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Awesome TikZ – Massive Collection of Resources

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TikZ is a wonderful awesome graph drawing package for TeX/LaTeX/ConTeXt. Unlike other TeX packages, TikZ itself is really huge, its manual contains about 1100+ pages, 100+ chapters. Tens of other packages, and serveral GUI applications are based on TikZ.

This project contains a curated list of awesome TikZ documentations, libraries and resources.


Official Links


  • SourceForge – Code, releases, support and bug reports.
  • CTAN – Latest version release.


  • SourceForge – Code, releases, support and bug reports.
  • CTAN – Latest version release.



  • TeXample – Gallery of wonderful examples made by TikZ.
  • walmes/Tikz – Collection of TikZ art from Prof. Walmes M. Zeviani, contains about 200 TikZ figures, most of which were done to teach statistics.
  • MartinThoma/LaTeX-examples – Contains about 350 TikZ examples from Martin. Thoma.
  • Nice Scientific Pictures – Contains some really nice TikZ examples, together with pictures drawn by other TeX friends.
  • Love heart with LaTeX – Contains lovely code to make a heart by LaTeX/TikZ.
  • PetarV-/TikZ – A collection of publication-ready PGF/TikZ figures by Petar Veličković.
  • alemelis/tikz_drawings – Source codes for illustration made in TikZ by Alessandro Melis for various publications.
  • LatexDiagrams – This repo contains many diagrams generated for academic usage, including Algorithms-Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence, BlogDiagrams, DSP, Engineering Software Design, etc.
  • Neural-Networks-and-Deep-Learning-LaTex-Tikz – The tikz figures for the book, Neural Networks and Deep Learning.
  • tikz-network – A tool to visualize complex networks in LaTeX.


  • tikzedt – A combined WYSIWYG/text editor designed for editing Tikz code.
  • ktikz – Provides a nice user interface for making pictures using TikZ.
  • gratex – Visual graph creator for LaTeX (PGF & TikZ).
  • itikz – Cell and line magic for PGF/TikZ-to-SVG rendering in Jupyter notebooks.
  • matlab2tikz – Converts MATLAB®/Octave figures to TikZ/pgfplots figures.
  • matplotlib2tikz – Convert matplotlib figure and spits out a TikZ/PGFplots figure.
  • PlotNeuralNet – Latex code for making neural networks diagrams
  • awesome-latex-drawing – Drawing Bayesian networks, graphical models, and technical frameworks in LaTeX.
  • sane_tikz – Create TikZ figures with Python.
  • quiver – A commutative diagram editor that exports to tikz-cd.


From CTAN:

  • aobs-tikz – TikZ styles for creating overlaid pictures in beamer.
  • battleship – A style file for typesetting Battleship logic puzzles.
  • binarytree – Drawing binary trees using TikZ.
  • blochsphere – Draw pseudo-3D diagrams of Bloch spheres.
  • bloques – Generate control diagrams.
  • blox – Draw block diagrams, using TikZ.
  • bodegraph – Draw Bode, Nyquist and Black plots with gnuplot and TikZ.
  • braids – Draw braid diagrams with PGF/TikZ.
  • celtic – A TikZ library for drawing celtic knots.
  • circuitikz – Draw electrical networks with TikZ.
  • fast-diagram – Easy generation of FAST diagrams.
  • flowchart – Shapes for drawing flowcharts, using TikZ.
  • forest – Drawing (linguistic) trees.
  • grafcet – Draw Grafcet/SFC with TikZ.
  • graph35 – Draw keys and screen items of several Casio calculators.
  • harveyballs – Create Harvey Balls using TikZ.
  • hf-tikz – A simple way to highlight formulas and formula parts.
  • hobby – An implementation of Hobby’s algorithm for PGF/TikZ.
  • karnaugh-map – LATEX package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables.
  • karnaughmap – Typeset Karnaugh maps.
  • logicpuzzle – Typeset (grid-based) logic puzzles.
  • makeshape – Declare new PGF shapes.
  • neuralnetwork – Graph-drawing for neural networks.
  • pixelart – A package to draw pixel-art pictures.
  • pgf-blur – PGF/TikZ package for “blurred” shadows.
  • pgf-pie – Draw pie charts, using PGF.
  • pgf-soroban – Create images of the soroban using TikZ/PGF.
  • pgf-spectra – Draw continuous or discrete spectra using PGF/TikZ.
  • pgf-umlcd – Some LATEX macros for UML Class Diagrams.
  • pgf-umlsd – Draw UML Sequence Diagrams.
  • pgfgantt – Draw Gantt charts with TikZ.
  • pgfplots – Loads, rounds, formats and postprocesses numerical tables.
  • prooftrees – Forest-based proof trees (symbolic logic).
  • pxpgfmark – e-pTEX driver for PGF inter-picture connections.
  • reotex – Draw Reo Channels and Circuits.
  • rulercompass – A TikZ library for straight-edge and compass diagrams.
  • sa-tikz – TikZ library to draw switching architectures.
  • schemabloc – Draw block diagrams, using TikZ.
  • scsnowman – Snowman variants using TikZ.
  • setdeck – Typeset cards for Set.
  • smartdiagram – Generate diagrams from lists.
  • spath3 – Manipulate “soft paths” in PGF.
  • stanli – TikZ Library for Structural Analysis.
  • ticollege – Graphical representation of keys on a standard scientific calculator.
  • tikz-3dplot – Coordinate transformation styles for 3d plotting in TikZ.
  • tikz-bayesnet – Draw Bayesian networks, graphical models and directed factor graphs.
  • tikz-cd – Create commutative diagrams with TikZ.
  • tikz-dependency – A library for drawing dependency graphs.
  • tikz-dimline – Technical dimension lines using PGF/TikZ.
  • tikz-feynman – Feynman diagrams with TikZ.
  • tikz-inet – Draw interaction nets with TikZ.
  • tikz-opm – Typeset OPM diagrams.
  • tikz-optics – A library for drawing optical setups with TikZ.
  • tikz-page – Small macro to help building nice and complex layout materials.
  • tikz-palattice – Draw particle accelerator lattices with TikZ.
  • tikz-qtree – Use existing qtree syntax for trees in TikZ.
  • tikz-timing – Easy generation of timing diagrams as TikZ pictures.
  • tikzinclude – Import TikZ images from colletions.
  • tikzmark – Use TikZ’s method of remembering a position on a page.
  • tikzorbital – Atomic and molecular orbitals using TikZ.
  • tikzpagenodes – A single TikZ node for the whole page.
  • tikzpeople – Draw people-shaped nodes in TikZ.
  • tikzpfeile – Draw arrows using PGF/TikZ.
  • tikzposter – Create scientific posters using TikZ.
  • tikzscale – Resize pictures while respecting text size.
  • tikzsymbols – Some symbols created using TikZ.
  • timing-diagrams – Draw timing diagrams.
  • tipfr – Produces calculator’s keys with the help of TikZ.
  • tkz-berge – Macros for drawing graphs of graph theory.
  • tkz-orm – Create Object-Role Model (ORM) diagrams.
  • xebaposter – Create beautiful scientific Persian/Latin posters using TikZ.



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