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Awesome Play 1 Framework – Massive Collection of Resources

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A collection of awesome Play 1.x modules, tools, and resources.

Inspired by awesome-php, awesome-python and awesome-ruby.

Contributions are always welcome!


Lists all the modules available with the following badges :

Badge Meaning
registered on
the module is registered in The badge points to the registered page.
registered on the module is not registered in You have to add an external repository in your dependencies.yml file. The badge points to the official module page.
![mavenized]( -mavenized-blue.svg?style=flat) the module is available in MavenCentral thanks to the maven-play-plugin. The badge poins to the maven repository of the module.
![Updated since the play module registry was frozen]( -updated-ff69b4.svg?style=flat) the module has been updated since has been frozen. The badge points to the official module page.

The modules are divided in the following categories :

If you want to contribute information about a module, please refer to the guide.






  • [akka] Akka support registered on Allows you to configure akka through The Play! framework’s conf/application.conf file.
  • [camel] Camel registered on A EIP + Messaging module for the Play! Framework
  • [pusher] Pusher registered on This module lets you easily add realtime functionality to your Play applications with Pusher using websockets.
  • [rabbitmq] RabbitMQ registered on RabbitMQ offers a highly available and scalable, and yet lightweight, messaging system.





  • [jersey] Jersey registered on Integrates Jersey into the Play! Framework.
  • [resteasy] RESTEasy Play! module registered on The RESTEasy Play! module allows you to define JAX-RS RESTful web services in the Play! Framework using RESTEasy.
  • [resteasycrud] RESTEasy CRUD module registered on The Play! RESTEasy CRUD module which allows you to automagically generate your RESTful CRUD resources for a given model
  • [swagger] Swagger registered on Creates a self-documenting meta-description for REST APIs which allows for code-gen, UI-sandbox, and test framework.


  • [crudsiena] CRUD for Siena registered on Offers a fully usable web interface for your Siena Model objects with a few more features than default [crud] module.
  • [mocha] Mocha registered on An implementation of mocha UI javascript interface for Play!
  • [play-bootstrap] Basic bootstrap scaffolding registered on Creating Bootstrap based applications (derived from the default [scaffold] module).
  • [scaffold] Scaffold registered on Scaffold will generate basic scaffolding for bootstrapping a project from your JPA or Senia entities








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