Best Indoor Plants For Aspiring Plant Parents

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OK, I know this one is controversial because many beginner plant parents find fiddle-leaf figs, or Ficus lyrata, to be quite temperamental. However, they’re still a popular and trendy houseplant that’s worth a shot.

Honestly, I think most people who have trouble with these are paying too much attention to them when they’re actually fairly self-sufficient. They need some bright indirect sunlight and a bit of water when the top few inches of soil dry out, which should only be about once a week if not less. I got one last fall, and while the growth has been slow, I’ve managed to keep it alive without much thought, which really means that anyone can do it.

Promising review: “These are not easy to find everywhere. I wanted a fig because they are fairly hearty, grow quickly and are attractive. This plant was very well packaged and in great shape when it arrived.” —Donna

You can buy a fiddle-leaf fig from Amazon for around $36.

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