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Awesome Serverless – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of resources about all things serverless.

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  • Serverless Code – Blog about everything serverless related.
  • Serverless Zone – Everything Serverless related.
  • Serverless Blog – Official blog of the Serverless Framework.
  • Serverless Stories – Medium publication from the team behind the Serverless Framework.
  • Going Serverless – Blog about serverless architectures and the Serverless Framework.
  • Foobar Tech – Blog about serverless architectures and programming in general.
  • Serverless Guy – Blog about a “life without servers”.
  • Serverless City – News, products, opinions, howtos, and everything you need to know to be a Serverless Citizen.
  • FaaS Forward – Learning & living on the FaaS-Lane.
  • ServerlessOps – Design, build and run reliable serverless systems.

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Related projects

  • FaaS boilerplates – Boilerplates for FaaS offerings that work in conjunction with Hasura GraphQL Engine’s event triggers.
  • CloudCompose – An open community marketplace for serverless functions and workflows.
  • Mutton – A Python shim library for better AWS Lambda handlers.
  • Begin – Create AWS serverless apps, APIs, and sites with databases, sessions, and full CI/CD.
  • Operiant – Connect your event streams to actions.
  • TriggerMesh – Serverless cloud with a library of event triggers to enable hybrid cloud and workload portability.
  • Handly – A wrapper for serverless handlers to prevent silly mistakes.
  • Serverless boilerplate – Minimal yet super-functional Serverless boilerplate.
  • Firecracker – Secure and fast microVMs for serverless computing.
  • Cirrus – Serverless machine learning framework.
  • OpenFaaS – Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker and Kubernetes.
  • OpenFaaS Cloud – OpenFaaS Cloud: multi-user serverless functions driven by git.

Serverless Framework Plugins

  • Local environment – Set local environment variables.
  • Offline SSM – Read SSM parameters from a .env file instead of AWS.
  • Nocode – Deploy nocode via the Serverless Framework.
  • Canary deployments – Implement canary deployments of AWS Lambda functions.
  • Flow-based programming – Flow-based programming plugin for Serverless.
  • Go serverless – GoFormation for the Serverless Framework. Create Serverless configs with Go structs.
  • Event Gateway – Event Gateway plugin for the Serverless Framework.
  • Fn – Fn provider plugin.
  • Cloudflare Workers – Provider plugin for Cloudflare Workers.
  • S3 Deploy – Plugin to deploy files to an S3 Bucket.

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