Awesome React Resources List

Awesome React Resources List

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Awesome React Resources List


A curated list of free resources to master React Development

Table Of Contents



Essential Path

Why React?

  1. JS Apps at Facebook
  2. Why did we build React?
  3. React: Rethinking best practices


  1. React Docs – Quick Start section basic
  2. The Road to learn React basic


  1. Learn ES6 (ECMAScript 2015) basic
  2. Exploring ES6 advanced
  3. Exploring ES2016 and ES2017 advanced


  1. React Router Docs basic

State Management


  1. Getting Started with Redux basic
  2. Building React Applications with Idiomatic Redux advanced



  1. Get Started with Webpack

Build Stuff

  1. Several project ideas
  2. React – TodoMVC
  3. Bootstrapping a React project
  4. Build a Weather app
  5. The SoundCloud Client in React + Redux
  6. A Primer on the React Ecosystem: 1, 2 and 3.
  7. Building a React/Redux App with JSON Web Token (JWT) Authentication

Optional Path

Static Type Checkers



  1. Gitbook Typescript deep dive
  2. React – Redux – Typescript – TodoMVC
  3. React Typescript samples

Immutable Data Structures


  1. Immutable.js: An Introduction with examples written for humans

How To Use This Guide

Use a linear approach to finish this guide. meaning you ought to start with the primary resource within the Essential Path and pass to subsequent one after you finish the previous and after make a practical project to internalize what you’ve got learned.

The React’s ecosystem is overwhelming for beginners. Ensure to find out each new tool isolatedly .

In the sections about React, Webpack, and ES2015+, the initial resources are more superficial and therefore the last ones are going deeper within the respective topic. you’ll prefer to learn the fundamentals first and return to them later, but don’t skip them without have a basic knowledge of the matter.

After you complete the Essential Path , you’ll choose one (or more) topics within the Optional Path . you are doing not got to undergo this section within the same linear approach, you ought to choose new topics to find out supported your necessity and/or desire.

How To Collaborate

To suggest new sections or new resources, open one issue for every resource/section explaining why we should always add/remove such item. After a minimum of 5 people approves (:+1:) your indication, you’ll be invited to make the pull request.

The reason to stay this manner of collaboration is to make sure that our list of resources is going to be really concise, bringing only the simplest resources for people who want to master the topics listed here.



Inspiration And Additional Resources


  1. You’re Missing the Point of React
  2. react-makes-you-sad
  3. react-howto
  4. Your Timeline for Learning React
  5. 5 Steps for Learning React Application Development
  6. Path to Learning React

Additional Resources

  1. React/Redux Links
  2. Redux Ecosystem Links
  3. Community Resources

Awesome React Awesome

A collection of awesome things regarding the React ecosystem.

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