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Awesome Quantum Computing – Massive Collection of Resources

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Quantum computing utilizes quantum mechanical phenomenon such as entanglement and superposition to manipulate qubits to perform computation on a quantum computer. Currently available are tools to create and run programs on publicly usable quantum computers as well as resources to learn about them.

This is a curated list of up-to-date resources on learning about and developing on quantum computers. The goal is to build a categorized community-driven collection of up to date, high quality resources.


For further resources related to Open Source Quantum Software Projects, please check out qosf’s repo.



Development Tools

  • Amazon Braket – Fully managed service providing a development environment to run quantum circuits on quantum simulators and computers.
  • Blueqat – Software development kit in Python for quantum gate computing.
  • Cirq – Python library for writing, manipulating, and optimizing NISQ circuits to run on quantum computers.
  • IBM Quantum Experience – Online quantum composer to run experiments on real quantum computing hardware.
  • Mitiq – Python toolkit for implementing error mitigation techniques on quantum computers.
  • NISQAI – Library for performing quantum artificial intelligence on near-term quantum computers.
  • Ocean – D-Wave’s SDK for developing on their quantum computers using Python.
  • Orquestra – Zapata Computing’s unified quantum operating environment, allowing for quantum-enabled workflows.
  • Paddle Quantum – Baidu’s python toolkit for quantum machine learning.
  • PennyLane – Open source framework for quantum computing and quantum machine learning that integrates various other platforms.
  • Project Q – Framework for implementing quantum computing in Python.
  • pyQuil – Python library for quantum programming using Quil by Rigetti.
  • pytket – Python module for interfacing with Cambridge Quantum Computing’s t|ket>; a tool for circuit optimising and qubit allocation.
  • QCL – Older, C like language for quantum computers. Only has a simulator and debugger.
  • Qiskit SDK – Software development kit by IBM for writing and running quantum algorithms on simulators and real hardware.
  • Qiskit.js – Qiskit for JavaScript made by IBM.
  • Qrack – High performance LGPL-licensed C++ quantum simulator library, documentation, and test code.
  • Quantum++ – High performance modern C++11 quantum computing library.
  • Quantum Programming Studio – Web based quantum programming IDE and simulator.
  • Quipper – Embedded, scalable, functional programming language for quantum computing.
  • Qurry – Quantum probabilistic programming language based on functional and probabilistic paradigms.
  • QuTiP – Quantum toolbox in Python for simulating dynamics of open quantum systems.
  • Q# – Microsoft quantum development kit and Q# programming language.
  • Strangeworks Platform – A hardware agnostic platform and interface allowing for focus on development rather than specific hardware solution building.
  • TensorFlow Quantum – A quantum machine learning library that integrates Cirq with TensorFlow for prototyping of hybrid quantum-classical models for classical or quantum data.
  • Tequila – An Extensible Quantum Information and Learning Architecture developed by Alan Aspuru-Guzik group (University of Toronto).


  • Algorithmic Assertions – About quantum computing and computing in general by Craig Gidney – a member of Google Quantum Computing Team.
  • Bits of Quantum – By the QuTech institution, sharing their research and daily life.
  • Dawid Kopczyk – Quantum algorithms explained to data scientists with visualisations.
  • Decodoku – Interesting posts on quantum computation, by James Wootton.
  • Microsoft Quantum blog – Microsoft Quantum program-wide updates.
  • Musty Thoughts – Personal blog of Michał Stęchły, includes many articles for people starting to learn about quantum computing.
  • Qiskit blog – All about quantum computation from the Qiskit community team.
  • Quantumfy – Snippets on the latest quantum computing news.
  • Quantum Frontiers – By the Quantum Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, sharing behind the scenes research insights.
  • Quantum Weekly – A weekly correlation of all things quantum – computing, cryptography, entanglement.
  • Quantum Zeitgeist – Covers the latest news in quantum computing as well as QC companies and careers.
  • Q# Blog – Microsoft Quantum development updates.
  • Shtetl-Optimized – Scott Aaronson’s thoughts on quantum computing matters.
  • The Quantum Aviary – Blog without the hype talking about developments in quantum hardware.
  • The Quantum Daily – Outlet for the latest news in quantum computing, presenting articles for both research scientists and the curious Sunday newspaper reader.





  • Meet the meQuanics Interviews with key quantum computing figures, aimed at the lay person.
  • Quantum Computing Now – Podcast by Ethan Hansen covering three main topics: the basics of quantum computing, interviews and the latest news.

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