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Awesome Wagtail CMS – Massive Collection of Resources

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A curated list of awesome packages, articles, and other cool resources from the Wagtail community.
Wagtail is a Python CMS powered by Django, focusing on flexibility and user experience.

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General resources



  • Puput – Puput is a powerful and simple Django app to manage a blog. It uses the awesome Wagtail CMS as content management system.
  • wagtail_blog – A WordPress-like blog app implemented in Wagtail.
  • wagtailnews – A plugin for Wagtail that provides news / blogging functionality.
  • wagtail-blog-app – A blog application for the Wagtail Django CMS.
  • Django Wagtail Feeds – Add support for RSS Feeds, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News Publisher to your Wagtail CMS Projects.
  • CodeRed CMS – a professionally supported WordPress alternative for building marketing websites. Create pages, blogs, forms, and every Bootstrap 4 component in the wagtail admin out-of-the-box! Learn more or watch the lightning talk.
  • Snotra_RSS – Snotra_RSS is an Atom and RSS news aggregator app for Wagtail.

Rich text editor extensions


  • wagtailgmaps – Simple Google Maps address formatter for Wagtail fields.
  • Wagtail-Geo-Widget – Google Maps widget for the GeoDjango PointField field in Wagtail.
  • wagtail-leaflet-widget – A Leaflet JS – OSM based wagtail geo-location widget.
  • wagtail-markdown – Markdown fields and blocks for Wagtail.
  • wagtail-autocomplete – Autocompleting choosers for ForeignKey, ParentalKey, and ManyToMany fields.
  • wagtail-instance-selector – A ForeignKey widget to create and select related items. Similar to Django’s raw_id_fields.
  • wagtail-generic-chooser – provides base classes for building chooser popups and form widgets for the Wagtail admin, matching the look and feel of Wagtail’s built-in choosers for pages, documents, snippets and images.
  • wagtail-multi-upload – allows uploading of multiple related images for a page.
  • wagtail-color-panel – Introduces panels for selecting colors in Wagtail.


Static site generation

  • Wagtail-bakery – A set of helpers for baking your Django Wagtail site out as flat files.
  • Wagtail-Netlify – Easilly publish your statically rendered Wagtail site to Netlify.

Settings management


  • wagtailinvoices – A Wagtail module for creating invoices.
  • longclaw – A shop template for Wagtail CMS.
  • django-oscar-wagtail – Wagtail integration for Oscar Commerce (or Oscar Commerce integration for Wagtail?).



Customer experience

  • Wagtail Experiments – A/B testing for Wagtail.
  • Wagtail Personalisation – Personalisation module, enabling editors to create customised pages – or parts of pages – based on segments whose rules are configured directly in the admin interface.


  • wagtailenforcer – If you need to enforce security protocols on your Wagtail site you’ve come to the right place.
  • wagtail-yubikey – Enable YubiKey two factor authentication on Wagtail admin panel.
  • wagtail-2fa – Add two-factor authentication to Wagtail by integrating it with django-otp.


  • wagtailmedia – A Wagtail module for managing video and audio files within the admin.
  • Wagtail Alt Generator – A module for generating image description and tags based on computer vision.
  • Wagtail FilePreviews – Extend Wagtail’s Documents with image previews and metadata from
  • Wagtail-Textract – Make Wagtail search Documents contents (PDF, Excel and Word, etc.).
  • Wagtail-Lazyimages – A plugin that generates tiny blurry placeholder images for lazy loading Wagtail images style.
  • Wagtail Image Import – A plugin for importing images from Google Drive.
  • Wagtail SVG – A Wagtail module for managing SVG files within the admin.






  • wagtailmenus – An extension for Torchbox’s Wagtail CMS to help you manage and render multi-level navigation and simple flat menus in a consistent, flexible way.
  • Wagtail Error Pages – Pretty, smart, customizable error pages for Wagtail.
  • Wagtail Themes – Site-specific theme loader for Wagtail.
  • Wagtail Sharing – Easier sharing of Wagtail drafts.
  • Wagtail Gridder – Grid card layout similar to Google image search results, with an expanded area for card details.
  • Wagtail Condensed Inline Panel – Drop-in replacement for Wagtail’s InlinePanel suited for large number of inlines (collapsible with drag and drop support).
  • Joyous – A calendar application for Wagtail.
  • Wagtail App Pages – Extend Wagtail pages using an actual URL config and django views.
  • Wagtail Import Export – Import/Export pages between Wagtail instances.
  • Wagtail Import/Export Tool – Refactor of Wagtail Import Export. This tool supports importing/exporting images, documents, and snippets that are used on imported/exported pages.
  • Wagtail Tag Manager – A Wagtail addon that allows for easier and GDPR compliant administration of scripts and tags.
  • Wagtail Cache – A simple page cache for Wagtail using the Django cache middleware.
  • Wagtail GraphQL – App to automatically add GraphQL support to a Wagtail website.
  • Wagtail Orderable – Mixin support for drag-and-drop ordering in admin panel.
  • Wagtail Live Preview – Live page previews beside your content.
  • Wagtail Resume – A Wagtail project made to simplify creation of resumes for developers.
  • Wagtail Content Import – Import content from Google Docs or Docx into StreamFields, using a customisable mapping system.
  • Wagtail Trash – Will place pages in a trash can from where they can be restored instead of being permanently deleted.


  • Wagtail Cookiecutter Foundation – A Cookiecutter template for Wagtail CMS using Zurb Foundation 6.
  • Beginner Wagtail Cookiecutter – A super simple implementation of Wagtail CMS.
  • Wagtail Starter Kit – A cookiecutter complete with wagtail, django layout, vagrant, provisioning scrips, front end build system and more!
  • Wagtail Pipit – Pipit is a Wagtail boilerplate which aims to provide an easy and modern developer workflow with a React-rendered frontend.
  • Django Cookiecutter Wagtail – A Django Cookiecutter template with Wagtail. Based on the original ‘Django Cookiecutter’. Features: Docker support using docker-compose for development and production (using Traefik with LetsEncrypt support), customizable PostgreSQL version, Bootstrap 4, media storage using Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage and many more.


Getting started








For editors


  • Dutch Wagtail Meetup – This is a group for anyone interested in working and developing with Wagtail.
  • Wellington Wagtail CMS Meetup – The first Wagtail CMS meetup in New Zealand!
  • Wagtail Space – Wagtail training sessions, Wagtail (lightning) talks and a Wagtail sprint. From March 13th until 15th 2019, Wagtail Space takes place in Arnhem, The Netherlands.
  • Wagtail’s first hatch – Kickstarter campaign to accelerate the development of Wagtail.

Open-source sites

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