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Awesome Vorpal – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of delightful Vorpal-based projects and extensions.

Vorpal is Node’s first framework for building immersive CLI applications.

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Awesome projects and applications built using Vorpal.

  • Cash – Cross-platform Linux commands without the suck.
  • Raptor – Performance testing CLI for Firefox developers.
  • iTunes-remote – Control iTunes on the CLI.
  • phunt – Access Product Hunt on the CLI. Trended on (you guessed it) Product Hunt.
  • trelew – Access Trello on the CLI.
  • wat – Community-built docs for every language, platform and library.
  • metronome – A live metronome on the CLI.
  • fastack – A zero-config tool that makes developing client-side apps easy.
  • cbcluster – CLI for Couchbase Server Clusters.
  • quotr – View stock exchange quotes.
  • VantageCLI + SSH + REPL for your live Node app.
  • birdknife – A full featured Twitter CLI.
  • tv-remote-cli – CLI for remotely controlling your Smart TV.
  • launch – Automating meteor builds to the AppStore, TestFlight, Hockey, Google Play, and more
  • lifxsh – Interactive shell for controlling LIFX smart lights.


Extensions add to the functionality of Vorpal – programmatically or live.

POSIX implementations

  • less – Implementation of the less command.
  • grep – Implementation of the grep command.

Development tools

  • repl – Drops your CLI into a REPL within your app’s context.
  • tour – Build an interactive tour for your Vorpal app.
  • watch – Updates your live Vorpal extensions in realtime.
  • log – Advanced logging utility.
  • set-or-print – Easily set / get arguments with commands.


  • use – Import Vorpal extensions live: while your app is running.


  • hacker-news – Pulls the top trending items from Hacker News.


  • rc – Simple .rc file support.
  • comment – Bash-like comment support.
  • as-default – Triggers Vorpal task in case it runs without any specificly defined task.

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