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Awesome Symfony – Massive Collection of Resources

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A list of awesome Symfony bundles, utilities and resources.

Inspired by awesome-php

Table of contents:




  • Facebook – notable, large and active Facebook groups:
  • Google+ – Large and active group on Google+.
  • IRC:
    • #symfony – Official IRC channel for Symfony support.
    • #symfony-docs – Channel to discuss about the documentation of Symfony.
  • Local:
    • Community events – Find Symfony events near you.
    • Meetup – Get involved locally and find Symfony users from your local area.
  • Telegram – Symfony group on Telegram.
  • Quora – Symfony topics on Quora.
  • Reddit – Ask and answer questions, discussion.
  • SensioLabs Connect – Developer social network, earn achievements for your community involvement and commitment.
  • Slack – Symfony on Slack, platform for team communication.
  • Stack Overflow – Symfony support on Stack Overflow.
  • Twitter – Keep up with Symfony news in a twitter-like way.




  • Aimeos – Ultra fast PHP e-commerce framework for #gigacommerce
  • Bamboo – Full-stack E-commerce application based on Symfony and Elcodi components
  • Elcodi – E-commerce PHP Components and Symfony Bundles
  • Sylius – E-Commerce PHP framework built on top of Symfony with component-based architecture and format-agnostic rendering





Payments Management

  • CartBundle – High quality cart for developers.
  • JMSPaymentCoreBundle – This bundle provides the foundation for various payment plugins.
  • JMSPaymentPaypalBundle – Payment Bundle providing access to the PayPal API.
  • MangopayBundle – Mangopay API implementation for Symfony2.
  • PaymentAdyenBundle – Provides access to the Adyen API. Based on JMSPaymentCoreBundle.
  • PayumBundle – Rich payment solutions for symfony2. Paypal, Stripe, Payex, Authorize.NET, Be2bill, Klarna, recurring paymens, instant notifications and many more


  • BernardBundle – Bernard is a multi-backend PHP library for creating background jobs for later processing.
  • GearmanBundle – A bundle intended to provide an easy way to support developers who need to use job queues.
  • HeriJobQueueBundle – This Symfony bundle provides the use of Zend Queue from Zend Framework.
  • JMSJobQueueBundle – Allows to schedule console commands as jobs.
  • LeezyPheanstalkBundle – Bundle for Pheanstalk, PHP client for beanstalkd queue.
  • qpush-bundle – The QPush Bundle relies on the Push Queue model of Message Queues to provide asynchronous processing in your application.
  • RabbitMqBundle – RabbitMQ bundle.
  • RSQueueBundle – Queues infrastructure based on Redis, with Producer-Consumer and Publisher-Subscriber
  • Enqueue – Provides a common way for programs to create, send, read messages. Inspired by Java JMS



Service Container

  • CraueConfigBundle – Manages configuration settings stored in the database and makes them accessible via a service in your Symfony 2 project.
  • JMDSettingsBundle – Simple service for store configuration in database an accessible via service and twig in your project.
  • JMSDiExtraBundle – Provides Advanced Dependency Injection Features.
  • KutnyAutowiringBundle – a bundle providing autowiring for service arguments.
  • PHP-DI – The dependency injection container for humans.


Template Engine

Third Party APIs

User Management

  • FOSUserBundle – Adds support for a database-backed user system.
  • HWIOAuthBundle – OAuth client integration. Supports both OAuth1.0a and OAuth2.
  • JmikolaAutoLoginBundle – This bundle integrates the AutoLogin library with Symfony2, which implements a security firewall listener to authenticate users based on a single query parameter.
  • JMSSecurityExtraBundle – Enhances the Security Component with several new features.
  • SamlBundle – The SamlBundle adds support for SAML 2.0 Service Provider in Symfony2.
  • two-factor-bundle – This Symfony2 bundle provides two-factor authentication for your website.


  • dms-filter-bundle – Provides a FilterService to allow users to implement input filtering in entities using Annotations.
  • PasswordStrengthBundle – Validator for ensuring strong passwords.
  • vatin-bundle – A Symfony2 bundle for the VATIN library (validate VAT identification numbers).

Web Services

  • api2symfony-bundle – Symfony 2 bundle allowing to automatically generate controllers from standard API specifications.
  • BazingaHateoasBundle – Integration of the Hateoas library.
  • DunglasAngularCsrfBundle – Automatic CSRF protection for Symfony APIs used with AngularJS and other major AJAX libraries
  • DunglasApiBundle – Bundle to build hypermedia-driven REST API.
  • FOSOAuthServerBundle – A server side OAuth2 bundle.
  • FOSRestBundle – Provides various tools to rapidly develop RESTful API’s & applications.
  • JMDRestBundle – Provide fast and simple way to generate REST api for your project entities without editing configs and creating any controllers.
  • JMSSerializerBundle – Easily serialize, and deserialize data of any complexity.
  • JSONApiBundle – Bundle which provides support for formatting REST reponses to follow the JSON API specification.
  • KnpJsonSchemaBundle – Provide a service which allow you to generate json schema based on validation metadata.
  • LemonRestBundle – An opinionated bundle providing REST endpoints for Doctrine entities.
  • LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle – This bundle provides JWT (Json Web Token) authentication for your REST API using the namshi/jose library.
  • NelmioApiDocBundle – Generates documentation for your REST API from annotations.
  • NelmioCorsBundle – Adds ability to add CORS-related headers based on simple ACL-style per-URL configurations.
  • RateLimitBundle – Add rate limits to your controllers/actions easily through annotations.
  • RequestLimitBundle – With this bundle you can easy limit requests to your application.
  • ResourceBundle – Bundle that helps in developing REST APIs.
  • SerializedResponseBundle – A simple bundle to provide an easy way to send out json/xml/yaml responses of serialized objects with annotations.
  • SRIORestUploadBundle – A symfony bundle to handle multiple upload ways on your REST API.

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