armors to the game, and different ways of crafting them.
  • Baubles – This mod adds seven new slots to the player inventory which can be fitted with various items like amulets, belts, rings and so on added by other mods.


  • Aroma1997’s Dimensional World – This mod adds one extra dimension, with the intended purpose of mining, meaning the Overworld will not be filled up with things like Buildcraft quarry holes anymore etc.
  • Twilight Forest – Adds a new twilight forest dimension with new sturctures, bosses, and quests to complete.


  • Carpenter’s Blocks – This mod adds new blocks such as slants and corners which can be made to look like any other block in the game! Extremely useful for artistic builds. (For 1.12+ see BlockCraftery)
  • Chisel – This mod adds multiple new textures to lots of blocks in the game, adding a wide variety of textures. (For editing units smaller than blocks see Chisel and Bits.)
  • WorldEdit – WorldEdit is an open source in-game map editor available for Bukkit, Forge, MinecraftEdu, and many other platforms.
  • FAWE – Stands for Fast Async WorldEdit. Based upon WorldEdit, it is simply faster, and adds lots more tools (i.e. brushes) to work with.

Server Plugins

  • AntiCheatReloaded – AntiCheatReloaded helps server admins easily identify and block malicious users by monitoring and analyzing the behaviour of their players.
  • ViaVersion – Allows the connection of newer clients to older server versions for Minecraft servers.
  • AdvancedKitsReloaded – AdvancedKitsReloaded is a Kit managing plugin for Minecraft servers which runs Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot and Paper (>1.8). With this plugin you can easily create/edit/delete your kits and you can customize it as much as you’d like.
  • WorldGuard – WorldGuard lets you and players guard areas of land against griefers and undesirables, as well as tweak and disable various gameplay features of Minecraft.
  • CraftBook – CraftBook lets you create magically extending bridges, compact Redstone circuits, complex Minecart mechanics, and much more — all without a client mod and fully customizable by the server.

Web Applications

  • Blessing Skin Server – A web application brings your custom skins back in offline Minecraft servers.
  • yoshino – A lite & fast Minecraft skin server, written in php. (Live Demo)
  • WorldEdit Golf – Challenge others in a competition to use WorldEdit in as few commands as possible.



  • CraftLib – Complete Kotlin / Java library for wrapping the entire Minecraft codebase, including protocol, NBT, schematics, chat and more.
  • MCProtocolLib – A simple library for communicating with a Minecraft client/server, written in Java.
  • node-minecraft-protocol – A NodeJS library to parse and serialize minecraft packets, plus authentication and encryption.



  • MultiMC – A custom launcher for Minecraft that allows you to easily manage multiple installations of Minecraft at once.
  • HMCL – A powered Minecraft launcher that supports a lot of features.


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