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Awesome Seed – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of awesome things related to Seed

Seed is an open-source Rust framework for creating fast and reliable web apps running in WebAssembly.



Official Resources




Projects Using Seed

  • AdEx Explorer – Shows curated information about the payment channel network of the AdEx advertising protocol.
  • – Open-source personal website.
  • – A relatively simple open source personal blog. Built on Seed, maud, Rocket, and Diesel.
  • – Seed’s official website.
  • WeightRS – Minimalistic and privacy friendly progressive web app for tracking your weight.
  • Music composer – A basic music composition app.
  • Play Seed – Website about Play Seed, playground to demo Seed apps.


  • Savory – Library for building user interface based on Seed.
  • seed-icons – Library with collections of icons to include in Seed-based application.


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